And there, before him, was the Ein Bin Dun.

"There you are, you whole rule and dictate all, fate, destiny, and universe: The Ein Bin Dun! I have come, My struggle and my trial. Hear my plight, for my plight is dire, and my cause is noble. Among all those who are, I am the one, the single. Surely this is by your hand. For my kind slaughters and kills one another. The rocks are slick with the heads that have been smashed upon them. The people lie and hate among themself. They are born and resented for their existence. They live harsh and short lives. All over and everywhere there is suffering and despair. Among those which are we who suffer, is I, the one. I was the one who brought down Metroncan, I traveled the stones of Mulca in search of the Great Pearl of Healing to end the Great Death, I was the one who united the tribes of Astita Ru'Harbarch to lead an army of those whose hearts are pure to banish the Great Darkness back to the Realm of Great Sorrow, and it was I who ended the Ni'Loca, the ones who would take the power of Ein Bin Dun for themselves. It is I who make this request of you. Please, I beg of you Oh Great Being! Elevate me so I may forever fight in the service of the Peoples, so that I will have the time to right all wrongs, to heal all wounds, to end the hatred that they have among themselves, to give those with little, many things, and satisfy the emptiness of the ones with many, with little. Help me, give me the pure power even if it were to take all that is me and strip me of all, I who by a mere word of my influence could wrought great destruction, I who could have all the riches of the world but chooses to have nothing."

It was then, the Ein Bin Dun Noticed this humble being, who had achieved much for something so small, and yet all of it's history insignificant, prostrated before Ein Bin Dun, tears streaming forth from it. And so the Ein Bin Dun spoke, words and will that were the law of everything, intent that surpassed any comprehension, it words understood and felt without any medium into the very soul of this creature before it: