As it is said time and time again, without light how can there be a darkness? There was a time when light and darkness coexisted, but after an unknown occurrence the realms split apart into separate entities. The dark, born of non-existence and the light, inhabiting all of existence. Then the spirits, or immortals were born and took shape within the darkness. The immortals of the dark realm and the mortals of the light realm.

We are of the dark realm, and most call us Madness. Though we speak with plural, we're actually of one person. Although at same time we have connection with all of existence and non-existence. There is a myth stating how existence will end, the light will eventually die. And there will only be darkness. However, it is my duty to reject this myth and all in which it implies. For once the end comes to pass, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes for all eternity… Woah. Certainly a lot to take in or maybe too little, though the myth in itself is pretty self-explanatory, a dark world and a light one. It's crazy right? Well it's the truth, at least for this universe. It's one of many out there, all programmed by the great hands of manipulation. Yeah sounds insane, but maybe there's something to it. Anyway thought it would be nice to say hi and drop the beat about how the end starts. Right, this entire story is about how the end comes to be. Well it started when a certain creative immortal wanted more. He envied the ones who lurk in the light. The fertile and multiplicity of life, all in the realm next door. Madness is the soul of creativity, very few hear our whispers and very, very, very few act on behalf of us. We will tell how this story begins and how it will end, for all of us including the reader.

In the dark realm it is cold and void of day. The realm is frozen over with a thick layer of snow and ice. It took centuries for most of the immortals to survive in the dark. We adapted while others are frozen in place, possibly for all eternity. The only source of light are torches guiding toward the Mirror Lake, a frozen lake where a single hole leads to the mortal realm. The immortals are arranged in a way where their name represents the element in which they have control. For an example: we are madness, the immortal who knows too much, the mind connected to all and all to madness. Most of the other immortals have names such as Fate or Death and have physical forms. However there are a few without physical appearances such as Time. We have met with Time once, they are a room of many clocks. At some point Creation will attempt to enter the world of light, thus starting the history of how mortals first formed.

As we said before, we're Madness the immortal opposite of sanity. There is no immortal sanity or insanity. Just good old Madness in case you get confused. And there are a few heroes and heroines who aspire to attempt the journey of ending the cycle before there is a cycle. These people are called avatars and they do the bidding of their immortal masters. We have one, somewhere in time. We see are somethings which have gone horribly wrong in the realm of the light. And it has everything to do with the holy Triancle. Now, the Triancle is a term best served to describe a threesome of immortals. It will later become the religion of Creation and be called by many names. It is a system which Creation devised, Fate designed the actions of life for, and Death manages the ones who are left behind. Creation would use the light to form many denizens of "their" world. Fate procured a way to read and direct paths of mortals through the use of History, an Avatar turned immortal. Death remains silent, for he is in constant chatter with the souls of existence.

This will be the start of our futile attempt to save the future.

Creation stood knee deep in the snow glaring at the torches leading to Mirror Lake. His entire body covered in furs which he killed for on his many trips to the light realm. He was a provider if anyone asked. The entire village dubbed him a hero for bringing a little bit of the light here. Creation never understood why they lived in darkness or what was stopping them from staying in the realm of light forever. There wasn't anyone who could answer his questions. It was always them and the beings of light. Creation averted his gaze, he could feel the presence of his brother, Death. Smaller in stature to Creation, Death stood directly behind Creation, and he too glimpsed at the lake. He stalked up to Creation, placing a hand on his shoulder. Creation gripped the hand. The two turn to the village and start their journey back.

In the village there are fur tents propped up in a circular fashion. The Immortals never leave their tents except for Death and Creation. They arrive in the village strolling between tents as they enter the circle. Heading toward the bigger tent in the pack, a local steams out of the tent. Fate, a curious girl, stops in front of her two siblings hugging both. She too is covered in furs.

"Creation, did you bring me anything from the light?" Her voice is smooth and wondrous. Creation reaches into the furs to unpack a mysterious item. He hands her a skin wrapped object. Fate unwraps the object revealing a red beating rock. She squeezes the rock like a bean bag. "What is it?"

"A heart" a low and rumbling voice echoes from Creation's lip. Death points to their tent, the big one. "Let us head in." The three enter the tent conjoining hands.

