There be a place where knowledge dwells

Where worlds flourish

And quests are undertaken

There be a place where wisdom thrives

Where science, art, and space

All join hands

And create that which we seek

But many do not seek this power

They know little of its secrets

They disregard its "challenge"

But those who seek

Who delve deep down into those worlds

Will gain immeasurable power

Will go on adventures fit for knights and sorcerers

And will know secrets shared by few

But if you ask where to find it

If you desire to know these secrets

I will point you right with a riddle

What is forged from the giants of the forest

Covered with the skin of a trusty steed

And imbued with chemicals of the Periodic Table?

If you solve this riddle of mine

And come back after an age

I will ask you

While looking at a different person

Did you find my secrets between the pages?