It's been a week since Ella and Ewan have come to stay with Harry and his family. So far, Harry and Ewan haven't actually kissed, or done anything more than cuddling. But it is obvious that whatever it is that is between them, won't just go away. And as guilty as they are both feeling towards Ella, and as many times as they keep saying that it is over, whenever they are around each other, they just can't help themselves.

Mark and Tina are at work, Josie is at school, and Ewan and Ella have just left to go shopping for some things for their new house. Harry is still in bed, feeling rather excited about having shared it with Ewan this past week. But he never gets any time alone anymore, so he hasn't been able to do anything about it all week. But now that he is finally alone again, he pushes down his pyjama bottoms and pants, and closes his eyes, thinking about Ewan.

"Well, well, well," he all of the sudden hears, and he quickly grabs his covers to cover himself up. Ewan is standing in the doorway, a huge smirk on his face. "Do you need a hand with that?" he asks, but Harry is too embarrassed to answer. Without waiting for an answer, Ewan sits down on the side of the bed, removes the covers, and finished the job for Harry. Harry is trying hard to keep quiet, his fists clenching the bed sheets, but a sound escapes from his mouth, which Ewan quickly silences with a kiss. He then gets up, goes to the bathroom to wash his hands, and comes back, still smirking.

"I forgot my wallet," he explains, and without saying another word, he leaves, leaving Harry lying there, still trying to catch his breath.

"What took you so long?" Ella asks, when Ewan gets into the car. "I almost came in to see if you fell asleep or something."

"I couldn't find it," Ewan lies, trying hard not to smile. But all the while, while he and his wife are out shopping, all that he can think about is Harry, and how he had looked that morning.

When he and Ella get home that afternoon, Harry is sitting on the couch, reading a music magazine. He doesn't even look up at them, too afraid that Ella will see the guilt written all over his face.

"Shouldn't you be at work?" she asks, and now he has no choice but to look up at her.

"No, I don't have to leave for another two hours," he says, but his cousin raises an eyebrow, looking confused.

"God, you've got some weird hours at work, don't you? Where's Josie?"

"She's at a friend's house," Harry answers, sounding really annoyed with her.

"Geez, bad mood or what?" Ella rolls her eyes. "Well, I'm off to work," she says, and she grabs her things and leaves.

"You don't have a job, do you?" Ewan asks, as he sits down on the other couch.

"Yeah, I do," Harry quickly says, and Ewan raises an eyebrow. "They fired me for taking two weeks off to go to Italy. Apparently I was rubbish at fixing computers anyway."

"Well, then you're coming with me to work tonight," Ewan says. "I'm sure the restaurant can use a cute waiter."

"My dad would kill me if he'd found out that we'd be working together."

"So, what is he going to do?"

"You know what he is going to do," Harry says, referring to his cracked rib. "He would just do it again, or worse."

"Then tell him that it pays more money, so it will get you out of the house sooner. Plus, it means that we would get to spend some more time together, before we're moving out," Ewan says, and he gets up and sits down beside Harry.

"You're married, Ewan, to my cousin…," Harry says, and he takes a deep breath and forces himself to ask a question that he has been dreading to ask all week. "Are you still in love with her?"

"Yes," Ewan answers, but he almost seems pained. "I love her," he then adds. "But no, I don't for her what I feel for you."

"And that is why we cannot work together," Harry says. "Because we've only known each other for a month, and it's not worth ruining your marriage over."

"Okay, I'll… I'll stay away from you from now on. But please take the job. I won't flirt anymore, and I won't kiss you," Ewan says, and even though Harry knows that it is the right thing to do, hearing those words, it breaks his heart.

It's been another week, two weeks until Ella and Ewan are moving into their own home. Harry had gotten the job as a waiter, so he and Ewan go to work together every night. But nothing has happened between them anymore. Even at night, they both sleep apart. But where Ewan has somewhat managed to hide his sadness, Harry has been in a horrible mood all week.

It's Sunday morning, and the rest of the family have just had breakfast together, but Harry is still in bed. There's a knock on the door, and Ella comes in. She sits down on the edge of the bed, and flashes a small smile.

"There's still some orange juice, and some croissants," she says, but Harry just shrugs. "What's wrong? Does it have to do with your dad?" she asks, referring to him yelling at him when he had found out about him working together with Ewan.

"No," Harry answers, and Ella sighs.

"Then what is it, love? Did someone break your heart?" she asks, and Harry can feel his cheeks starting to burn. He quickly shakes his head, hoping that Ella will believe him. "Well, seeing as you and Ewan have both got the night off, why don't the three of us go see a movie? Or better yet, I'll ask Millie if she wants to join us."

