A/N: So this is my first proper story and I'm kinda concerned with my writing, especially since in my opinion it seems to all be conversation orientated, well this entire chapter is pretty much conversation. I'll definitely be trying to work on that as I go but I hope you enjoy what I hope will become a pretty complete (and gay) story!

Once again just making this clear, this story will involve love between two girls, who? Well we'll just have to wait and see! So if that's not your thing, this story isn't for you. For those of you who this is their thing, without further ado!

"Oh my god! How can you be so fucking lame, Mia? Like honestly how are we even friends? You have to come to Sean's party, everyone who is anyone will be there, Jarryd will be there!" Stacey grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, "You're coming."

Pfft, as if mentioning Jarryd would be enough to tempt me, she's the only one who thinks he's a god.

"I don't even know Sean… and parties aren't my thing anyway." Plus there's no way I would want to go when there's so much more I could use my time doing, like anything but that. Well binge watching something on Netflix counts as something else, right?

"That's exactly my point! You're always such a goody-goody, what are you gonna do in 10 years time when you look back on your high school days? All you've done is study study study! You haven't even hooked up with a guy yet and you're seventeen! You're seriously wasting your teenage years, it's that one time we can fuck up and have it be ok."

"No, I'm," I shifted my gaze from hers to the spot behind her, "I'm.. I don't know, I guess it's just not my thing." I mean, she was always the one interested in the parties and the socialising and the boys and the getting drunk and embarrassing herself.

"Listen, Mia." Her voice softened, drawing my attention back to her "I just don't want you to have regrets later on, you're my best friend and I want to make sure we both have some fun in our teen years, together. So far you've never come out to any parties, you always find some excuse and I was just hoping that'd we'd, ya know, spend our last summer of high school doing fun shit together, making the most of it and all that shit."

"Sorry..." Now I felt like a jerk, "But what if I do something crazy and then regret it for the rest of my life? What if..." What if I do something so stupid and embarrassing and everyone finds out that…

"Mia, we're young! We can do all that crazy shit now why we're stupid teenagers and regret it later if it comes to that but the important thing is that we did do that crazy shit. I mean, it's better than regretting not doing it, like I said, do you really wanna look back on your teenage years and think 'oh my god I was so fucking boring'?"

"I'm not that boring..." At least I didn't think I was, I mean sure I don't like to party and fool around with strangers or all that other stuff but I'm content with it, I mean, reading and drawing are fun.. oh god, that's my fun? She's right, I can't even show her what I like to draw because… Dang, she's right.

"Wait, wait, I've got an idea!" The blonde hurried over to her desk and after some quick shuffling she leapt onto her bed and with a huge grin on her face, "Grab my pencil case from my bag!"

I did as told and joined her on her bed, where she'd laid out two A4 pieces of paper. I've no idea why she was getting so excited about this because as far as I knew her drawing skills were limited to that of phalluses and stick figures.

"We need to make bucket lists!" She exclaimed, overwhelmed by joy and her sheer ingenuity, or at least that's probably what she thought.

"Like getting an engineering or medical degree? Or owning a home before I'm thirty?" Well, my parents were pushing me towards getting into med school or something, I don't really care what I do as long as I'm able to financially support myself so at the moment I was simply going along with what they wanted.

"See this is what I'm talking about, you're boring! That's automatically what you think, stuff to do before we're thirty?" The blonde shook her head, "We're going to make a summer bucket list, things we will do before summer ends! It's gonna be fun!"

Stacey was getting over excited again and I could tell that she thought this was yet another brilliant idea. I suppose it's not that bad an idea. It could be fun but… The only thing is, what do I want to do over the summer?

She'd already started when my attention returned to the piece of paper in front of her and written the top centre in big pink letters was '3 STACEY'S SUMMER BUCKET LIST 3'.

Wow, if that wasn't Stacey all over then I didn't know what was.

"Okay, first thing we should add is Sean's party, because we're going so we'll be able to cross that no problems!"

I sat down across from her and picked up the green texta and wrote 'Mia's Summer Bucket List' across the top of the page and began on the first item, 'Go to Sean's party', I peeked over at Stacey's and she'd written, 'GO TO SEAN'S SICK PARTY WITH MIA!'

"Okay, okay, second item on our list! Well I'm definitely hooking up with Jarryd so that's mine. Hm, you can't hook up with him as well but what about Jeremy or Issac?" She bit her lip as she tried her hardest to come up with guys I could hook up with, all of whom just happened to be Asian.

"First of all, I'm not planning on hooking up with anyone."


"Nope, I'll go to the party but I won't be hooking up with anyone, I'll go so we can have some fun together but that's about it." I said hoping that I was making myself very clear I wasn't interested in hooking up with any guy at that party.

"All right… What about getting drunk? Or taking a hit?"

