Kegnorix (Keg-nor-ix) Is one of the largest towns in the Eseyn Republic. Nearly twenty-thousand people call it home. As such the town had a massive demand for food. On Leneuer 15 1337 the farmers had had enough. The Dulkayor (Dul-kay-or) Zachary of Kegnorix had imposed a bill that would tax all goods and even dung used for farming. hundreds thousand came to the streets.

The first few hours the town guard were preparing the for the protest. Most were just angry commoners who only had pitchforks. Little did they know the terrorist group the Sons and Daughters of Kegnorix were in the protest. Carrying clubs, maces, and staves. Merchants barred their doors and some hired guards in case the worst happened.

The worst did happen a rock was thrown hitting a town guard in the eye. Soon guards fought the farmers and their ally group. For seven hours the streets of Kegnorix burned commoners and other guild that felt oppressed took up arms. Things were getting so out of hand that the Lieutenant Town Marshal Walter The Timid sent a passenger pigeon to the nearby town of Houlgroul and it's neighbor Hodge Town. A Small group from both town arrived mainly militia units armed with crude wooden shields and short swords. By the morning the protest were being contained as the ring leaders were being rounded up.

All parties met in the town hall. It was a minor victory for the dulkayor He'd still get a thirty percent tax rate. Alongside that due to his leadership and town militia anti-fire squads. Only a minor portion of the city was lost. The farmers had lost a dozen members and the terrorist sons and daughters lost nearly all while the rest were routed or hanged. Farmers to this day still remember and hate the elites of the town. Who knows when another protest shall happen.

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