"I just want to stay in bed," Harry sighs, really not wanting to spend more time with his cousin's husband.

"I know love, but it's not going to happen."

That night, Harry, Ella and Ewan are at the cinema, watching some romantic drama. Millie couldn't make it, so now it's just the three of them, making it even more uncomfortable. Ewan is sitting in the middle, with Ella on his left, and Harry on his right.

They've been watching for quite some time, when Harry all of the sudden feels Ewan's knee move against his. He expects Ewan to move it away again, but he keeps it there, obviously meaning to have it against Harry's. He is trying not to read too much into it, but when Ewan moves his hand against his, under the armrest, it is obvious what he is doing. Harry is trying hard to keep focussed on the movie, but when Ewan hooks his pinkie in his, it almost brings tears to his eyes. They both think that Ella is focussed on the movie, that their movements are so subtle, that she doesn't even notice, but she does. And for the rest of the movie, she struggles to contain her tears.

"I wish we could finally spend a night together," Ella whispers, when she is saying goodbye to her husband that night. "Only two more weeks to go, right?"

"Yeah," Ewan says, and he flashes a small smile and kisses her. She goes into Josie's room, while he goes into Harry's room. He strips down to his underwear, and gets into bed with Harry, who looks straight at him. When their knees had touched, their promise to stay apart had broken, and they both know it. Ewan rolls on top of the younger man, and they start kissing, more passionately than ever before. And even though the pain in Harry's ribs is almost unbearable, he doesn't push Ewan away. This is what he wants. What he needs.

When Harry wakes up the next morning, and he opens his eyes, he finds Ewan looking at him, a small smile on his face. Mark had stopped checking up on them after a week and a half, so they can relax. Which is a good thing, because they are both still naked underneath the covers.

"I love you," Ewan mouths, and he gives Harry a kiss, before getting out of bed and putting his pants back on. He flashes another smile, and leaves to go take a shower. Harry only now realises that he has slept right through Mark's alarm clock. He checks his phone, and he sees that it's quite late already. So Ewan and he must be the only ones at home right now. But then he hears someone else going into the bathroom, and now much later, he realises that it was Ella, because he can hear them having sex in the shower. He feels sick to his stomach, and he gets out of bed, puts his pyjamas back on, and goes downstairs.

"Ah, sorry about that," Ella laughs, when she and Ewan join him downstairs. "It's just that since we got here, we haven't had the chance to, you know…"

"Whatever," Harry says, and he continues trying to eat his toast. But as soon as he has finished it, he gets changed, and he leaves the house.

"Where have you been all day?" Ewan asks, when Harry walks into the kitchen of the restaurant that night.

"Out, for a walk," Harry says, looking exhausted. Ewan takes a break, and brings Harry out to the garden, behind the restaurant. No one is there, so they can talk in private.

"Ella, she took the day off, to spend some time with me," Ewan says, trying to explain why she was there that morning.

"I don't care." Harry shrugs, and Ewan sighs.

"I am so sorry about this morning, I…"

"It's wrong," Harry interrupts him. "Last night, you were having sex with me, and this morning with Ella… it's just wrong."

"I know, but Hazza…"

"I can't do it anymore, I can't be your dirty little secret."

"You're not. I love you," Ewan says, and he grabs Harry's hand. "This morning, that meant nothing to me. But last night, being with you… I am in love with you, and I can't lose you, Hazza."

"But you can't have us both. It's not fair on either of us."

"I know, but I can't leave Ella."

"And I don't want you to, Ewan," Harry says, and he sighs.

"Can't we stay like this until we move out?" Ewan asks, knowing it's what they both want. Harry knows that he should say no and leave, but he can't. He simply loves him too much, and he can't bear the thought of losing him. So he nods, and kisses him. He then rests his forehead against Ewan's, closing his eyes, and Ewan puts a hand on the side of his face. They stay like that, sometimes sharing a kiss, until Ewan's break is over, and Harry's shift starts.

It's two days later, and they are making dinner, which they are having, as a family, outside in the garden. Ewan is meant to cook it, and Ella had wanted to help him, but he had banished her from the kitchen. He would only let Harry help him. So he and Harry are in the kitchen, messing about, while the rest of the family are already in the garden, enjoying the beautiful weather. Ewan has his arms around Harry, who is feeding him pieces of pineapple, and they are both laughing, enjoying their time together. But then they hear footsteps, and they quickly step away from each other, get back to work, and stop laughing.

"You two sound like you are having fun," Ella says, and he husband looks up at her and flashes a smile.

"I was just telling Hazza some of the dirty jokes I've heard in the kitchen," he lies. The worst part is that Ella can see that he is lying. She looks at her cousin, and she can see the guilt on his face.

