Warning: usage of Japanese terms, discussion about wars and confusing political stances, non-consensual drug use, usage of second person POV.

"Excuse me, senpai," a blonde girl shyly approached you, her hand tightly gripped in front of her chest, blue eyes warm with her face a little red, embarrassed. "Would you like to go out for lunch with me?"

Your eyes widen, surprised. It was unusual for the petite girl to ask out people, she was terribly shy and reserved, she usually just talk to other women in the lab. You scratched your neck, unsure. "I'll be delighted, Miss Jobston," you found yourself answering her, cheek flushed too.

She smiled warmly, making your heart flutter. How could a girl be this cute and still be badass? You had seen her protecting the 3412th division leader, as Allith was appointed as the head researcher's bodyguard. Heard all the women there were scarily beautiful yet deadly.

"Where do you want to go?" You asked hesitantly. "I know a great restaurant nearby, but—"

"Ah, I'm sorry!" Allith cut your speech, yet again a little more assertive than usual. "I make the lunch by myself," she elaborated, "I thought… maybe a picnic? I mean, the weather is nice."

"Of course!" You readily answered. Who would want to miss out this big opportunity? Allith Jobston was one of the' top 5 women you want to date' of the Headquarter after all.

The small blonde girl gave you an innocent smile as you led her towards the garden.

"Senpai," the late teen hesitantly called you as she laid out the picnic blanket down, a small smile on her round face, "would you like a chicken sandwich or a beef one?"

You blinked, amazed at her smiling face for a split seconds before painfully blurting out your choice. Why the damn woman had to be such a pretty girl? How lucky was he to be invited for lunch?

"How is… your day?" you hesitantly asked, making a small conversation. Allith's boss was infamous to be a headache, and it was another well known thing to bad mouth her was a good de-stressing strategy.

"Yuuki-sama has started another experiment," she answered with a light tone. "I am happy that I can assist her in helping the humanity."

You chuckled at her, "you don't have to be so stiff around me, Miss. Everybody knows she has failed more than succeeded. Well, some of her inventions definitely help us a lot, but her causality is also quite high."

A glint passed her eyes, but you could not really translate its meaning. You choose to ignore it, especially since Allith smiled as if she was an angel at you. "Well, that's true she has a lot of failure," she said, her expression fell a little, "but I think that's part of researching is. If you don't fail, you can't know where you are going, right?"

Well, if she wanted to praise that trouble making woman, sure, you would humor her. It was the worst kept secret that the woman was only here as a sort of hostage: to keep one of the General in line. Most probably, all her so called 'inventions' were fake and made up by the higher ups to keep those rumors off. What could a woman do anyway? They were mostly useless except for directorial stuffs.

"I see, I have never seen it from that perspective," you lied easily. "Sorry to bring up this topic, I didn't mean to upset you."

Allith gave you another smile. "Okay, senpai. By the way, do you want a drink? This is a special made tea from the Faeries Garden, I heard they are really good for your health."

"Of course! I heard this tea is very expensive. It must cost a fortune to obtain this tea, Miss Jobston."

"Oh, no, no, senpai. It is no trouble at all. I just bought it in my last assignment there," she answered quickly as she poured down the tea. "You know, senpai, I am quite new here…"

You nodded as you calmly sipped the tea. Here was the catch. Allith could asked anyone out, she was very pretty and well liked. She did not have to ask you. You could inflate your ego and think she was interested, true, but you did not get to your position by being careless.

"There are some rumors that I don't understand. I mean, being in the Guardian, I know of our vision and mission. We are here to uphold the mages' principle and to maintain the World. Our top priorities right now is to defeat the Witch, our most dangerous terrorist and one that is threatening the balance, right?"

You nodded again. Those things were told everyday as their propaganda. At the radios, stations, recruiting posters, everywhere they could grab their hands on. "That's true."

"I wonder why we have yet to go after the Latia Republic sooner? They were threatening our peace with the wars, with their need of expansion, yet we're only joining the war after they had annexed and conquered many countries," she boldly looked right to your eyes.

