Kyle White, Ann Houston and Travis Parkinson, three friends who have a long history together, walked out of their workplace after an yet another tiresome day. Although Kyle didn't seem to mind, it's rare to NOT hear Ann and Travis complaining about the working conditions and shifts at the Nomura Steel Manufacturing.

- Whew, another day gone and done. Man, I wish that promised vacation would come soon... Travis quipped.

- It's only 15 days, 2 weeks and 1 month, Travis. Kyle reminded.

- And besides, we do have that theater to attend this weekend, remember? Ann said enthuastically.

- So what? To hell with the theater. What I want is a nice beach with blue water just inviting you to swim, nice little babes with bikinis-

- TRAVIS! Both Kyle and Ann interjected.

- Ah, sorry about that. I was daydreaming again, didn't I?

The three friends then stopped at a nearby coffee shop. Kyle took his usual espresso while Ann and Travis settled for latte.

- So, is it true that someone has killed today? Rumor is that it was done in a particularly gruesome fashion? Ann asked.

- Are you freaking kidding me? Gruesome don't even begin to describe it. Travis exclaimed.

- It happened when the the target was about to enter his car.

- Yeah, he turns his keys and BOOM! Nothing but the charred husk of the car remained.

- Apparently this guy was involved with the local mob. He apparently left sometime ago and as you might guess, the mob didn't like this one bit.

- Yeah, they were really pissed off. And so as a payback they decided to set up a little trap for him. A trap that would ensure he's no longer among the living.

Ann took a sip from her latte with hesitation.

- I-I can't believe what sort of a world we li-live in. I mean, how could someone be so heartless as to do something like that!

- That's what you get when you get involved with the mob. Kyle explained. He too took a sip from his espresso and savoured it's taste.

- I'll think about these news some more, ok? My train is leaving and believe me, missing that train would be like a fate worse than death. Ok, just kidding, but it's still very important that I don't arrive home late. See you guys tomorrow.

Ann then drank the rest of her cup and then began walking towards the train station, Kyle and Travis waving at her in the meantime.

- So, wanna go bowling again, Kyle? This time I'll surely get three strikes in a row!