"Ah, well, it's time for me to leave then, and leave you boys to it." She smiles, and goes back to the garden, knowing exactly what it is that she has to do. But she is terrified to do it.

In only two days, Ella and Ewan are leaving. Two more days until Harry will lose the man he loves. Nothing has changed so far, and they are still seeing each other behind Ella's back, making the most of the time that they have got left.

Today, Ella has taken the day off, to spend time with Ewan. But the three of them, including Harry, had ended up spending all day in the garden, enjoying the weather. Or so they thought, but Ella is just building up to the moment that she feels she has been building up to ever since Italy.

"I'm just going to get drinks," she says, and she gets up and goes inside. But she doesn't go into the kitchen. She stays in the living room, watching her husband and cousin, sharing loving looks, Ewan mouthing 'I love you' to Harry. They don't even notice her. She takes a deep breath, and goes back outside. "Guys, we need to talk," she says, as she sits down.

"Are you pregnant?" Harry asks, and Ella can't help but laugh.

"No, I'm not pregnant, love. I just… I want you to be honest with me, because I think I deserve that," she says, and both men know that this is it. They've been caught. "What happened in Italy, it wasn't a one-time thing, was it?" Ella asks, and Harry looks down at his hands, too embarrassed, too ashamed of himself to answer.

"No," Ewan admits. "It happened twice in Italy, and we've been sleeping together since we moved in here," he admits, and Ella nods, seeming strangely calm.

"And, please let me be right about this, because if I am wrong, I will probably end up losing it," Ella says, and she takes another deep breath. "It's not just sex, is it?"

"No," Ewan admits, his voice breaking. Harry is still looking down at his hands, tears rolling down his face, from guilt, from the fear of losing both Ella and Ewan.

"Are you in love?" Ella asks, and Ewan nods. "Harry, I am not angry," she says, and he finally looks up at her. "When we were driving back home from Italy, I saw you holding hands. Then when we got home, you had changed," she says, now looking at her husband. "Then when we could stay here, I was actually happy. I was glad that you two got to share a room, because that way I could find out if something was going on. And then when I saw you at the cinema… I knew that I couldn't keep telling myself that it was in my head any longer. Especially when I see the way you two look at each other," Ella says, her eyes tearing up.

"I am so sorry," Harry whispers.

"No, don't be. I mean, yeah, you slept with my husband behind my back, but I can see how much you care about each other."

"We never meant to hurt you," Ewan says, and Ella nods.

"I know, and babe, I love you, but even though we got married, we both know that we are not meant to be together," Ella says, and Ewan has to admit that she's right.

"I had hoped that we'd last longer than a month, obviously," his wife says, and they can't help but laugh. "But maybe Harry is your 'one'."

"I think he is," Ewan admits, and he grabs Harry's hand. Ella can't help but smile, even though she did just lose her husband. But she can see how much they love each other, and she doesn't want to stand in the way of that. She loves them too much.

"I really am sorry. We tried to end it, but…," Harry tries to explain.

"It's okay," Ella interrupts him. "I love the two of you too much to be angry with you for being happy, and for finding love. Was I sad about it? Of course. And yeah, it really hurt. But I've had a month to get my head around it. I just… I wish you would've told me, before the wedding. That's all."

"We didn't want to hurt you," Ewan says, and Ella nods. A silence follows, which Ewan eventually breaks. "So what now?"

"We get a divorce," Ella says. "And you two can be together, without doing it behind my back."

"We can't," Harry says, a panicked look on his face. "If my dad were to find out…"

"He's going to find out eventually," Ella says, but she doesn't know just how violent Mark really can get. So the guys tell her about what he had done to Harry when he had found out that the two of them had spoken to each other at the party.

"How about he stays with you at the house, until we've got enough money to get our own place," Ewan suggests.

"Where will you go?" Ella asks, and Ewan shrugs, still holding Harry's hand.

"I'll go and stay with Cam. It'll only be for a couple of months."

"No, no way," Ella says. "You can move into the house as well, can't you?"

"The three of us, loving together?" Harry asks. "Won't that be a bit awkward?"

"As long as you two keep the bedroom sounds to a minimum, I'll be fine," Ella laughs. "It's just until we find a better solution."

"Well, if we're all okay with it… Hazza?"

"I guess so."

"Good. We we'll tell them on the day we're leaving?" Ella asks.

"Yeah," Harry says, feeling nervous, but excited.

"Good, now let's hug it out," Ella says, and they all get up. "I love you," she tells her husband, and they give each other a kiss.

"I love you too, babe," Ewan says.

"And you, stop feeling guilty. I still love you," Ella says, and she gives Harry a big hug. They then share a big group-hug, and in a way, after this conversation, they all feel as though a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.