Chapter 46

The gate had been destroyed. Nova flooded through like the leak in a dam, and shortly behind them were the humans. Everyone had the same one goal but with no specific plan or strategy to get there; infiltrate the castle. David stormed through with Yuno at his side, and just off to their left Amelia. With a subtle nod exchange between the three, they divided into the city and into the large on-going skirmish.

Immediately into the city, David's blade met with the enemy. He sliced directly through an occupied Kiiramorph, physically jumping and pushing the two halves of the opponent apart as he climbed through. Behind the opponent, an Exo sighted the teen. Yuno stabbed the nearest Kiiramorph to her side and extended her arm towards the Exo and blasted it clean away.

Behind those opponents, amongst a team of Kiira and Cavamorphs, an Una stood between them. The two pursued the group blocking the path into the next sector of the city, alongside other Elites who also charged into battle. Swords, daggers and shields clashed with the Terramorph forces and blood was shed on both sides.

Mizuno slid on one knee underneath the Unamorph. Before back on her feet, with the combat knife in one hand, she sliced the knee of a Kiiramorph which caused it to kneel in pain. From there, she stabbed it three times in the back rapidly, her blade aiming high after each impalement. Stood behind the agonized enemy, she stabbed it in the peak of its head, before pulling her cannon up and firing into the Una's back.

After chunks of the Unas body tore and popped off like scoops out of jelly, the enemy turned and swung its heavy arm in her direction. The swing managed to take out an Elite alongside another Kiira before it closed in on the intended target. Yuno managed to shoot the incoming appendage, splitting the flesh from each other, as the fist flung away from her, rendering the attack useless.

The Una however already had its other arm raised above and ready to slam down. Garner as if from nowhere jumped and grabbed onto the Unas face before sinking his blade straight through its head. Jodie jumped from behind the defeated foe and propelled herself by kicking off the corpse and landing just before a group of Kiiramorphs.

The group all raised readied themselves for combat, while Jodie squeezed her trigger and shoved the butt of her rifle into her shoulder. From one side to the other, she sprayed and physically tore the enemies apart with the number of bullets fired. The last two however were seconds away from striking her.

The first raised both arms and tried attacking simultaneously. She dodged to her right and continued to fire into the opponent's stomach, physically pushing it backwards until its torso split. The last attempted to stab her from the left. She activated her shield which protected her arm from the attack, only for the blade to slide down the shield and slice her leg. After shouting in reaction, she managed to shoot approximately four bullets at the Kiira before her weapon was empty.

She drew her sidearm and pressed it directly against the opponent's forehead, but before she could pull the trigger, the two received multiple projectiles all over their body. Suddenly there was a huge space between the current battlefield and what was revealed to be a firing team of Shinomorphs. All Elites were instructed to run into cover as several Elites and Terramorphs were all mowed down in the open.

"Jesus Christ!" Yuno shouted. "They're killing their own people!"

"They have more than the one life, remember!" David replied. "They haven't got anything to lose. Shit, they got a lot of Elites..."

Katie Redfield, as well as several other snipers, were all peaking and firing down range at the team opposite them. They managed to catch the odd one, but another would immediately replace them. However, before the humans had to come up with any sort of plan, Amelia came running in her Xeniamorph form, with Novas holding onto her back.

She ran towards the enemy and covered her face each time a projectile head towards her. Soon after, she had passed the open space and crashed into their line of defence, where the Novas each deployed from her back while she continued to fight. She made quick work of the firing team, and before they knew it, humanity was back on the advance.

Taylor Carr and Jordan McDonald were both seen fighting amongst them, sporting green paint on them to help identify them amongst the others. Before they knew it they were already at the centre of the city, where a water fountain stood in the middle of the footpath roundabout, which lead down four different streets. Upon arrival, they were met with heavy resistance.

From every direction beside their own several enemies were seen charging at full force, including Una, Gianamorphs and almost every form there was. David instructed the humans to all form up a strong formation; where everyone stood back-to-back with shields drawn, from middle to the fifth layer of the circle, each like a layer of an onion. Beside them were the Nova sparsely stood around them with weapons drawn, and the friendly Terramorphs intimidatingly wondered around.

Once the enemy hit, all hell broke loose.

