On a hill a ways away from what appeared to be a red mansion, a young lady in her teens could be seen sitting on the top, leaning against a tall evergreen tree. She stared wistfully at the sunset. If one were to look at the expression on her face, it could only be the look of a woman who had experienced the scorn of someone far beyond her years. This young girl, Su Qingcheng of the Su clan, could actually be said to not be of this world. Originally, this Su Qingcheng was from the modern time of Earth. However, she was stabbed to death by her lover of many years who betrayed her due to coveting the riches that Qingcheng had acquired as a result of her books.

That's right; Su Qingcheng in her past life was originally a well-known author. However, she found herself in a new body in a rather mysterious fantasy world much like the stories she enjoyed writing. However, Qingcheng did not enjoy it that much to her shock and dismay. In this world, magic was incredibly rare. People relied on a type of energy called 'Tianqi' which allowed them to make use of geomancy and similar types of mystic techniques. It could be said that every single person in this Liandou continent could make use of Tianqi to some extent. This determined their worth in life.

Qingcheng was originally destined for greatness, but at the age of 10, Qingcheng got into an accident that would seemingly change her life for the worse, which caused her inner body to be irreparably broken. Four years later, the scene of a young lady who could only lament her broken Tianqi channels could be seen today. Fingering the necklace given to her by her mother Su Ran, Qingcheng could only sigh. She was lucky that she retained all the knowledge of her past life, thus enabling her to survive up to this long without being doomed to mediocrity. Swearing she would find a way to reverse her misfortune, Qingcheng spent the past four years poring over ancient books and records on how to repair broken Tianqi channels. These Tianqi channels acted like the meridians and spirit channels of similar stories that Qingcheng loved to read and write about in her past life.

As a result, she really didn't know whether to laugh or cry about being subjected to such a cruelty. As she looked up at the tree she leaned against, Qingcheng felt a deep shame, as she felt like she had disappointed her new parents, being forced to endure humiliation by her fellow clan brothers and sisters who now surpassed her in talent and power. Clenching a fist, Qingcheng stood up and prepared to return home, but soon felt the wind suddenly intensify and wash over her. Looking around, Qingcheng attempted to use her spiritual senses to see if anyone wanted to attack a weakling like her, but upon discovering that it seemed to be nothing, she sighed and kept moving down the hill. However, the wind only continued to intensify up to a point where Qingcheng's long black hair began to billow fiercely. She soon felt a heaty sensation rising in her neck region, and looked down to find her necklace had gone hot, it was glowing a dark purple. Blinking, she looked around before she felt a ghostly presence wrap her arms around her.

Standing still, Qingcheng felt afraid, very afraid. Was a ghost haunting her? What kind of unlucky situation was this? Her body was already crippled, and now the necklace her mother gave her was also haunted? Again, Qingcheng found herself at a loss whether to laugh or cry. However, a voice reverberated in her mind as it felt like it came from her own heart. Do not be afraid, child, I know you have suffered a lot. But walking with your head high despite your broken body, it has allowed the Heavens to take pity on you. Qingcheng's brows furrowed as she stood perfectly still. She dared not to turn around.

However, one could definitely see the outline of a goddess embracing the body of Qingcheng. Though this figure could definitely be considered as a top beauty of the world, she was still a spirit, a ghost. The spirit kept her embrace around Qingcheng, though the young girl remained stationary. All she did was gulp saliva nervously. You have held back tears and endured humiliation, yet you show tenacity and ferocity even beyond young men of your age. I had awoken from my slumber, sealed within the necklace given to you by your mother.

"You still haven't explained to me what you are or what you plan to do to me." Qingcheng sighed, finally deciding to speak. Her voice was not exactly hostile, but it definitely wasn't kind either. She was masking her nerves with defiance.

Don't be afraid. You can call me Yao Meiyue. The voice continued to ring in Qingcheng's mind. The more she listened to it, the more she got used to it and soon quickly grew comfortable listening to this spirit's soft voice. It did remind her of mother in a way. I know your Tianqi paths are damaged. It may seem hopeless, but I can help you. You just need to listen to me. Do not despair.

Qingcheng sighed. She soon remembered that precisely one year from this day, she would be forced to marry a guy from another powerful clan that was in no way weaker than Qingcheng's own Su clan. This guy was known as Xiao Tie, however Qingcheng had no interest in men. Even her past lover who backstabbed her back on Earth was a woman. Thus Qingcheng was vehemently opposed to this arranged marriage, foisted upon her when she was a victim of that fateful accident four years ago. The spirit named Yao Meiyue spoke cryptically but at this point Qingcheng surmised that she had no choice but to embark on the path of this fairy-tale like story and listen to the ghost. Qingcheng found it too surreal but she really didn't want to be subjected to the humiliation of a fall from grace, even being forced to marry this Xiao Tie, who was often ridiculed by Qingcheng's sisters to be a lecher.

"Then, Meiyue, would you become my teacher? How can you help me?" Qingcheng lamented.

Trust me, I am in no way weaker than those Tianqi Emperors that your grandparents hold in high regards, even as a spirit. Qingcheng listened intently. It should be said that in Liandou continent, the levels of power could be divided into stratums. Each individual stratum was then split into five sub-strata or ranks, where people could promote to the next higher stratum by breaking past the fifth rank. Tianqi Emperors could be said to be a godlike existence only below that of Tianqi Gods. From this, it should be inferred that even as a ghost, Yao Meiyue could rival those terrifying fellows.

Qingcheng involuntarily started sweating when she could feel the pure tianqi energy radiating from the ghost who was no longer hugging her but simply just floating behind her. Originally, Qingcheng at the age of ten was in the fifth rank of Tianqi User which was the lowest stratum, but since the accident, she was demoted to second rank only, unable to regain her former glory. You should trust me. I wouldn't dare to do any extra harm to you. After all, it would simply be too shameful for a higher existence to care about eliminating a cripple.

Qingcheng felt daggers pierce her heart when Meiyue said those words, even if it was true. She recalled being close to breaking through to the next stratum which was a Tianqi Geomancer, but due to the accident she lost all her progress. Having nothing more to lose, she steeled her will and found herself accepting the ghost's generosity. Clearly, if this ghost knew so much about Qingcheng and was even coming out from the necklace given to her by Su Ran, Qingcheng could only hope that Meiyue really had a close connection to her parents when she was still alive.

You are a good girl. Do not worry. Within one year I will help you recover your strength and become strong once again. You wouldn't need to give a fart about a fool like that Xiao Tie or his Xiao clan. You really deserve better than this misfortune. Meiyue continued speaking through Qingcheng's mind. Soon, the spirit realized that Qingcheng must have an incredibly high aptitude for spiritual sense to be able to carry a conversation with her for this long. Soon, Meiyue retreated back into the necklace of Qingcheng, though she continued to speak.

Girl, you better head back. That Xiao Tie is coming to see you. I think you better prepare some words for him.

Qingcheng swallowed her saliva. She decided then to take matters into her own hands by taking a gamble. If Meiyue could really help her conquer this adversity, then Qingcheng felt confident she could make big strides once again, and it would really have made withstanding such humiliation worth a lot.

"Little Xiao clan brat," Qingcheng sighed. "Just because I have damaged Tianqi paths now, doesn't mean I should submit to you one year from now. I will be the one to forge my own destiny."

She promised this to herself as she returned back to the Su clan home.