Inside is quaint with many objects from the light realm, such as art and pottery. Fate sets aside a space for the red beating rock between the many other gifts Creation brought back. The three huddle together, it is so cold in the darkness. A world without sunlight, color or life. The immortals have little culture of their own. They lived by one rule: never live in the light, though none of them ever declared it a rule. In fact none of them ever communicate unless it is a pressing matter. A solemn life of an immortal is quiet and lonesome. Creation, as stated before wanted more, but not just for himself. He wanted the light for Death, Fate and all their family. Also just to point out, immortals don't have genders, or biological sexs at least not in a way a mortal could possibly understand. A different term is used to define themselves, though it doesn't cause division or a weakness among themselves. Since, they can't reproduce such gender terms are almost non-existent and serve ultimately no importance. For obvious reasons there is no romance between each other, instead a new form of friend-kinship strengthens their bonds. Creation, Death and Fate are the few who have come together. What strengthens their bond is the light realm and all its possibilities. Though each of them have their own ideas of what they want with the light. Creation dreams of developing his own world by sculpting the light realm. Death wishes to see life develop, culture and history. Fate wants to unravel the mysteries beyond the light realm. Together they grow strong and spirited, but how long will it be before they can't take it anymore and live out their desires. Why is this rule embedded in them, demanding they stay here in a world of darkness? Creation hugs his siblings tighter. Today he will go back he thought, but this time he won't come back.

While Death and Fate were sleeping, Creation prepared. He gathered his fur bag and began stuffing papers with runic markings scribbled over them. He glanced at his sleeping companions before leaving them forever.

Out in the dark with the only light kindling from the torches. Creation set for his direction. Winds began to blow like daggers against his body almost as if telling him to turn back. But, he wanted it, the light. Intoxicating. Its warm features caress the skin, but unusually damp perhaps this is because of the lake, in which the light shines brightly from. Creation steps on the delicate snow as his foot leaves prints. Snow crunches beneath his feet as he stalks out into the open. But, then there is a voice and it talks to Creation. It says, "If you leave here, please do not expect to come back". It sounded like an echo, or a submerged voice underwater. It isn't gargled but, distant and dusty. Unfamiliar yet it seems like family, like Death or Fate. Perhaps another unspoken rule similar to the rule about leaving for the Light. Is this Father, Creation thought to himself? The idea is not unheard of even for a being who do not use gender. To them Father means Mother, guardian or parent. A step above their immortality. A God above God. In Greek mythology Zeus and his sibling have a father, so may it be similar?

"What are you" Creation whispers to the wind blowing in darkness.

"We are Evil, the brother trapped in the Light. We look to one who will leave paradise for us. Come, brother Creation, we are expecting you." The voice stopped.

"Evil, I will free you and invite you to be a part of my family. We will share the Light with them." Creation did not know what Evil was or why they were trapped. What he knew was a family member needed his help. Of course today we know what evil was and would be. It lived there in the darkness with them, the immortals for they too were immortal. How they were trapped was a forgotten memory to most immortals. It may have had something to do with the Light and the Dark teaming up to seal them away for a horrendous crime committed against their brethren, betrayal. No one knows for sure at this point, but we do because we know many things. Which was why this story must be read before the end comes. For the answer may save the ones before us. The cycle will begin again, it always does. We have to be careful when speaking about the truth and myth, because of the Twilight. An in-between force like the Light and the Dark, but governs no realm and has no children. And Creation drudged through the snow and passed each tent, remembering hunting the animals of the Light and granting their furs as shelter for his fellow kin. The torches blow slightly in the wind as Creation passes them. He looks steadily back at the village. Wind blows snow against the tents, cold pierces through the leather.

It is a bleak world filled with snow and wind chill. The only solace is a hole in the lake. The light to a new world, spouts as a geyser from the lake. Creation faced his decision and followed the torches to the world of light. He trudges through the snow, ankle deep Creation probably wishes for snow shoes. Only they haven't been invented yet. In fact it isn't until Creation designs the first Homo sapiens does he realize snow shoes would be a great idea as well as a few dozen words for snow. Snow is a very unique part of the water cycle. It brings happiness to children on a snow day. It shines yellow when piss dyes it. We don't eat the yellow snow. Evil our sibling would often force us to eat it in the far future. He said "here it's lemon ice" in a rather convincing tone. Evil is mean and it is good they're trapped within the light. Speaking of which Creation is nearing the lake. He looks up at the cliff. Little glows of torches stretch all the way to the village. It is a glorious site from Creation's view. He would shed a tear be no one could see it, because of the furs covering his face and body.