It was like a scene out of a fantasy comic book. Monsters all large and small repelling the humans, while monsters of similar but also different calibres fought beside them. From an overhead view, corpses could be seen launching through the airspace, Giana and Unas could be seen getting mounted and taken down by brave soldiers, but both sides were taking heavy causalities. The Terramorphs however had the numbers over Humanity.

David couldn't stay still for even a second. No one could. He ran back and fourth along the battlefield, constantly slicing and slashing every enemy he could. Amelia could be seen doing similar alongside him with rows of enemies between them. She twirled with her tale and slashed with her claws, constantly fighting opponent after opponent off her.

While taking the head off of an Exomorph with its back to him, Yuno fell down beside David with a Cavamorph attempting to maul her. He quickly swung upward and separated its face from its body, before extending his hand to his friend. She took the assistance up, but then the two saw one of the nearby Gianamorphs taking out several humans. They looked at each other and knew what they needed to do.

During their run towards the opponent, Elliot Stokes dashed through the crowd before them and sprayed it and all enemies unfortunate to be before him with his SMGs. Once all other enemies were aside, Elliot initially dodged an attempted slam from the Giana, where he continued to spray along its body.

As it became fixated on him, David and Yuno both arrived behind the opponent and started to have at it. Yuno's shots left large gushing wounds in its wake, meanwhile David had run towards the head of the Giana, when he was tackled from atop the enemy by a Scawamorph. The Scawa proceeded to fly away with him inside it's transportation compartment.

Flustered and confused by the sudden kidnapping, on his hands and knees he looked up and noticed several Kiiras sat around him. They merely looked at him harmlessly for a moment, before one initiated the fight. Griffin drew his sword and swiftly severed the attacker from its legs. He continued to swing his sword in a full circle as he regained his footing, clashing with several blades before catching one in the neck.

His blade temporarily lodged, he drew his pistol and shot the closest opponent in the face five times. The next Kiira slapped the gun away with one swipe and tried to hit him with the second, however David had brought his sword in close and managed to use the attached corpse as a shield. Finally pulling the sword from the enemy, he spun around and aimed low, taking the enemies legs similar to the first target.

Suddenly, the Scawamorph opened up its pod in attempt to drop him out, where David lucky managed to cling on for dear life. A look beyond his feet and he could see the entire battlefield – the city – from an eagles perspective. They were incredibly high up.

The enemy tried shaking the human to no avail, he had no intention of letting go. After several attempts, the Terramorph nosedived towards the city again, only to take him closer to the castle, where once he was low enough, he dropped down. After a short tumble he was back on his feet, however the sight before him was unpleasant to say the least. Five Scawamorphs, all equipped with large never seen before swords, standing guard of the castle.

He drew his sword and stood his ground. He was outnumbered and likely out-skilled, but what else could he do? Now, as much as ever, was the time to prove himself, with hope that the challenge before him would be the last on his journey to victory. It was now or never.

Meanwhile, back in the city centre, the Giana was still stood fighting with the humans after David's disappearance. Yuno continued to blast several shots into the enemy as she slowly circled the opponent when Clyde came back to assist not so far beside her. Suddenly, the enemy managed to swipe Clyde off his feet, where he flew and collided with the Mizuno twin. The two sat beside each other when they both noticed the Giana raising its fist overhead.

To their rescue however, Amelia jumped from the head of an Unamorph and latched onto the Giana's back, where she proceeded to claw and bite around its neck. While the attack had been diverted, the two Terramorphs were now tangled with each other, rolling around and inflicting damage to another.

Yuno took her time to aim and finally pulled the trigger, connecting with the Giana's throat as it sprung open and the creature began to wheeze loudly. Amelia proceeded to stick her paw inside the wound and claw stringy pieces of flesh from its throat until its wriggling were stilled. As she climbed from beneath the opponent, Amelia noticed the fight on-going in the distance, between David and the Scawamorphs.

Mizuno noticed her long gaze and also caught sight of the fight. The two looked at each other and without a single word exchanged, Yuno called upon nearby soldiers to assist her, while Amelia remained at the city centre fight. The twin, Clyde, Marcus, Tina, Katie and Jodie were all present and ran alongside her to assist their new team leader.

