Author's Note: I will be publishing in scenes. One "chapter" is one scene.

Fade In: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA; 29th of November, 20( )

Open with panoramic shot of downtown Virginia Beach city. There are many impatient drivers in the heavy, late-afternoon traffic, one of these drivers is Caria Winters. Her fingers continuously tap on the steering wheel as she stares disdainfully at the cars ahead of her, with her gaze

slipping to her in-car charger, of which currently is powering her slide phone, every so often. As the light turns green, she sighs in relief, but it takes five seconds before the car ahead of her moves. Three seconds in, she irritably slaps her hand down on the horn.

[Caria Winters]

(Angrily Shouting) Idiot! Move your car already!

Once the car in front of her moves, her yelling has abated, and she gets through the light. She makes a right turn to pull up next to the curb by a large fountain, close to which her cousin, Jocalia Winters, is standing. Caria slams down the parking brake, and the gets out of her car. Hearing the door slam, Jocalia looks up, and quickly moves towards Caria, who is leaning next to the door of her car.