"Um, I guess I could get drunk, would it be ok if I slept over here? My parents would kill me if I got home drunk. I don't think I'll be smoking anything at all though." God, just imagining it made me laugh, there's no way my mum would ever let me out again if that happened!

"Of course, sleep over at mine! Okay, getting drunk is next. Woo, I'll finally get to see the goody-goody Mia drunk!" She added that to her list and looked back up at me, "So you're not going to get high? What if it's not at the party, we can do it some other time somewhere else. Come on, don't you wanna try it at least once in your life?"

"I don't know, drugs are… well you know, probably not." I shrugged my shoulders, "I guess if I'll be staying over here we should put have a sleepover on here? I mean, that's fun and we'll definitely be able to do that." I wasn't sure I'd be able to write that much on here so I mean may as well write whatever I can so I have something that can be considered as a list.

"That's it, see you're getting it!"

"Well, I guess this is kinda fun." I mean I could see the appeal of bucket lists but whatever I wrote on this one I were to complete in the next 5 weeks… ugh just thinking about it kinda made me want to stop but then at the same time the idea of being different and just following my list kinda seemed fun and un-boring.

"Blow jobs. I'm going to give at least 4 blow jobs during these holidays!" Stacey declared with such a strong sense of determination that it kinda shocked surprised me, I mean personally the thought of dick is pretty repulsive and there's absolutely no way I'd ever be putting one in my mouth. As the silence continued she looked up, "Bit too much for you I'm guessing? You don't have to put it on yours." She giggled, "You're so cute!"

"I think I'd rather hug a koala." As soon as the sentence was out of my mouth I followed through because the truth was I actually did want to hug a koala.

"I guess I know who's getting chlamydia first!" Stacey giggled.

"Yeah, definitely not the one sucking dick." I rolled my eyes, she did have a point but you can't really catch it just from hugging a koala, could you?

"You're honestly telling me you're not gonna suck a dick? I mean everyone does!"

"Nope, not everyone and I'm one of the ones who most definitely isn't. I'd appreciate it very much if they were kept a far distance away from my mouth actually."

"Okay, okay whatever, here let me look at yours," within moments she was inspecting my list, "Aw come on, yours is so cute! You've only got a few things down they're all so tame, you gotta put something risqué and bold and un-mia-like on there!"

"I'm not sucking dick."

"Oh I know, here give me that," She took the pen and began writing on my list, "I know it's your bucket list but knowing you you won't put anything interesting on here so I will!"

"In that case, I'm adding to yours!" I said grabbing hers, this did seem like fun, adding more onto hers that is. Of course, I should add a few that would be beneficial to me, like free food.

"Okay, okay before we swap it back we must make a pledge with one another!" Stacey declared and I nodded in response that I accepted, "Ok, pinky swear that we will do everything the other person added to the other's list, no matter what!"

I thought about it for a second and after going through what I wrote it seemed like a pretty good deal, especially considering I'd be getting a free lunch out of it, so I extended my pinky towards her which she took in hers. I mean, there's no way she'd put anything too bad on there, right? Oh god, did I just make a huge mistake?

"Okay so the pinky promise slash pledge is now complete which means we can absolutely not go back on it!" Seeing the look she gave me made me a bit nervous about what she added to my list, I knew it wasn't dick sucking so what else would make her grin like the cat that caught the mouse?

Swapping the lists over I immediately looked at her additions and for a moment was at a complete loss of words, "What the fuck is this?!" I demanded meeting her eyes as she just fell back laughing.

"It's some interesting things I thought you'd enjoy!" Her laughter continued as she held her list up, "What are with the ones you gave me though? They're so easy! Oh my god, you're too fucking innocent, I can't believe it, out of everything you could've written this is what you included?"

"There's no way I'm doing any of these in the next 5 weeks, I refuse."

"Sorry, too bad. We pinky swore and made a pledge, there's absolutely no backing out for any of the ones either of us wrote!"

"No but seriously, you can't expect me to do any of these in the next 5 weeks… I don't even know anyone who'd want to, or that I'd want to!" I tried thinking up excuses to avoid them but she wasn't having any of it.

"Mia, there are a tonne of guys who'd have no problem helping you with any of those if you asked. You've just gotta get outta your little box and it'll be fine."

"No, I don't want to get out of my box! I don't want to…" I don't want to ask any guy to help me with any of these, I don't want to be with any guy, I don't want to have them…

"Mia, please. Just give it a chance. They're not all that tough, like going to 3 parties, you'll be able to do that no problems!"

"No Stacey, I don't want to give it a chance, I gave you easy ones that you can do on your own… I didn't think you'd give me stuff like this. I don't want to do it." I stood up, shoving the list into my pocket as I began storming towards the door, "I'm going home."