I woke up with a jolt. That much, I remember. And the walking. And the headache. I remember that, too.

But up until I saw her, all I knew was a gray fog. Dimly, I was aware of thinking, There isn't supposed to be a gray fog. It was supposed to be white and light and a little cold and wet-

I wasn't supposed to know that. Why wasn't I supposed to know that?

Then the headache took over.

I stumbled and fell. It didn't hurt. It should've hurt. The terrain was rocky. But I wasn't on a mountain. I got back up.

I kept this up for- I don't know. Hours. Days. Maybe weeks.

And, I remember, falling over. Boots stomped near me. I looked up. And saw a goddess. With red hair, pale skin, white dress, no freckles and mouth that curved up into a cupids' bow, she truly was a goddess.

I could never be that pretty. So why was I happy about that?

"Oh, baby girl. I had hoped, it would never come to this." She leaned down and put a hand on my forehead.

The last thing I saw before I faded into darkness was her tears.