Like most kids in the class, Corey was aware of Testa more for her name than anything else.

"Will we be testa on that?" Was the running joke in any class Testa was in.

Testa had a good head on her shoulders and she was a good sport too, especially when it came to her name.

"I passed the testa," was one of her favorites and Corey appreciated her willingness to poke fun at herself.

Corey liked the way Testa looked. She was as tall as most of the guys in the class, with shoulder length brown hair that she often chewed the ends of while sitting at her desk. Her voice was soft and it sounded like music to him. They were friendly as classmates but Corey mostly admired her from afar.

One day, in Ms. Wilson's Algebra class, Corey went to the electric pencil sharpener on the wide window sill and as he stood with the pencil inserted in the sharpener, he stared out the window. It was raining and he saw Testa dashing across the front of the schoolyard, her hair glued to the side of her face, her head tilted as she ran. Corey smiled at the sight – quite certain it was the sexiest image he had ever seen.

It was that impression of Testa that remained in Corey's mind, flashing through his thoughts constantly over the next few days. He adored the way she held her books over her head while running through the rain, her skirt floating beneath her, her blouse just wet enough to accent the shape of her upper torso. He never said a word about it but whenever he saw Testa after that fateful day he thought about her in a whole new way.

The funny thing was – it wasn't even supposed to rain that day. Testa had literally been caught in an Act of God and Corey had been allowed to see the image of an angel running through Mother Nature's elements.

A while later, some jerk called in a fake bomb scare and Hillsboro High was evacuated while the Fire Department conducted a search. Corey noticed Testa sitting on the curb checking her phone and he decided it was time to let her know that he was aware that she was an Angel.

He boldly took a seat next to her.

"Did you have the spaghetti for lunch?" He asked.

Testa looked at him with an amused look, putting her hand to her mouth. "Why?" She asked. "Do I have sauce on my face?"

"No, no," Corey assured her. "I was just wondering if you liked spaghetti."

"Doesn't everybody?"

"I hope so," Corey said.

"Did you have the spaghetti?" She wanted to know.

"Every time," he revealed.

"That's good," She said.

Corey sucked in his breath, trying to think of something else to talk about to keep her interested. "You didn't call the scare in, did you?"

"I'd do anything to get out of Mr. Partel's American History class," Testa joked.

She was wearing faded washed out dungarees and a styled sweatshirt with some sort of logo on the chest but Corey didn't want to stare too much, fearing she might think he was trying to check out her breasts.

"Is that who you think called in it?" Corey asked. "Someone trying to get out of class?"

"Who knows?" Testa shrugged. "Certain people do stupid things for stupid reasons."

"I guess," Corey agreed.

"Are you doing a stupid thing for a stupid reason now?" She wanted to know.

"Huh?" Corey asked, confused.

She burst out laughing and patted his knee with her hand. "Why are you talking to me like this, Corey? What do you want?"

"I don't want anything," He blushed.

"What should we do then?" Testa asked.


"Do you want to do something?" She asked. "Together? You and me?"

"Like, hang out, you mean?" Corey asked hopefully.

"Isn't that why you're talking to me?" She asked, raising her eyebrows. "Did you want to ask me something?"

"Do you want to hang out?" He mumbled.

She laughed again. "Sure, Corey," she said with a smile. "We can hang out together."

The all clear announcement was made and Corey helped Testa to her feet.

"You sure you're ready for this?" She asked teasingly. "Have you studied for the testa?"

Corey grinned as they walked together amongst the other returning students to the side entrance to the school. "I've been ready for the testa from the moment I saw you," he said.