Combating the over-sized opponents, David was struggling to understate the situation. He had only been on the defensive, not even being given a moment to attempt an attack of his own, and with the heavy forces he was tangled with, his deflects were also becoming useless. He clashed swords with one Scawa, using a large amount of his strength as he rotated and ended up on his knees afterwards, where another enemy managed to swipe up his back, leaving a nasty gash in its place.

After screaming in agony, he turned and shot several times before the magazine ran empty, at which point a Scawa made attempt on his extended arm; an attack he barely managed to leave unscathed. Quickly withdrawing his arm, he managed to bring his other arm down over the enemy's arm, finally making contact and severing one of the several arms the opponent possessed.

It groaned similar to he had before promptly slapping from his position on his knees to several feet behind him, on his back. He laid flat looking up at the red sky in exhaustion, there was no way he could continue and win the battle... but he still refused to go down until his last breath. As he intended to force himself back up however, he watched Marcus jump clean over him and charge straight into the enemy.

Moments before he made contact with the first enemy, Katie had sniped the Scawa directly in its face, startling it before Marcus proceeded to slice it from each leg it stood on. Flat on the ground, he continued into combat with the next, while Yuno stood beside David and blasted the injured enemy into the dirt.

"You're not done yet!" She shouted, extending her hand as she took a knee.

As a unexpected smile struck his face, he took her hand and got back on his feet. He saw as all his teammates had come to assist him, just like they always did and he for them. These people were more than a team, they were a family, and family don't give up on each other no matter what happened.

Elliot continued to fire rapidly against the Scawamorph before him that he challenged alone. The enemy took a stab at him which missed, and from the same extended arm it swung towards him again, which he barely managed to avoid by folding flat on himself. Once he was back up, he shot directly at its face with one SMG while he struggled to reload the other. By the time his second weapon was ready however, the enemy was dead.

Several other enemy variants had all run from the inner castle walls and joined the fight with the Scawas. The first anyone knew of their sudden involvement was the moment Stokes was unfortunately attacked. While he took a second to reload his weapon, one Kiiramorph surprised him by stabbing directly through his stomach, raising him slightly off the ground.

His cry in pain alerted everyone else to the reinforcements. He managed to turn and shoot the Kiira dead, putting him back on his own feet, but before he could withdraw the blade a Farramorph snook up behind him. Katie tried to save him but the moment the Farra got its hands on him, it slit his throat.

She managed to kill the Farra immediately after, but it was no use. One of the Scawas pulled its rifle from its back and aimed back at the girl, who was consequently too busy hunting down the multiple new opponents in sight. After five shots were fired and successfully hit enemies, she became the next target.

The Scawa shot and her remains splattered against the ground. The entire top half of her body had gone, nothing but bloody mush remained. Yuno screamed in anger at the sight and continued to press the Terramorph, shot after shot until there was more Scawa on the floor than standing.

She continued to fire continuously at the large scale of enemies amongst the remaining humans. David kept fighting with every last fibre in his body. Marcus fought beside him while the two swung , slashed and sliced through what felt like hundreds of enemies.

Tina and Jodie also fought side-by-side with an osprey of bullets spraying from their direction. Enemies couldn't even get close. They all fought valiantly, leaving corpses and empty casings on their paths. They had almost pushed their way towards the castle barracks entrance when the walls suddenly filled with Shinomorphs.

Before any of them had time to see it, they open fired on the battlefield. Hundreds of projectiles rained atop the open area and the only cover provided were the enemy surrounding them. Tina was hit twice in her shoulder and once in her lower abdomen. Jodie received several along her arm and chest.

Marcus took one to the eye and a heavy remainder to his body. Yuno took one through the lung and two in one leg, while David also took one in his lower abdomen, one in his leg and another in his shoulder all on the left side of his body. The team were done for.

Once the rain of fire had finished, no one was left standing on the battlefield. Not a human or a Terramorph. The closest to standing was Tina, who after taking the shots had mindlessly fallen to her knees and remained in that stance while she slowly bled out.

As the firing team all began their travel path past the field of the dead, one slowly walked towards Tina who was visibly still breathing. It stopped right in front of her, pulled its rifle from its back and shot her straight in her head. She raised her hand to cover her face, but all it did was pin it to her face as she flopped down lifelessly.

When David opened his eyes again, everywhere was pure white. He awoke in a field of blurry white, as if he was laying atop a city of clouds. As he managed to stand, no one other than The Overlord appeared before him.

