A-against one another your own blood

B-Battered and bruised forever scared

C-Calm destroyed

D-Done with each other nether will listen

E-Exiting slowly out of each other's lives

F-Forgetting the bond you once had the impcat you were

G-Good Riddance one says

H-How about another chance tries the other

I-Ignorant arguing from both people

J-Jokes on you one spits out

K-Kind words turn mean and harsh

L-Lame insultes

M-My realasthonship with a person shouldn't be like this

N-No is the answer always will be

O-Only what you say is important

P-People think they can do whatever just becuase I'm a kid!?

Q-Questions running out my mouth,through my head

R-Retarded is how I feel help me!

S-Standing there with no you spit you harsh words on me

T-To tired to fight I'm giving up

U-Under your control,still not enough


W-Withiring under your sight

X-Means out like that box in top left of your compputer

Y-You've won I promise I won't try to fight

Z-Z,its at the end of the alphabet but there is more ,numbers and I promise to go back on my word. THIS AINT the end

I'm pretty proud of this I've got more like it so.. UPDATE DAY!