Ah my kin us Zacharys. The original Zachary makes hundreds of Zachary's everyday. That makes us the most abundant in both Zachgaland and Eseyn (My World). Even more silly to you and others our military accepts our youngest form the five year old Zacharys. Now for the sake of understanding our culture. Let's make a story. Zachary#4670 Is a proud five year old Zachary. Not wanting to be a farmer he goes to the local Zachjeant.

The Zachjeant does a brief look nods tells him to walk to the drill grounds. He does and is now in line with dozens more Zachary's ranging from five through ten. All looked nervous or excited. Suddenly elven through thirteen year old Zachary's yell in their faces and tell them to run. #4670 tries his best not to cry. Dozens have dropped out and return to their original trade. #4670 and others fight on and make it through the first trial. Next he is given some oversized tabard of his towns Zachulfurst heraldry a blue owl sitting on silver tree. He and other recruits notice it's worn and looks a little rough. He and others fight the urge to throw up as they learn many before them had worn this exact armor. Before they died during their time of service. More remove their gear and drop out.

He stays determined to be a soldier. They training on how to fight. Given wooden swords he does mock fights with his brothers. The older Zachary's notice him and see promise in him. He and five other Zachary's (6-10) year olds are assigned to a Zackection led by a eleven year old Zachjeant. The Zachjeant trains them more well into the night. Beyond exhausted #4670 retires to his tent with his brothers in arms. Food is basic biscuits and water from the local well. The next day his is bossed around.

Doing tasks for the garrison, patrolling the town, and guarding assigned areas. Pride fills his heart as he directly serves the local Zaclaron and not the city watch. For now he protects the realm in peace. He still hopes that it stays that way for come to it. He will have to accept killing a person or being another number on his uniform.

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