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Chapter 1

No one's point of view

December 1st, Year X793

Three months after Lucy, Natsu, Erza, Gray, Wendy accompanied by the two Exceeds Happy and Carla sent off for a century quest, the small gang was getting back to Magnolia, a town east of Fiore where the ever so crazy and famous guild Fairy Tail was. They had fulfilled a century quest and were coming back in three months time.

That- was- a freaking record!

Gildarts Clive himself had failed and he was known as the strongest mage in the Fairy Tail guild. However, we could question that now after the war with the Empire of Alvarez. The young mages forming Fairy Tail's strongest team had gained so much power that it was now very unclear as to know who was the strongest mage of Fairy Tail. Perhaps was it Erza Scarlet, the Titania or Gray, the ice demon slayer or Natsu, the fire dragon slayer? Who knew? Even Lucy whom at her beginning as a Fairy Tail mage was pretty much useless (Sorry but it's the truth! I liked her but still she was definitely not helping! Well, until Oracion Seis… Seeing Lucy against Angel, all I could do was giggle and scream in my house. Seriously, respect Lucy.) could now kick some serious asses. Let's not even bring up Wendy and her dragon force…

Back to the story… The strongest team of the strongest guild mage through Fiore was now back home. The job was tough and sure if the trio Natsu, Gray and Erza weren't there, Wendy and Lucy would have been totally screwed. But, they had gone together, the five of them (plus the Exceeds) and they had succeeded. The prize money was unbelievable; 150,000,000 Jewels each. And guess what? There was also a certain golden key as a reward; the gate key of Aquarius, the water bearer. (I know it is a little too convenient but hey, this is still Fairy Tail we're talking about. So, definitely plausible. Plus, it makes the story easier and funnier, with Aquarius back!)

Lucy's Point of view

The mission is finally over. I am exhausted and so are my nakamas, all except for one. Indeed, right after we had finished our mission and grabbed a bite, Natsu was back to his old hyperactive self. I was looking through the train window when I looked down at the dragon slayer laying on my lap as I felt him move. 'He would probably throw a fit if he could' I thought to myself smiling. I noticed my nakamas were all fast asleep, even Wendy. She looked awfully pale but then she too was a dragon slayer.

As I had nothing to do, I played with Natsu's messy pink hair as I used to do for quite a while now. 'I hope it is not turning into a habit.' It was strange seeing Natsu in such a weakened state. It was such a difference to when he is using his magic. I have known him for years now but the fact he is still getting stronger impresses me. It is hard to try and keep up with him, Natsu is too far ahead and he is definitely not slowing down or waiting for me to catch up. It is motivating but in the same time, a little depressing. I will never be able to catch up with him no matter how much I want to. Natsu is Natsu.

He is the best friend I could hope for. Of course he is annoying invading my personal space all the time, being quite short tempered and always looking for a fight but I love him. Sadly, that was the truth. I had realized it not so long ago. I love him more than a nakama, more than a friend. I can't even say when I fell in love with him in the first place because I can't even remember a time when he didn't make my heart jump out of my chest. That's just the way it is. For once, I understand how Juvia must have been feeling all this time, being madly in love with Gray knowing he didn't love her back. Now, that had changed. Gray and her started dating right before we went on the mission. Juvia had let Gray go not even worried knowing he would come back to her. After all, she believed in her boyfriend with all her heart.

I was still playing with Natsu's hair when I heard someone yell in front of me: "Natsu, Gray, don't you dare go at it again!" I chuckled as Natsu and Grey answered in perfect synchronization. "Of course not Erza! We're only playing!" Then, they turned silent and continued sleeping as if nothing happened. I smiled at the scarlet haired mage looking so peaceful. I found it heartbreaking that even after Jellal was forgiven, the two of them couldn't be together. It was sad and unfair. But there was nothing Erza could do about it. Only Jellal could decide to be with her because he was the one refusing to. He had his motives of course but, it was really heartbreaking for them to suffer and stay apart because of it when they could be happy together. I am sure of that. Anyway, after a while, my lids dropped and I shifted to sleep.

When, I woke up, the train wasn't moving anymore. That meant we had arrived. I jumped off excitement at the idea of returning to the guild and seeing all of my nakamas. 'I can'twaitto see Levy!' She must have quite the belly now! Then, I hear a loud thud and looked down to where it was coming from. Natsu had landed face first on the ground. 'Oops!' He growled. "Geez Luce! What was that for?" I smiled apologetically. "Sorry Natsu. I was just happy to be back I forgot you were still on my lap." He scratched his head and grinned. "No problem." Then I heard a voice chuckling which sounded very much like Happy's. "Natsu liiikess Lucyy!" I blushed a couple shades of red.