"This was it, David," he announced. "Humanity's last push, and you failed. Humanity, as you've always known it, ceases to exist."

"No, this can't be true. This can't be how it all ends…" He refused. "Years of fighting, only to lose…"

"Your race fought well, almost as well as the enemy we were running away from," they replied. "Alas, we are a superior species."

Suddenly, a door appeared beside the figure and opened up, where The Overlord proceeded to gesture into the space.

"It's time to be with your friends. Your family. With everyone."

"No... No, I refuse!" He raised his voice.

"You can't resist death when your time has come!" He frowned, becoming further insistent.

"This isn't my time!"

After shouting his refusal, he suddenly returned to reality, in the field of corpses he had been left amongst. He struggled to lift himself up off the ground, falling down on his face one time before he finally got up on one knee. With one hand on the ground, he continued to push himself beyond his own possibility until he managed to hold himself up against a nearby wall.

The projectiles were still protruding from his body. Despite knowing that he was supposed to keep the object inside an open wound, it was too uncomfortable inside his leg to ignore. He gripped it as hard as he could and yanked it out in one go, inflicting incredible pain. He bit his lip and thumbed the wall beside him in reaction, trying to keep as quiet as he could.

He looked beside his feet and saw Yuno down beside him face down. Her hand had been left on her weapon. He attempted to walk but immediately fell back on his hands and knees in agony. Then suddenly, a hand wrapped around his stomach from behind, and as he turned to see who it was, it was Amelia. Covered in blood, cuts & bruises, she very gently tried to help him.

"We're almost there..." he gasped. "So close... I'm not letting their... deaths be for nothing!"

"Then let's go," she replied as he helped him back on his feet. "We can do this."

After they walked forward slightly, she put him against a wall while she acquired Elliot's SMG. While she picked up the weapon, David made sure to gently remove Yuno's hand cannon from her hand and attach it to his uniform. For the time being, he with his pistol and she with her machine gun proceeded into the building.

Officially inside the castle, everything was becoming real. David struggled through the corridors with his ally, and as the two staggered through, enemies appeared before them. Amelia immediately leaned him against the wall and began firing down the corridor. Luckily there were no Shinomorphs amongst them so they had the upper hand.

She wasn't the best with the weapon, having never been trained with it, but as long as she continued to use the fully automatic in small bursts, she was more likely to hit her targets. David used his free hand to fire with his sidearm in assistance, but each recoil sent down his arm just caused more and more pain.

The machine gun ran out with several more enemies remaining. She didn't have it in her to revert back to her Terramorph form, so instead she called on David to throw her his sword. Once he had thrown it and she caught it, she pressed the first button she saw and the sword erected out from the handle, just in time for her first contact.

The Kiira tried to lunge at her before realising she had a weapon, leaving itself completely open from the waist down, and so Amelia ducked under its arms and swept along its stomach. Separated from top to bottom, she quickly moved onto the next opponent, slicing down its chest before immediately following her own attack up with a stab through the chest.

The next enemy ran towards David who was struggling to reload. Amelia wouldn't make it in time by running alone, and so to buy them some time, she overhead threw the sword at them. It impaled their chest, throwing the enemy back as it wheezed and staggered. As she ran to retrieve the weapon, another Kiira closed in on her.

As the enemy swung at waist height for her, she dived over the blades and rolled on the floor before grabbing hold of the sword. She tore the blade from its chest and clashed with the other opponent. As she tangoed with the enemy, David reloaded his gun and shot the injured enemy in the head. He turned to the other two to assist, but they were so tangled with each other that he couldn't get a definite shot. Regardless, she took care of the last opponent and the corridor was again cleared.

She intended to return the sword, but David insisted she held on to it. She proceeded to assist him around the castle; along the way they managed to avoid any more contact with the enemy, but in distant corridors could see more and more enemies being dispatched around them. They were yet to be noticed. Before they knew it, they had arrived at the room David had previously been to during his last visit. This was it.

Amelia asked him how he wanted to approach the situation. Instead of an answer, he leapt from her aid and barged through the door. As soon as the door opened, he spotted that there were only two life forms in the room, one sitting and one standing beside them. With Yuno's cannon in hand, he blasted the standing enemy clear off their feet.

