I used to think there were ghosts in the walls.

Shh, they're listening!

Monsters hiding in my closet.

Quite, they can here you!

Demons under my bed.

Stop, they can see you!

They taught me to fear to be myself.

Hide yourself away my dear.

That the monsters weren't just in scary dreams.

There always watching!

That the real demons were people.

Did you here the news!?

I saw first hand their cruelty.

Don't cry dear, they're just bullies.

So I hid away from the world.

They cant hurt you if they don't see you.

Then I met a man.

His eyes said I was beautiful.

Who could see behind my walls.

He loved me with his smile.

The nicest person I knew.

He showed he cared with his fingers.

With hugs warmer then a bear's.

He stole my heart, but gave me his.

I sang the song of my soul.

And he listened.

I danced to the song of my heartbeat.

And he watched.

I told him my deepest secrets.

And he accepted me.

He is my angel.

He is not ashamed to be himself.

He is not quiet.

He is not afraid to show the world.

He does not hide.

He is selfless.

He is kind.

He is not perfect.

But he is mine.

And I am his.