In the summer, the heat dries out the ground hundreds of feet downwards. To the point that the tree's will begin to sag, their leaves becoming brittle and scrunched, before they fall onto the dead grass bellow. To the point that the lakes decrease by a third, and the rivers fail to flow through the countryside, the farmers crops become stunted, and the water that comes from the garden hose is a little more than lukewarm.

It's in July, that the poor lay on their beds, not able to entertain themselves with the buzz of their tv's because, even though the blinds are closed, and fans are on in every room, it is too hot.

So hot, that only half of the air conditioners work at all for those who can afford them. Some people are left to sit in their closets and doze off, or hide in their basements with a video game or cellphone.

And in the heat, that swelters and makes the earth sweat and die out, the air itself wavers, thick with the scent of dust, gravel and dead grass. The buzzing of flies, mosquito's and the chirping of crickets the only sound.

It is in this, that the townsfolk complain, and when winter comes along, they will complain too. That their cars won't heat, and that the icicles on their roof will earn them a paycheck of $3000 for repairs by spring.

They will complain that they can't go outside because the snow reflects too brightly for them to see, and that the air is too dry, much alike to summer. They can't get to work because their cars won't start even with their heated garages, or that the snow is just too deep or the roads too icy.

Their dogs refuse to go outside, and even the winter sparrows have fled to a warmer climate, the deer having moved on to the woods where snow is less bountiful.

The peope will complain in the betweens too; of how spring is too wet, their grass dying because of the foot of water that the snow left behind, or of how their pets and kids track in ten pounds of mud. How the foundation on their houses have cracked under the pressure of the weather and the spring rains are causing the farmers to postpone seeding their fields.

In spring it will smell like rotting leaves, because the water layering the plantation has been there for far too long. And frogs, the frogs will come in abundance, with birds picking up the worms that the youngsters have no doubt been troubling their siblings with after digging them up.

The sky will remain gloomy, a heavy set dominence falling over everyone from the cloud cover. People will worry on the north melting, eliciting a flood, so they spend exhausting hours outside fillling bags with sand. Only for nothing to happen.

Then summer passes, drying it all up once again, so it seems like all of it was just a dream, before fall comes. In which, the children will burry themselves in piles of leaves while their parents hurry to throw the mess away before the likely early snow.

Children will beg their parents for their preferred Halloween costume as the day fast approaches, and the rabbits will begin to turn white. Black cats are noticed with fast excitement and superstitious fear, and the parents will try to decorate their houses for the season.

From the dry summer, fruits and vegetables are scarce, and only few pumpkins, much to the disappointment of the juvenile, will be salvageable. The morning will begin to frost, similar to spring, leaving the ground wet and as it soon begins to freeze; leaving the roads icy in wait for the sun to melt them during midday.

Families begin to prepare for the abundance of holidays, meals and gifts, and farmers will worry about next year's crop, or cattle run. Both actions being redundant, as the same fate of the seasons will come again and again with no solution to be found.

When new hallow's eve passes, candy is rationed and secretly thrown out by the parents, and children are left disappointed by the short night. As snow had begun to fall much too early, or rain froze the sidewalks, earning fear from the parents for their young's well-being.

The animals and insects will go into hiding, preparing for the no doubt long and cold winter, and in school the teens will prepare for next's summer's party life. The grocer's will prepare for shipments of turkey for winter, and gift stores for their Christmas decor. Dogs will become matted as their fur grows while people anticipate the cold; and the cycle repeats.

Everyone will complain, it will happen again and again, from one extreme to another in only a matter of both short and long months. People will change, bore themselves with television because of the lives they lead, and the world will move on without them; those who have given up, while the seasons still fight over themselves, Despite all odds.