Faster, faster...faster. She repeated this mantra, mentally willing her legs to fly as she leapt through the forest, branches whipping by her face.

She dare not look back. Her muscles ached, lungs laboured. The girl had been running for hours, but it was not fast enough. They would come for her.

The moonlight still stretched its luminous claws over the sky before her, but those blue eyes were fixed on the golden horizon at the end. For where the moon still shone, she was not safe.

Panting, chest burning, she pushed forward. Her body was made for this, small and leathe, every muscle pumping like a well oiled machine. Long black hair waving behind her into the night.

She dove thicker into the dead forest but the trees did little to hide her, void of light they stood out with black bare twisted limbs that wove towards the sky, as if reaching out for salvation. There was no shelter here from mother's disapproving gaze. Nothing escaped Nisha while her white light shone so brilliant in the darkness.

She slowed to a trot, listening before changing faint trickle of water echoed in the distance, promising release for her parched throat. She weaved through the trees down the sloping descent of the forest floor . She stopped, sucking in a breath. Her legs quivering, there at the bottom of the hill was a waterfall and shining down into the pool below it was the most beautiful golden rays of warm light.

This was the closest she had ever been to its glow. It broke through the darkness and continued past the clearing growing brighter and stronger in the distance. She had made it ! She ran for the water splashing her way in.

Basking in the warm rays she let the water soak over her naked form, weighing down the long ebony hair that clung to her hips. She laughed out loud for the first time in a century , twirling in the pool sending sparkling droplets flying like little diamonds reflected in the sun.

A twig snapped in the underbrush to her left.

With lightening reflexes she leapt back behind the falls veiled by a curtain of water. The sound was getting louder.

"Who's there?" she called out tentatively. "Show yourself !"

A figure walked towards her stepping into the light.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." A deep velvety voice rang through the tree sending shivers up her spine.

"Who are you?" She tiptoed out from under her veil of protection into the sunny part of the pool. Her heart was thumping wildly calling her to run, but she was curious.

There before her stood the most beautiful specimen she had ever seen. But it did not look like her, it had to be one of those creatures her sisters talked about, it was a man... perhaps? She had little interaction with the male form other than the crystal guard, and they could not hold a candle to this being.

She examined him closely. Blonde wavy hair playfully whisked around him curling down to the nape of his neck. A gold richly engraved breastplate adorned his chiselled frame down to a tapered waist. A white cloak covered his back waving gently behind him. His green eyes bored into hers transfixed and for a moment the world stood still.

"Beautiful" He breathed. It had taken him a full minute before he blurted out that one word. He was enchanted. Never before had he seen a creature so exquisite. He feared if he blinked it would all vanish into air.

She was small and delicate, but posed and ready to pounce. Deep blue eyes pierced into his, framed by locks of midnight black hair slicked down by the water. He followed the trail of her hair as it curved over her plump breasts down her tapered waist to cling at her hips before vanishing into the pool. Perhaps it was a was wisp, a vision sent to deceive him and lure him past the borders of Sol into the dark realm of Nisha's domain. But it didn't hurt to just look right?

"Answer me stranger or I will be forced to strike! Who are you?" Her hands curled in tiny fists held protectively in front of her ready to fight.

He snapped out of his daze sensing a dark energy starting to form around her so cold it pierced past his armour straight to the heart. Nope she was definitely real, and dangerous.

He moved slowly and with caution this time, hands raised. Speaking in a deep soothing tone.

"Do not fear little one, I mean you no harm. I am sorry if I frightened you."

At hearing this she relaxed a little, fist uncurling.

"You're not working with the crystal guard are you?! How did you find me so quickly? "

He was confused, crystal what? He had not heard of such a name.

"I do not know who you speak of. I was on border patrol when I happen upon this place."

Her face turned to curiosity, encouraged at her interest, he continued.

"I am Kyren, God of Order and third son of Sol." He straightened up a little as if to validate his status. " Captain of the Royal Guard and one who presides over all judgements."

She gasped."You're one of the sun people !"

Really? That was all she got out of that introduction? He thought. Kyren felt his ego wisp away on the summer breeze. Clearly being a God anymore had no effect on the simple folk.

He was a bit confused, all people Gaiens and Gods lived in the sunlight. So maybe she was referring to the capital city?

"Yes" he answered "and you are village born?" It was more a statement then question he knew all the Gods in the kingdom and he had not seen her before, she must be Gaien, one of the mortally created.

" You are a bit close to the dark perimeter there, you should not ... Ouf !"

She slammed into him with the force of a tiny dark fury knocking them both on the mossy floor. He had be averting his eyes out of respect for the bathing maiden, but as God and a warrior, to not sense her coming toward him was a blow to his pride, quite literally.

Kyren sat up ready to push her off and fight if need be but the face that met him was one he did not expect.

He was a hair's breadth away from her face, eyes wide with fear bore into his own, and tiny hands grasped at his breastplate pressing her body tight to him.

"Please. Please help me!"

"BANG !"

"Ahh RAPE !" Evie woke with a start reaching for the M17 under her bed.


The sound of a car backfiring echoed down the streets of New York outside her tiny apartment. Another noise of urban jungle she was not yet accustomed to.

"Uhhhh" Evie rolled over onto her belly, burrowing her head under the pillow. Grumbling at the offending car that had disturbed her beauty sleep.

"I'll kill it" she murmured, reaching up to satisfy an itch in her butt crack before falling back to sleep.

Every night she had this dream and every day she woke with no memory of it. Had she but remembered she might have had a clue as to what would come, but fate just didn't really like her that much.

Prologue End.

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