Afterwards, the seven of us got our luggage and headed straight to the guild. Once the building was in sight, I couldn't help but rush to the doors. Yes, I had missed my guild and my nakamas that much. Gray, Erza, Natsu and Happy had outrun me while Carla and Wendy were slightly behind running at a slower pace. Then, we pushed the doors open. Our nakamas stared as in shock and then ran to us. Having all of them come at us at once was overwhelming but I was incredibly happy. Suddenly, the noise stopped as everyone was now looking at Gray and Juvia kissing.

I had forgotten Gray had only told the gang about it and that the rest of the guild ignored it completely. Suddenly, they all cheered as Cana grabbed another barrel and congratulated the new couple shouting the loudest over all the noise. I think I saw a few guild members growl and hand her money. It made me smile. Then, I went towards the bar and asked Mirajane where Levy was. Mira told me she was resting at home. She winked at me as she said Levy would probably be here tomorrow for breakfast. It wasn't surprising that Levy wouldn't be at the guild all day seeing she was pregnant and- our guild isn't exactly the most resting place in the world.

After a while, I decided to go back to my apartment, unpack and take a bath. I definitely needed a bath. As I arrived, I put my luggage on my bed and started unpacking slowly. Then I grabbed a change of clothes and went to the bathroom. After being on a train and not being able to sleep much, a bath felt like heaven. When I returned to my bedroom, I was tempted to take a nap but then my gaze fell upon my gate keys and to be more precise, the new key I had acquired: Aquarius's. The memory of reforming the pact with my oldest friend slowly came back to me. The reunion with my celestial spirit had definitely left me- speechless. It wasn't as if I was expecting anything but at the very least I thought Aquarius would tear up, even a little bit. Of course, it didn't happen like that at all!

After I had invoked her, Aquarius had glared at me. "You took quite your time, didn't you!" She made me shiver. Aquarius could be very scary when she wanted to and she definitely beat the crap out of me then. She continued. "-And! You interrupted me on my date! How dare you?!" I had mumbled an apology which of course she didn't even listen to. Then, I couldn't hold it, I started crying and hugged a stunned Aquarius. At first she hugged me back awkwardly bu that didn't last long. The next second or so, Aquarius had taken out her whip and glared at me again. "Don't you ever lose my key again, got it?!" That is when she disappeared and I knew it was her own way of saying she had missed me.

I had expected a warmer reunion but I was glad Aquarius was back and that she hadn't changed. Anyway, I put my keys on my desk, looked at the time and sighted. It was six in the afternoon. I should probably wait until having dinner but I was too tired so I went to sleep immediately. 'Skipping dinner's not a big deal.' Then, I drifted to sleep.

Suddenly, I woke up hearing a banging. I sat up and saw Natsu outside. I opened my window and as he crawled his way into my room followed by a flying blue cat, I asked him why he'd come. "Don't have a particular reason. Why?" I chuckled. " You do realize you're spending more time in my apartment than at your own house, don't you?" He tilted his head. "Do I?" He was incredible. Sometimes, I really wonder how I fell for someone so oblivious. I smiled kindly. "Natsu, when was the last time you slept at your house? " He frowned. "I don't know Lucy. " I laughed seeing his face actually trying to remember. That was quite a sight. " Let me ask you this Natsu, why do you always come here?" Natsu seemed confused. "Duh! It's cause you're here Luce!" I sighted in disbelief. "That doesn't explain why you're always in my apartment. We can see each other at the guild." He scratched his head obviously thinking. "It just doesn't feel right without you Luce. We're partners." Then, Happy landed next to Natsu and agreed. "Aye!" 'That was really sweet.' I smiled at them devilishly. "That's very nice... You can sleep on the ground!"

They looked at me shocked while I lay back down under my blanket. After a few seconds in the most awkard silence, I couldn't hold it anymore and burst out laughing. A grin spread from my ear to my other ear. "Just kidding!" Natsu and Happy sighted with relief. Happy curled himself against my chest as Natsu slid himself under the covers putting his hand on my waist. You probably wonder how I could fall asleep with him being so close... Especially when I am in love with him… Well, I am used to it. Natsu would do that almost every time he came to see me; sneaking in my bed that is. And so, with the exceed and the dragon slayer snoring next to me, I slowly followed their lead and dozed of.

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