This time, you were the one who smiled, albeit it was a twisted one. It was true that you climbed the rank with less than savory method, but you still had a little moral to hold on. You poured more tea, having realized that you have finished a cup as Allith explained her confusion.

"Well, for one, the Guardian is a Mage group. We are the council that see and protect the World's peace. However, we can only save it from other mages that use their power for evil deeds. If we are helping with other countries with their wars, they would turn to us because they will think we are on their way. Because if we help one, we are obligated to help the other too, as a war will not end with just one. In the end we will just overwhelmed by the sheer supports we should give.

"Furthermore, we are not affiliated with a specific country. If we defend one from the other, it is still not sure if the said country will protect us. With that said, other countries will start attacking us just because, as we're stronger with mages all around the world to support us. There could be spies too, as we have mages from many countries in our ranks. All in all, it is best if we stay neutral in the political aspects of other countries," you explained, frowning a little. You started to feel a bit warm.

Allith nodded, eyes sad. "I see."

Both of them sipped their tea. "Do you want some cakes? I baked some, so hopefully you'll like them," she offered, a defeated edge filled her words.

You gladly accepted the delicacy. Still feeling sad that the girl had to look so heartbroken. Yet this was their world, nobody would be so nice to help out other people without reasons.

"So then, why we join the fray now? Because of the majority of the countries around the world asked for help?"

"No, of course no," he found himself answered. "Because the Latia Republic had the Witch amongst their midst. The new Emperor has asked the Witch to conquer the World faster, believing he will be the one who can finally unite us."

Allith blinked a few times. "Oh."

You gave her another sardonic smile. "Indeed."

She tilted her head, "So that is the reason why our division is suddenly moved to the Headquarter?"

"Well not exactly. Kirishima Yuuki is the sister of one of our General," you said, cold pooling on your stomach before it got warm again, addling your mind. Must be the food, you thought, you had ate so much that you started to feel sleepy.

"Those Joumons people were magically gifted you see, especially with people magic. Kirishima Kiyoshi is our youngest General, yet he has no inclination nor ambition to help us at all. Thus, we make some motivations to help us. If he helps our cause, we'll free his sister."

"Which cause are you talking about? We do have a few," Allith continued asking, her tone sweet as honey.

Your head was really heavy, "well… to unite the World, of course. With that to maintain the peace."

Her smile turned into a smirk. "I see. Why do you keep saying as if the World is a singularity?"

"Because it is?" confusion deep on your tone.

"Are the Guardians close in obtaining its core?"

You hummed, "I don't think so, at least. The high-ups keep saying they have to defeat the Witch because of that. As the Lady of the Century is closer than us."

Right now, your vision had started to go blurry and dark, mind so confused and sleepy. You still heard her talking though. "Ah, I used too much of the drug. Well, sleep tight senpai. You won't remember this, hopefully."

When you woke up, you felt so energized, laying down on the garden with the picnic blanket on the grass you slept on. There was a small letter held down by a small stone so that it would not fly away. You took the note.

'Thank you senpai for the wonderful afternoon. You fell asleep after eating the cake, well, me too, actually. It is very nice talking to you, it helps a lot with my confusion too. Hopefully we can have another lunch together. I am sorry I have to go, my superior asked me for a favor, so I need to go back to work. Thank you again for the lunch date! I really appreciate you gave your time for someone as new as me.

-Allith Jobston

When you finished, you looked at the clock. It was 15:37.

You missed a lot of your work, but you thought it worth it to eat and sleep together with the cutest women in the HQ.


I write this to study more of my character. Allith is such a tricky character to write, because she is so manipulative and loyal. The main story itself is not hard to categorized, as it is a mixed between Fantasy and Action, but mostly Fantasy with many races and magic. Yet one where the Earth is flat and is constantly at war not only between the races, but between the humans too. Yet for this story I was quite in dilemma as to where to put it as it not quite Romance: Allith is just using the 'you/senpai' character, yet not really Fantasy either: you don't see the other fantasy things here except for the Fae's tea that acted as a sort of truth serum/sleeping drug.

Joumons is like Japanese, sort of. They have Japanese names and language, at least. Latia is Rome, or derived from Rome.