The Scepter of Ra

The young Egyptian princess ducked behind a wall as the guards passed by oblivious to her presence. She really wasn't supposed to be doing this. She would surely get in trouble if she were caught. But she didn't care. She had to get that scepter before her brother did or it would mean trouble for all of Egypt.

She saw an opening in the patrol pattern that would let her through undetected and seized the opportunity. She rushed forward and made it safely into the temple's innermost room that contained the revered scepter of Ra with the guards being none the wiser. However, someone had beaten her to the room. It was none other than the young pharaoh, her brother who just so happened to be an evil mastermind.

"YOU!" she screamed. Her brother turned around with a malicious grin on his face. "Yes. Me." He said coldly and calmly. So calmly, that it was seriously starting to creep her out. "But how did you get in before me?" she asked. "Mwahahahaha." he laughed. "It was easy, I used the secret passage known only to the temple's priests." he said. "But that is forbidden to anyone who is not a priest." she said.

Suddenly, the guards came in on them and charged the two of them. In a flash they both had their ancient blades of light out as did the guards. The battle that ensued was an epic one. It was two inexperienced untrained teenagers against a whole literal army of fully grown and expertly trained men. But the royal twins had a secret. They had plot armor: big time.

The two teens faced down and defeated the guards, then they turned on each other. They were both very exhausted and very sweaty. But they fought each other any way. They twisted and dodged. They lunged and they swung. They breathed very heavily the whole way through. They performed intricate maneuvers and fancy footwork. Then just as it looked like the princess would win, the power went out and River Morgan's computer shut down losing all of her game progress.

River screamed out, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Her scream was so loud; it woke up the cat, the dog, all three parakeets, and her entire family. Her mother came into the room and said, "River, dear it's almost midnight. I thought you were asleep. GO TO BED!" River sighed, she knew better than to argue with her mother. After all, her mother always won anyways. So she got up and went to bed agitated because she had gotten so close to actually beating the game. She drifted off to sleep, dreaming about Ancient Egyptians with what was basically lightsabers.

The End!