As I sat in the bathtub,I thought endlessly about giving my man a good time. The many things I wanted to do to him. As I washed myself,I imagined his hands roaming on my body and my hands on his body. That made me feel wet although I was taking a bath.

After I finished,I drained the tub and slowly got out as not to slip and stepped on the shower mat. As I dried myself,I felt a warm moisture between my legs. It was warmer than earlier. As I used a blow dryer to dry my damp hair,I felt even more moist down there.

I was hot and bothered. I slipped on a bathrobe and stepped out. As I got to my closet, I asked myself "Should I wear something sexy to entice him or come to him undressed?". I opened my closet door and looked around. I found a couple short skimpy gowns. One in red and one in pink. Both were pretty but I could only wear one.

I picked up a penny. I'd decide what to choose on heads or tails. I tossed the penny and it landed on tails,meaning I'd go with pink. Good old heads or tails. I picked a pair of panties and a bra that went perfectly with my clothing. Both were lacy and attractive.

As I dropped my robe around my ankles,I hooked my bra from the back and adjusted the straps. My breasts fit in them perfectly as I slipped on my lingerie. I've never felt this good before. After slipping on my gown, I went to comb my hair. As I combed it,I considered giving him a surprise in the bedroom.

As I planned it,I went to brushing my hair. After brushing,my hair felt so soft to the touch. I slipped on a pair of high knee socks just to add a bit of appeal. I went to the bedroom where it was empty for the moment. I pulled the sheets back halfway and decorated them with rose petals. I found a lighter and lit a few scented candles.

The scent was pleasant. As I sat on the bed gently,I picked up the phone. I dialed the number but after a few seconds,it went to voicemail. I figured I'd leave a message so I pressed one of the numbers and said "I have a surprise for you. It's waiting for you and it'll be there when you come home. Love you,dear." and it saved.

I couldn't wait to give it to him. I looked on the nightstand and remembered something:chocolate. I put it right there minutes prior to my bath. It was there at the right place at the right time. Lucky me. I got the container and put it on my left side of the bed.

All at the same time,I was craving chocolate,warmth,kisses and intimacy. It drove me crazy. I then saw the doorknob turning. As the door opened,my love greeted me with an eskimo kiss. God,how I missed him so. He couldn't help but stare at my body. He was in awe as he sat next to me. He saw the chocolate between us and fed me a piece.

I then gave him a piece as well. I wanted to live in this moment with him forever. We fed each other the small chocolates and after the container was empty,I tossed it in the small trashcan next to the bed. I placed my hand on his chest and we looked in one another's eyes. His hand went on my thigh as I stroked his chest.

He rubbed my thigh so tenderly as I let my hand go to to his pants. He knew what I was going to do. I unzipped them as I got on his lap and straddled him. He rubbed my shoulders as we french kissed. Our tongues wrestled as his hands started to caress my sides. His touch made me want him even more.

By now,he was fully erect and my panties were soaked. He laid me down on my back and lifted my gown up to my stomach and started planting kisses all over it. My goodness,that was my most ticklish spot right now. I squirmed as he kept going until he slid off my knee high socks off my legs with his teeth.

He did the same to my panties and moved my gown up to my breasts completely removing it off me. Mesmerized by how they looked,he massaged them making me bite my lip to keep from moaning. Fondling my assets made my nipples harden. I teasingly pulled my bra straps down just to arouse him even more and I received kisses and nips to both my shoulders and neck.

I rubbed down his back as he nibbled on my ear. His hands went on my back as he started to unhook my bra and placed it to the side. That was when he suckled on one breast and played with the other. I grunted as he switched. As my womanhood lubricated even more, he removed his pants and put me on top of him.

Our waists were touching perfectly. He grabbed my hips as I pushed him inside me. We were connected as I moved slowly. We moaned together as we shared a long kiss. I moved more and more as he squeezed my thighs. This sensation made me bounce him with more speed. He enjoyed every bit of it.

I rode his shaft deeper and deeper as the tip of his manhood came into contact with my hot spot. As it was hit, I thrusted in and out even faster with getting flipped over as a surprise. I pleasured him now he gets to pleasure me the same way. He grunts pushing himself harder and harder into my pussy.

Our climaxes were going to happen. The bed shakes as he rams his cock in me vigorously. My legs shook as I wrapped them around him even tighter. I was tight down there and my lady parts tightened around his phallus as we went balls deep on me. I gasped as he bit down on my shoulder.

I scratched his back as his movement was more rapid. I let out a scream as I felt myself reaching my peak. I was so close and so was he. Our buildups were ready. Gasping and sighing,I tell him "I love you" as I finished. He tells me "I love you too" as he slams his cock in me so deep as he ejaculated.

He shot out the heaviest of tubs filling my womb to the brim. He pulled out after I was so full of hot juices. We laid together panting as I pulled the blanket over us. Nuzzling his shoulder,he rubs my belly. It's like I felt butterflies swarming in there. I pressed my forehead against his as I softly kissed him.

He's mine and I'm his. Nothing would ever change that. This love was meant to be. I love him forever and always. We drifted off to sleep after the candle flames slowly died out. This was an amazing night and we'll both never forget it.