The Dark Web

Deep in the bowls of the internet, buried under millions upon millions of pages from search engines, there was a link to a page that any who would find it would consider it a conspiracy theory or just pure fantasy. After all, would anyone believe that any of this were true?

But… heh, they were real. No one just believed it. They have no reason to. It is fake as far as they know.

What am I talking about, you ask? Well… the page is home to dozens of claims and blueprints, but we'll focus on a few of them. One was for a mech of considerable size and power, with it's cockpit rested in a hall in the center of the machine.

The second was a claim, that there were aliens visiting Earth long before the Hesk arrived. They have been mistaken for mythical beasts that became part of mythologies. Among one of them was a certain race of foxy humanoids.

The last was another blueprint, this one of a weapon of mass destruction. Shaped like a playing card diamond, the weapon only had one thing written on it.

Total Annihilation.

And in the corner were the symbols of two nasty organizations: The Murasakiiro no Shi and the Mosurum Obsicors.

A yellow surge of data appeared in the center of the web page and slowly grew in size and shape. It unfurled like a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon, taking on the shape of a yellow mantis with more armaments then a battleship.

The head of the mantis twitched as it activated. It looked towards the screen and hissed, data dripping out of it like slobber. It roared loudly, lunging at whoever was looking.