The recoil from the cannon threw him against the wall after firing. The impact pushed one of the projectiles in his stomach further out, leaving a lot of his blood behind on the wall. However, in front of his final foe, he didn't want to show the agony he was in, and he proceeded to limp towards The Overlord with the weapon still drawn.

"You are a remarkable human being," The Overlord commented, standing from his seat. "I could never have imagined you were going to come this far. To me."

"You underestimated us," he replied, wiping away blood that had drooled from his mouth. "We have won, you have been defeated," he strongly stated. "You are going to pay for the millions, no billions of people that you have killed!"

"If you kill me, you'll never make it out of here alive!" He threatened.

"I know how it works. Your whole 'Overlord Operation'. I kill you, and the Terramorphs put down their arms and surrender to Humanity. It's that simple. Your system is flawed."

Before The Overload could continue to talk, David shot his head. However, the man put his hand up in defence and took most of the impact. With half his hand gone along with parts of his face, The Overlord fell over his chair and down on the ground.

David approached the figure slowly and Amelia ran to his side. With the weapon still aimed at him on the ground, he looked helpless. He was bleeding excessively from his hand and face; a pool had already begun to form beneath him. He wheezed and laid idle of any intentions. When he saw Amelia however, he gestured for her to come beside him, and so she kneeled down and moved in close.

"It's okay," he said. "The humans are strong and I have made too many mistakes in my reign. You'll be fine... Do it, David Griffin."

He glanced over at Amelia with a confused expression. The Overlord looked at her too and managed a smile and a nod before May looked away and David pulled the trigger. The shot from the hand cannon sent him down on the ground where he remained exhaustedly.

Once the deed had been done and The Overlord had been killed, he noticed his friend weep whilst refusing to look at the remains. She too sat down on the ground beside him, covering her face with her arm as she wept uncontrollably for a moment.

"He was your father... wasn't he?"

She couldn't muster a response just yet. She managed a nod while continuing to cry but that was all she could do. He crawled closer to her side and gave her a tight hug from behind.

"He should have never taken the position..." she said, after eventually calming herself down. "He made too many bad decisions... he wasn't ready for it."

"It's okay... He's at ease now. The weight is off his shoulders."

The two picked each other up and walked out of the building. By the time they made it outside, David's radio had been going off like crazy. As they entered the open area just before the castle walls, they could hear everyone's radios going off on different frequencies.

"We've taken control of the portal field," Levy reported. "It's all ours!"

"City centre has been secured," Bravo leader Hayley reported.

Following their own progress reports, several soldiers from all over the Terramorph planet were reporting that the enemy had stopped fighting them. All Terramorphs had surrendered the moment The Overlord was killed, officially confirming the victory for Humanity.

Megan Dunfield and several other Elites had all arrived at the scene of the slaughter, just before the castle. They all immediately checked the bodies of those who had fallen, and it felt like a true miracle to discover that not everyone had been killed. Yuno Mizuno was amongst those who had barely survived. She was okay enough to stick her thumb up in David's direction when being lifted onto a stretcher.

"Jesus, David," Megan commented, after one quick examination of his injuries. "You need to stop moving immediately and let yourself be treated. You've lost a lot of blood!"

"We did it, Megan," he drunkenly replied, nearly slumping over had Amelia not held him up. "The War is over..."

After her nod in agreement, she began treating to his wounds on the spot. At that moment, with everything finally at ease and the Terramorph War at an end, a sudden distress call rang through Megan's radio.

"The Nova!" The voice shouted. "They're turning on us! They-" The call cut off.

"Amelia May," a deep and familiar voice shuttered through David's radio. "Did you really think it would all end with the death of your leader? This is still our home."

With a view directly down through the city from their position, Griffin and the others watched as the Nova, Humans & Terramorphs all fought each other, when the ground began to quake. Down the city centre, a giant crack erupted the surface and almost split the city from side-to-side. As the ground shifted, hundreds of Nova climbed from the pit and joined the fight. It was all a trap.

"David!" Daniel caught his line. "The Director is on his way and there's no way of contacting him. The Nova are attacking from everywhere!"

"It never ends... War never ends."

Despite specific instruction, David stood up and took several steps towards the rest of the city. He used up every last fibre of his body in what would be equal of a lion's roar. He stood at the foot of the castle walls and screamed at the top of his lungs.


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