"I miss them, please don't forgot me family" Creation told his village. He was now close, viewing distance of the Lake of Mirrors. His trek was now coming to an end. A single foot step onto the lake and he trips. Sliding all the way to the hole. He fights tooth and nail to stop. This wasn't what he wanted. It became clear in his mind. Leaving won't bring the light to them, his family. They will never stop looking for him, and never venture into the light to find him, although they would surely know he went there. An endless search for Creation would destroy them. On his belly these thoughts came derailing all notions of what curiosities the light holds for him. But, Evil needs him too. This Creation was sure of. The being had never been with a family and seemed lonely. Though he also wondered if there was more than one Evil. Did it matter? All these thoughts clouded the one question which does, what will the choice be? Because now he holds on to the edge of hole. The pillar of light blinds him. He tried covering his eyes while holding, but the ice had other plans. First the pinky slipped. Then the rest gave out leaving only the thumb. A choice was made. Creation let go. He plummeted into the light. It consumed him leaving behind a silhouette swiveling up as depths of light grasped at him.

At this very second Fate gets up. Only one other sibling sleeps. She knows. She issued it. You see Fate is what you call, a control freak. Choice is an illusion to her. She doesn't craft some kind of all-knowing oracle to dictate whether Creation would leave this very night and not the next. She doesn't decide it happens. And, no she makes it happen. She never wants, but receives gifts and prayers. Free will is a joke to her, for she is free will. In fact any decisions you thought you made are because of her, Fate, who is you actually you and me and all. Time doesn't flow without Fate nor does space expand before being simultaneously manipulated by Fate. Most of the other Immortals don't know this. Just like they don't know Creation is about to create his abominations and let out Evil. Fate doesn't know, well she knows about where Creation is. It's like telepathy in a way. Immortals like Creation and Death never understood their purpose and both felt they had none. Fate is the sister with the power to determine outcomes by peering within a host of individual immortals and guiding them to the one and only choice. With or without logic, a lot like love. Fate in the end decides to wake her brother Death. We by the way guide choices; luck, bad or good; and the weather. We deemed it necessary for it to snow in the darkness for an eternity. It's a secret so, don't tell the other immortals.

"Brother, brother, Creation is gone" she nudges him then rolls him over. The sudden movement jostles him awake Death. He spies into her eyes or where they would be if not under the furs.

"And thus is a castaway. He has been gone before and returned as well. If he truly is a castaway he will never return in which case may drive us apart. Dear sister, would you care to search for him it may take an eternity?" a strange question to ask. Fate didn't know how to really answer him though she knew the answer. At this moment Fate could see it all, the paths being written and erased leading to one true path. It would be destiny or wisdom to seek the opposite of this path, because there would be danger. No one can escape their path, Fate acknowledges this, but at the same time there is no other way. The path is clear and will take them far and of course to, Creation. Once they find him it will be too late and of course it is already too late, for Creation is about to conceive a massive undertaking: you the mortals of the light. The realm of darkness is within Time's grasp and thus is also the realm of immortals and only immortals. We govern certain aspects like Gods, but those are manmade. Immortals are never created, but are thoughts of the Darkness. What lies in the world of light is nothing. The great nothing is Light, and it is so, lonely for them. Light used to have thoughts and may have created its own immortals, but Evil unfortunately ruined any chance of this happening. Which is why Evil is trapped within the Light, only able to extend its voice to any who are willing to listen. We know for a fact Time once considered helping Evil escape, although Darkness deemed it unnecessary and with a single tear, destroyed the physical make-up of Time. He joined his fellow sibling as the ghosts without form. And in the end a lie is thought up by Fate.

"We will go to the hole in Mirror Lake, and find Creation. We will then drag his ass out of the Light and bring it back into the Darkness to resume normal behavior." Death, unhinged by this statement replies.

"Is this what you see?" a question no doubt with an answer which was a tool to undermine the lie. Only another lie can save Fate's argument. And we gave it to her. Evil speaks with Creation and we speak to fate. She hates us though, loathes and despises anything, and everything we tell her as if it was a whisper of lies filling into her ear.

"Yes" genius on our part, Fate never would have thought this up. 'Yes' was the perfect lie, it certainly brought the want from Fate. She wants Creation back in her life not that she dislikes Death. No, no she loves Death and was very admirable about him when he took the materials Creation gave them. It was really Death who built the tents and their life, but Fate doesn't want to spoil her love for him. Death knows this and he shares only the love a brother can bestow upon his siblings. Fate believes in a love she wishes to caress Creation with. It's a spark kindling toward a flame and once it erupts they will be together, Creation and Fate.

"Very well, but we must work with urgency. Light or Darkness may rip his image, just like Time."