BANG! A bullet rushes past his head as he is running away. Why the man was after him, he had no clue. He turned down the first alleyway he saw, hoping that he could find a way out of his predicament. Jack has been mugged many times before, but none of the muggers has ever been this persistent. Jack looked back to see if the man followed him. As soon as he did, he ran right into a wall.

When he tried to stand up, bang. A bullet hit him right in the knee. Jack turned and tried to study the man so he could report him to the police later. He looked about 5' 11'' with short black hair and dark red eyes, he wore jeans and a t-shirt, but the most peculiar thing was that the man's right arm was taped up from his fingertip all the way up his sleeve. The man stood over him aiming the his revolver right at Jack's head. Jack quickly raised his right arm and shot a fireball out of his ring. The man easily dodged it and shot Jack in his arm.

"How much do you want" Jack yell. The man smiled, revealing sharp fangs.
"I'm not here for your money" the man said. He puts the barrel on Jacks head. "I was hired to kill you".
"I can give you millions of coins if you spare my life" Jack pleaded
The man chuckled. "If I took every bribe that was sent my way, people would stop hiring me"
"Who, who was the person who hired you" Jack yelled.
"Think" the man said. "Who would want to kill a corrupt and very rich business owner. It could be one of your workers or maybe it could have been your wife. I mean, she will be the one who gets all of your money when you die".
"Please, just tell me who it was" Jack cried.
"You can think long and hard about it on your way to hell, but where is the fun in that" the man said. "Take a few guesses. If you guess right, this will end fast. If you guess wrong, I get to have some fun"

"Was it my wife. You mentioned her, so it has to be her" Jack said. The man smiled. BANG! A bullet rushes into jacks other leg.

"Wow. You really need more faith in your relationship, but you are right and a deal is a deal". The man aims his gun at Jacks head.

The next thing is a loud bang. Jacks blood covered the wall behind him.