The kings sit on their throne.

But act like a stone.

And no emotion is shown.

And no creativity is shown.

But they're never alone.

There are always masters near them.

There masters control them.

But the kings don't know.

They think they're head of the show.

When in reality, they don't know who they are.

They don't know what they are.

They started as ordinary people with no experience.

But the masters came to make a better appearance.

The people were put through a machine in a factory.

The machine gives fame, fortune, but never satisfactory.

They do whatever their masters tell them because they don't know better.

But the masters are fearful, they don't want to deter.

Any wrong move they feel could kill them.

Any wrong move they feel could condemn.

They are slaves, slaves for the people.

But if they don't show emotion or creativity.

They could get away safe and rich they will be.

The brainwashed people are easy to fool.