The Mayala Times
1-9-10 Morning Issue

-Foundation Day-

TEN YEARS AGO TODAY, our glorious nation, the Federal Democratic Socialist Republic of Falaca was founded upon the ratification of the Confederation Integration Agreement (colloquially known as the "Falaca Agreement" nowadays). And now, a decade later, our nation remains standing and is stronger than any of the 6 states before us.

Today our nation shall celebrate its foundation with an entire day of celebration and merry-making and celebration starting with a reenactment of the Battle of Ilan in the very city where it took place. Simultaneously, the play "Independence" by the Tarnery Brothers will show in theatres across the nation. The day's events will culminate in the fireworks display and symbolic signing of the Falaca Agreement right here in Mayala. As for the rest of the events, please consult your local bulletins or the Federal Ministry of Domestic Affairs' Information app for the schedule.

Long Live the Union!

by Allison Vasia

-The Forgotten Tales of the Nation-

MANY KNOW OF OUR NATION'S FOUNDING. All know the 30-year-old tale. 3 decades ago, Xinoehp led an assault against the Kingdom of Ey-Durian (now the state of Ey-Durian) to which the neighboring nations responded by forming a confederation and mobilizing in support of the Ey-Durien. The war was ended with the signing of the Treaty of Galia and our Republic was founded 2 decades later.

However, few known the stories of the 6 nations of yore anymore. It was found in a survey of 1,000 Mayalan adults that only 1 of 5 people even knew the old names of each nation. Those being the Democratic Republic of Abilania, the Kingdom of Ey-Durian, the Victorian Empire, the Bronzinne Junta, the Maurician Republic and the Ianian Confederation which are today, the states of Abilania, Ey-Durian Victoria, Bronzinne, Mauricia and Iania today.

Few also remember the fact that Mayala once was heavily contested between Victoria and Abilania before the Republic. There was also the frequent international incidents involving Ey-Durian and the other nations which occasionally inflamed into small-scale conflicts in which the Ey-Durien normally dominated.

by Marcus Delion

-A Message from the Times-

THE MAYALA TIMES would like to apologize for the relatively short issue today. We must also inform our readers that we will not be releasing further issues today. This is mostly due to our preparations for tomorrow's events and as such, we would like to ask for your patience and cooperation.