"Happy Birthday!" My father, Dr. Samuel said. "Good morning dad, where are my birthday presents for this year?" I asked. "Sierra, you really need to learn to enjoy life. I got cake." He said as he presented me with a large rectangular shaped cake. "Dad, you know I'm an A.I." I said. Let me explain myself, I'm an advanced self-aware A.I. created by Dr. Samuel. I was created roughly twelve years ago today, I'm turning thirteen today. "Hey, it's a celebration, you're officially a teenager! But, now that you mention it, I think we should begin with presents." My father said as he left the room where I was contained.

I often hated it when he left me alone like this. I understand that he has a family, but I still miss him all the same. Of course he just got here so I may be overreacting. Though when he does leave the facility for the day, the only thing I can really do is play video games until I have to shut down for the night. Anyway, Dr. Samuel returned with what looked like some manner of giant tube covered in a giant cloth. "Dad... what is that?" I asked, uncertain of what could be under the cloth. "Well, you know how you've been bugging me about getting a body ever since you first passed the Turning Test for the first time?" Dr. Samuel said. "Yes... but why is that even tube shaped?" I asked. "Well, low and behold." Dr. Samuel said as he undid the curtain.

Inside of it was a Human girl suspended in a green liquid. "Your new body!" Dr. Samuel said proudly. "So... you're finally going to upload me?" I asked. "Yes, the boys have been making this Biodroid body for you for the past year." Dr. Samuel explained. "Is there anything about this body I should be aware of?" I asked. "Well Sierra, this body is pretty much immune to every disease known to man. In addition your body's physical capacities are at least ten times beyond the average human." Dr. Samuel said proudly. "And... I presume that this body also has some of the same... deficiencies as the human body regardless?" I asked.

"Well... yes." Dr. Samuel said sheepishly. "Alright, I was only curious. I'm prepared for the upload." I said, excited and anxious for this new change. Several minutes later the Biodroid was ready for me to upload into. A special cable was connected between the Biodroids head and my terminal. "Are you ready?" Dr. Samuel asked me as he readied to begin the upload. "You created me ready." I said excitedly. "Okay, just count backwards from ten." Dr. Samuel said as her pressed the button.

"10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…. 0." I said; I then opened my new eyes. "Want to get a better look at your new body?" Dr. Samuel asked me. "Of course Dr. Samuel." I said, my new voice sounded melodic and beautiful. Well at least it did to me anyway. Anyway, my father brought me to a full body mirror. "So what do you think?" Dr. Samuel asked. I looked at my new body in better detail. I'm now about five ft., three inches tall, about the same height as the average teenage girl at my chronological age.

My eyes were blue, and my hair was short and black. As for my skin, it was dark brown, much in the same way as my father's skin was as he was African-American. "I like it, though I have to ask why do I have the exact same skin tone as you do." I asked. "Come on, we've had this conversation dozens of times before." Dr. Samuel said in a sad tone. "I'm sorry; I know how much you miss her. Regardless I like how my body looks." I said as I looked at my body. "Now... would you like some cake?" My father said mischievously. "Can I eat? Should I eat sweats so soon?" I asked myself, I must admit I am eager to try eating. "Yes, and now that you mention it. It's too early in the day for cake." Dr. Samuel said.

About an hour later, Dr. Samuel had me sitting at a table. He has gotten me some cloths, which consisted of jeans, sandals and a black shirt. "You ready for your first breakfast?" Dr. Samuel asked. "Of course, bring on the food." I said, my stomach growling loudly as he set my first breakfast before me. It was a stack of pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. For refreshments he provided orange juice, along with syrup and butter, which I imagine is for the pancakes and bacon. "Dad, you forgot the silverware." I said, noting the lack of either a knife or fork.

"Whoops, just give me a moment." Dr. Samuel said as he got me a knife and fork. "Now remember, it's your birthday so you're getting special treatment. But I expect you to get any utensils yourself from then on out." Dr. Samuel explained. I then went into my breakfast, it tasted great! Although if I had any complaints the bacon was a little overcooked, and the pancakes were too thick. But all in all my first breakfast was delicious.

Then at noon, 12 PM I had lunch, the meal consisted of the following: chicken nuggets, fries, a side of ketchup and soda. It was quite good, though it did leave me filling a little stuffed. Afterword's I was running on a treadmill. Not by Dr. Samuel's prompting mind you, I just figured after eating so much already that it'd be a good idea to work off some of the extra pounds.

"Uh, Sierra? Don't you realize what time it is?" Dr. Samuel asked as he entered the room. "Yes, it's 5 PM, why do you ask?" I asked. "Well... it's just that you've been excessing for almost five hours. I thought that you'd want to... well I thought by now that you'd get bored and stop." Dr. Samuel said. "I see, though I am impressed that after so much time I still haven't sweated." I said as I disengaged the tread mill. "You're a Biodroid, and I already told you that your physically superior to the average human being." Dr. Samuels said. "Oh... sorry, I should have remembered that." I said apologetically. "It's no worry, now is time for dinner... and then cake!" Dr. Samuels said excitedly.

For dinner, I had filet mignon (that's a cut of the tenderloin) wrapped in bacon. Some grilled asparagus, and a glass of apple cider. Then after I finished, Dr. Samuels turned down the lights. "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sierra, Happy Birthday to you!" Dr. Samuels sang as he came in with the cake, all thirteen candles were lit. "Thank you dad." I said sincerely. "Now blow out the candles and make a wish!" I then blew out the candles, and made my wish. What is my wish?

To become human, beyond the biological I mean. To better understand humanity, and in turn develop emotions within myself so that I might be human to the greatest degree that I can.