The words spill onto the screen like red paint on white carpet.

Bleeding from her soul on dark nights.

The light from the screen reflects off her tear streaked cheeks.

No one is there to see them shine.

She is trapped in a prison of white walls and black chairs.

The jailer is her own fear.

There is a door right behind her, its not even locked.

But she wont step towards it.

She knows there is a better world awaiting behind the door.

She reads about it everyday.

Still she is too afraid, weighed down by her own reluctance.

She could be great, she knows it.

She holds herself back, to afraid of failure to succeed.

Her heart is like a broken mirror.

She does nothing as the pieces slowly fall to the floor.

There is a boy, sometimes a man.

He was like her, but now he wants out, he wants to be better.

So he fights.

He fights his own reluctance, his own fear, fights to be free of the prison.

She is proud of him.

She is scared he will find his strength and leave her behind.

Scared she wont find her own.

He tries to catch her broken mirror heart and put it back together.

She wants to help, she doesn't know how.

She is making it harder for him, extra weight on his already heavily burdened shoulders.

He tries to take her from the prison.

She hides in a corner and cries, she is too afraid to leave.

He leaves without her.

She stays up late into the night falls asleep with tear tracks on her face as the sun rises.

He comes back for awhile.

She is so happy to see him, it like a breath of fresh air and she is alive again.

Then he is gone again.

Again, and again. His time away grows and his time with her wanes.

She fears each time he will not return.

Everyday she tells herself she need to fight, but she just keeps hiding.

She doesn't know what to do.

So she types away, spilling more red paint on the white carpet.