My Seagull

It wasn't something that I'd planned,
It wasn't something that I meant to do;
But one day I realized-
Nothing makes sense without you.

I thought it was so casual,
I thought I was still free-
Until freedom seemed unnatural
If you weren't there with me.

And at first I didn't realize,
It took me a while to see.
You tore down all my walls,
And built a better home for me.

I never meant to get attached;
But somehow it felt right.
And if you let me have it,
I'll take your heart and you take mine.

I am so scared to say this,
Because I'm terrified you'll leave.
And if you do decide to go,
You'll take all the best parts of me.

I was scared to death of falling,
But falling for you was easy.
Now I'm afraid of becoming
The person I used to be.

I've never felt such sadness
As when I think of losing you.
And I know you think I'm crazy,
But you know I'm part of you too.

This wasn't supposed to happen.
It shouldn't be this way.
I know you want to fly;
But, My Seagull,
What if you stay?

~Helen Alexandria