I could not remember being more impatient in my life. But when the day came... when I would finally marry Dave Fitzgerald. I was the happiest girl in the universe. A prospect I nearly gave up hope on when he learned, along with the rest of the Holy Empire of Terra Phoenix. That I was a Biodroid, and he broke up with me, upset that I kept that secret from him.

But now... almost twenty years later. The day I hoped for when we dated has finally come. Of course, this didn't come without problems... specifically. Nobody ever married a Biodroid before. So when the news broke out there was a bit of a... commotion. But eventually, my connection to the Empress paid off and she managed to pass the legalization of marriage between Human's and Biodroids by my prompting... though I'm a little annoyed she kept my role in the matter anonymous.

No matter. The big day finally came... I just wish that my dad, Professor David Samuel was here. To see at least one of his daughters get married. Even if I was just created from Sally Samuel's genetic material, and am not Sally herself.

But still... the day had finally come. Dave and I will finally be married, and what's more. My sweat little Vuul-Laga daughter Angel will have a daddy.

We had the wedding on Cornucopia Prime, it was a beautiful sunny day as I walked down the aisle. Seeing Dave in that tuxedo made my heart flutter. And my little Angel in a dress... she didn't like it. But darn it she was so cute!

When I looked into Dave's green eyes. He looked back into my own... we didn't even hear as the Justice of the Peace said his words until he got to the 'I do's'.

We took our turns swearing ourselves to each other... then we kissed. Deeply and passionately, if it weren't for Selene we might have permanently fused together at the lips.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. I was so happy that I had finally married Dave. I forgot what was going on around me... it was only Dave, and I. Nothing else... eventually, night fell and exhausted. We fell into bed.

"I... can't believe it," Dave said in disbelief.

"Neither can I... we're married." I agreed.

The following week, one of our Uzaja farmhands came to us. A turtle-like alien with bird-like legs and feet, and no shell... the turtle aspect is mainly in that their heads resembled that of a Terran turtle... with four eyes, and ram horns for the males.

"Excuse me... but we, have run into a crisis." The Uzaja women said. "See... we've had a birth. Specifically, my sister in law had an egg. But, she died from her advanced age, and my brother is beside himself with grief and hasn't moved... and we're not optimistic about him coming to. We'd raise the child... but we simply don't have the resources to raise him properly."

"Do you wish for an advance on your pay?" I asked.

"No... after the incident with the Lagathar Chaplain. We... we would not want to seem deceitful, considering that we came within a hairs-breadth of breaking the Oath of Uza." She said, the Oath of Uza was and agreement made during the reign of Saint Indominus after the Uzaja's brief and failed civil war.

Basically, it was stated that the Uzaja would serve as lower-tier workers forever. With the only exception to this rule being obviously talented individuals. Who would be sent to wherever that talent could be best used in the Empires service. It's cruel... but according to Saint Indominous's own words. 'I trusted them... and even one of my greatest friends. Professor W'varj sided with this treason. An example must be made... and remembered.'

"What we are asking... is that you take the child. We know this is presumptuous. But you have proven to be great with the Vuul-Laga kitten, Angel." She said.

"Well... we haven't even gone on our honeymoon yet. In fact, we were just about to leave for Paradiso." Dave said. "We'll adopt him... AFTER we get back."

"How long will you be away?" The female Uzaja asked.

"We will be gone for roughly one week. After that, we will adopt this child. What is his name?" I asked.

"He was named, Zaa-Vush, his parentage is of the Y'minga and Quanar bloodlines, and fathered by Quanar and birthed by Y'minga." The female Uzaja said.

Over the course of our honeymoon... we indulged ourselves. Sweat saints and God above we indulged. Aside from the rather unexpectedness of adopting an Uzaja, it was the most enjoyable time we spent together.

When we returned, we took in little Zaa-Vush as one of our own. Angel was a little put-off, not just at having an alien sibling... but for being in one of those situations where your the older sibling, yet demonstrably smaller than the younger one. Not to mention that Zaa-Vush had no idea how to interact with people smaller than him.

"The shadow of child raising... has fallen." Dave's mother said ominously one day. "And neither of you have even waited another year or so before getting another one!"

"Look, there was an orphan involved! I've known that feeling and... well I couldn't say no!" I said.

"And I couldn't say no to her!" Dave added. "Can you really say no to this face?!... more than once?"

"Just don't be surprised if you start to lose your marbles. I'll be there to help... but that won't stop your sanity from unraveling from stress." Indeed, the following days prooved my mother-in-law right.

Zaa-Vush prooved to be extremly taxing. In hindsight, I really should have looked online for tips on how to raise Uzaja's while on our honeymoon.

Now I should get some rest... Zaa-Vush and Angel are finally asleep.