'How did things turn out like this…'

As i thought about that, the sound of metals clashing together could be heard, under the dim moonlight a girl and a man exchange blows in midair. Even though the girl is fighting against a man that is almost twice her size, she didn't have any hint of fear and hesitation in her eyes, the only thing that can be seen from those pair of hazel orbs are hatred and determination.

'Amazing, so this is how an archangel candidate fight…'

As i was entranced by the fight, suddenly a debris from the building behind me fell and pulled me back to reality.

"Shit, I need to get to a safe place. I'll die if I just stand around doing nothing, but…. Can she really fight that man?"

Even someone like me could tell if this wasn't that man's first life and death battle, but I can't say the same for the girl. It's true that she's an archangel candidate, but when it comes to real battle, experience in the battlefield is everything.

"Is that all you got?" The man chuckled.

That word said by the mysterious man pulls me out of my train of thoughts, luckily I've positioned myself inside a ruined building, this should be able to keep me save for a while. But I was shocked when I peeked at the man who said those words. The girl was panting heavily, her previously perfect attire has gotten ripped all over the place, only her shoulder length hair stays perfect.

"I can't believe someone like you awakened as an archangel candidate, how disappointing. But at least that guy won't underestimate me anymore if I kill you."

'Wait he's going to kill her?!'

As i thought about what he said, the man put on a stance and readied his spear, he's chanting something inaudible but somehow it brings chill down my spine. Suddenly his spear was covered in purple light, and that's when realization hits me.

"Run! Don't look into his eyes!"

When the girl hears me it was already too late, the two meter long spear had already pierced through her body. Looking satisfied the man pulls his spear away and let the girl's body hits the ground.

"Oi, are you alright?! Oi!"

I rushed in to check on her only to see her wound had already healed.

"You don't need to trouble yourself, an archangel candidate won't get killed very easily. But i don't think you'll heal like her if i pierce you, so back off from the girl or you'll be dead without even realizing what had happened."

His words alone are enough to make me flinch, his purple eyes are locked on to me, meaning that if i make one wrong move or say one wrong word, that spear of his could impale me right away before i can retaliate.

'Is this the end... Damn it, how did it get to this... I never even got the chance to make up for my sins...'

As i thought that, i looked at the unconscious girl. Even though she's an archangel candidate, it's still foolish to charge in an have a one on one fight with an archfiend candidate, and yet she didn't even hesitate. Judging from the hatred in her eyes, her main reason must've been vengeance….

'Shit, what's actually gong on in this world, these things should've ended along with the great fall…. Even though I've sworn to never gotten myself involved anymore….'

Looking up, I see the mysterious man looked down on me and the girl, floating there acting all high and mighty.

'So, guess I have no choice. I'm not going to die here, no matter what. No, I can't die, I can't let go of the life that was given to me!'

"I won't let anyone die! No matter what the cost!"

"Tch how annoying. Die you imbecile!"

As soon as he said those words, the area becomes engulfed by flames.

Author's Note

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