The temptation between a young woman and her cousin's fiance

Jason screamed from outside of my parent's house where he stood, dropping one of the overnight bags, in frustration, in the driveway. I looked out the window to see why my name was being called and seen my cousin and her fiance, Jason facing each other, hands flailing and them shouting. You could tell they were arguing, but I wanted to know why so I went outside. Upon going out, I learned that my cousin Lena was canceling on our waterpark trip that we booked a month ago in a city about two hours away. Jason was clearly upset that his soon to be wife was choosing work over him again. I wondered for the tenth time why I chose to be a third wheel on this trip.

Lena insisted that we still both go and since the room and park passes were already bought, Jason and I got in the car and headed to the city. Passing a joint back and forth between the both of us during the car ride we talked about Lena and my ex boyfriend, we listened to music, and made jokes. All of this seemed to make the drive go a little quicker, but something felt off, like a nervousness in my stomach ever since Lena said she would not be going with us. The uncomfortable feeling only grew more during the ride and no matter what, I could not shake it, whatever it was.

At one point, about an hour and 15 mins into the ride, I passed the joint to Jason and watched him draw it to his lips. After he blew out the smoke he habitually licked his lips in that sexy way that I've seen him do a thousand times. At this, I wondered why in the hell am I noticing this;

I mean, I've always known as well as everyone else how sexy he is at the age of 27 with his light, caramel colored skin, buzz shaved and lined up black hair, deep green eyes and muscular build. His mother was caucasian and his father black so he has the perfect skin tone. He works out regularly so he has big, strong arms and a toned stomach that is almost a six pack . He also has perfect, full lips that make me wanna bite his bottom lip...and I realize I need to snap out of this day dream

As for me, I am pretty average compared to him but still pretty. I have long blonde hair down to my waist, deep brown eyes, and full lips. I am caucasian and while my face is pretty but not stunning, my body makes up for it. I have C cup breasts-men say this is my best asset and a pretty nice ass. My stomach is flat and I have my belly button pierced with one tattoo on my hip


After about two hours, we arrived at the hotel which was beautiful. We took turns using the restroom in our room after we were checked in to change into our swimsuits. Jason walked out looking fine as hell in his red and black swim shorts that hung at his waist. Unintentionally I stood and watched him as he got his things together in a beach bag, my eyes trailing his body while they moved lower and lower down his stomach following his V. I looked up and witnessed him catch me eyeing him but of course he would never point it out. When it was my turn, I changed into a simple, black bikini.

The day was fun, but I kept my eyes to myself and tried not to notice my cousin's man's wandering eyes on me as the day went on.

Later that night, back at the room, I'm changed into a pair of silky pajama shorts and Jason in a pair of sweats and a black tee. We're sitting at the bar in the kitchen when he suggests a champagne toast which i readily agreed. The toast turned into 3 more & soon we were cracking open a bottle of Vodka and sitting side by side on the couch.

"Let's put this one on," said Jason pointing at the TV with a remote.

The silence begins to get awkward, until he breaks it.

Jason: Can I tell you a Secret?

Me: Well it depends

Jason: When we met… it was you who I noticed 1st & then ..Lena started flirting with me & we hit it off and now a year later.. I just wish..

Me: Jason, stop, You shouldn't say that

Jason: That's not what I wanted to tell you..Listen...I've just always wanted to know what it would be like to kiss you, just once.

He is staring at me, and I notice his gaze lowers to my mouth and before I can answer, he grabs a hold of my face and starts to lean in inches away from me; after hesitating for a split second, He finally plants his soft lips on mine, lingering for a minute but not moving. I pull away, but he grabs me again, this time urgently. I stiffen but when he starts to part my lips with his tongue, my mouth melts onto his. He glides his tongue against my bottom lip, then slowly moves it back inside my mouth and soon our tongues are dancing, becoming more urgent as our need for each other does too. Not knowing what came over me i take his bottom lip between my teeth and nibble slightly, while he lets out a muffled growl. At that moment I lose all self control.

Jason starts to lean over me, putting his arms behind my back on my waist, sliding me down under him while never breaking our kiss.

When I'm all the way under him, trapped, he pulls away from our kiss, stopping to stare at me, and he says "God, Alyssa you're so fucking sexy" With that, he slowly and sensually glides his tongue over "my spot" on my neck, closest to the back. I let out a soft moan and his tongue immediately starts a combo of swirling in circles and gliding up and down until I am panting,; I feel myself getting wetter and wetter with every swift of his tongue and I know it's so wrong, but I can't bring myself to stop him.

During this time, he managed to pull my shorts down and now I'm under him, naked except for my tank top and bra. Before I can protest, Jason pulls my tanktop up and tosses it somewhere. He stares down at my voluptuous breasts, protruding from my black bra. Grabbing both of my breasts with his hands he kisses the tops of them , puts one hand behind me, unhooks the bra, and throws it to the side. Now, my nipples are between his lips and he sucks and flicks each one with his tongue, taking turns between both breasts. My breathing is getting heavier and I'm moaning, as my back begins to arch, I feel his hand moving past my belly button and between my legs.

He starts to massage my clit very gently with his thumb while another finger inches towards my opening. In my ear he whispers, "Damn baby you're so wet for me" And at that same moment his finger slides in me. I gasp as his finger, and then another moves in me, stretching me ; just as I am about to explode, he quickly takes his fingers out, leaving me flustered. I let out a frustrated sigh and right when I am about to speak i feel the tip of his dick approach my slit.

He is sliding his dick over my hole back and forth just barely pressing into me, teasing me. I start to panic with excitement, "Maybe we shouldn't, maybe we should stop" He grins, and Ignoring my cries, Jason thrusts 8 inches of himself inside me, making me scream out in pleasure. He pulls out and then shoves himself back in me, repeating this move two or three times and I am going insane yelling so loud, I think the room next door can here me "Oh fuck, oh my God, you feel so good!" "No baby you feel better!" He moans as he thrusts inside of me, getting as deep as he can and then holding it inside for a few seconds before he pumps in and out of me again. I grab onto him, digging my nails into his back, kissing his neck and moaning into it at the same time while he holds my legs up that are still spread. He looks down and watches as his dick pushes in and out of me, watching how he stretches me, and his need becomes stronger. He starts pumping into me, hard and faster as he's growling "I've wanted this for so fuckin long baby" .

When he slows and lets go of my legs, i wrap them around his waist and start to grind my hips, matching his rhythm. He starts to moan and groan, exclaiming, "Fuck Alyssa, what are you doing to me!?, "I'm gonna cum like this" Hearing how much I have him turned turns me on and I can feel my orgasm building I grind faster and then slower and faster again .His pace becomes faster and harder. "Please don't stop!," I scream out loud as my juices flow all over his dick ;he groans loud, thrusting,, two more times before he comes with me. I hold onto him tight as he explodes inside of me, making my orgasm continue on and on.

We lay there entwined for what feels like forever, until his cell phone rings... with a call from Lena….