I hear knocking on the door and open it to find Beru. I guess my two hours are up. I pay him twenty coins for the two hours and head start count the rest of my gold at the bar. I hear the door open and a man walks in. He is wearing jeans and a black jacket. He has his hood up, hiding his face. The man talks to Beru. Beru points over to me. Then man walks over and next to me. He is about to talk but I interrupt him.

"This better be a serious issue. If you came looking for a mercenary, then you are asking for someone's life to be thrown away. So tell me, what's your name and what's your job"

"The name is Damon. Why is your arm taped up? Is it injured?" Damon asked.

I look over at him, "No it is not injured, why do you care"

"I'm looking for people who can fight in an army. I already have enough wounded, so I was making sure that you were at 100% before I hired you".

"How much are you paying"

"We will figure out prices after the war is over. If we win, you should get enough to last you the rest of your life".

"And If we lose" I asked.

"We all will be dead"

"I'll join for a week then decide if I'm willing stay. Deal?"

Damon shakes my hand "Deal".

I follow Damon outside and he leads me to a carriage. It was the average black, two horse carriage. What made it unique was the weird symbol that was on the side of it. It was a crown of thorns that was struck by lightning. Before I enter, I notice the two men who were playing with the cards were following us. "We are being followed" I said when I entered the carriage.

"What do you mean" He looks at me confused, apparently he didn't notice them. Inside the carriage he took off his hood revealing his face. He had green eyes, a crooked nose, a scar next to his left eye. His skin was tan, probably from train this army that we are going to see.

"Change your normal rout to throw them off or do you want your army to be found".

"If you are trying to stall, just know your week in my army does not start until we are there" He responded. "Let them find the army, many noble families have armies so it won't be anything suspicious"