his eyes watch through trees

her eyes watches back

he readies himself to pounce

she pounces

his legs lift off

she lands on him

they hit the ground

they roll around

they smile

they kiss

he becomes king

she his queen

they're attacked

the king protects

he dies

the rest survived

the queen gives birth

there's a prince

he cries

there's a girl

she smiles

the prince laughs

they play

he tackles her

she tackles him

he licks her

she licks him

the sun goes down

time to go home

years passed

they grow up

the prince becomes king

the girl is left alone

the king is sad

she tries to be happy

he becomes depressed

she comforts him

he tackles her

she smiles

he smiles

she licks him

he told her he loved her

she said she loved him too

he proposed

they married

she became his queen

she gave birth

they had a daughter

she was the princess

there was a boy

they fell in love

the cycle continues