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Chapter 2

No one's point of view

It was already morning when Natsu stirred. Lucy and Happy were both fast asleep as he tried to sit up and stretch. Tried as in he couldn't actually do it because somehow, Lucy had ended up on his chest. Natsu looked at the blonde sleep peacefully as he lay back on the bed trying his best not to wake her. He noticed strands of Lucy's golden hair were covering her face and swept them aside carefully as he kept his eyes on the celestial mage.

Natsu's point of view

'I could look at her all day sleeping like that. She's so cute.' I frowned. 'Did I just think she was cute? What's wrong with me?' I looked at Lucy intensely as if i'd get an answer. I shook my head trying to get rid of my thoughts but it was true that she was cute when she slept. 'She's also cute when she's mad at me and do that infamous Lucy kick of hers.' I banged my head on my fist. 'Hell! What in hell am I thinking?' Ever since the war with Alvarez I've been thinking things like that. 'What is wrong with me?' It was giving me a splitting headache to keep thinking about that all the time. I was not used to thinking that much and I don't like to be thinking that much! "Urgh!" I grumbled frustrated. Then, I felt something move on my chest and as I looked down, our eyes met.

Lucy blushed furiously as she sat up, waking Happy by doing so. 'So cute!' I frowned and slapped myself in the face. Lucy looked at me concerned. "Are you okay?" I grinned as best as I could. "I'm fine!" Lucy didn't drop her gaze and seemed even more concerned. She sighted obviously not buying what I said. 'She knows me too well.' Suddenly, I felt something on my head and didn't bother look up as Happy rolled his tongue and smiled too widely. "Natsu and Lucy lliiike each other!" Both Lucy and I yelled in unison. "Shut up Happy!" I turned towards the blond and saw she was as red as Erza's scarlet hair. I couldn't help but smile. 'Why am I grinning like an idiot? Oh- That's right, it's cause Luce's so cute when she's embarrassed!' I froze. 'Did I just think she was cute, again?'

Lucy didn't leave me time to answer though as she went to her closet, took her clothes and went to change in her bathroom. Then, she handed me one of my T-shirt, shorts and underwear. I looked at her quizzically. "Why do you have my clothes?" She sighted. "You spend more than half your time here and sometimes you leave stuff. It is as to believe half of the things in your house are here." It looked like Lucy didn't like that much as she was frowning and told me to get changed quickly. Now, that I think about it… She's been incredibly fast at dressing up which is unlike her. When I returned to the living room where she was waiting for me, it seemed like she was unusually excited. "What's the matter Luce? You look excited." She grinned. "It has been three months since I last saw Levy! I can't wait to see her!"Of course, the script mage was her best friend and she wasn't there yesterday. Perhaps she was on a mission with Gajeel, I don't remember seeing him either.

Anyway, Lucy, Happy and I went to the guild for breakfast. I had missed Mira's cooking! She was one of the best cook I knew and my stomach hadn't forgotten that fact. While I settled at our usual spot and ordered breakfast for the three of us, Lucy was looking around for the blue haired mage while Happy went straight for Wendy and Carla's table. When Lucy spot Levy, her eyes lit up as if it was her birthday and ran to her best friend. I went after her but then I noticed a weird sent coming from where Levy was and when I looked at the mage I saw her belly had gotten bigger, unnaturally bigger. She must have been eating a lot seeing the size of her belly considering Levy's rather skinny. As we approached, Lucy went to hug her friend as tears ran down her cheeks. 'Wait- Why is she crying? Oh- Right. It has been three months she hasn't seen her best friend.' I sighted, relieved. Then, my attention returned to the blue haired mage and blurted."Levy, what happened to you? Your belly's mega huge!"

Suddenly, Levy started crying and out of nowhere Gajeel appeared next to her, hugged her and consoled her. That was way outta character, even I knew that. There was something weird going on. And out of the bloom, Lucy punched me and I landed face first into the ground. I got back on my feet and what I saw scared the shit out of me. Lucy was surrounded by a dark aura and from the looks of it, she was very angry. I had rarely seen her like that but it was even more terrifying than an angry Erza. Lucy glared at me, caught my shirt and slapped me a couple of times before yelling at my face so loudly I was sure everyone in Magnolia had heard her. "NATSU! ARE YOU DENSE ARE WHAT?! LEVY'S PREGNANT, BAKA!" Then, she turned towards her best friend and apologized to her for the scene she had witnessed. Levy looked at her for a while and then burst out laughing soon followed by the iron dragon slayer. It wasn't long before the hilarity touched the whole guild and probably, the whole town.

It was the first time in my life I wanted to run and hide of embarrassed but Lucy hadn't quite calmed down yet so I assumed running away now would make her reach her limits and perhaps would she even try to kill me. Igneel had told me something about that one time. "A dragon's fury is not something you want to experience; the blood lust, the urge for revenge. But son, what you seriously don't want to experience is your mate's fury. A dragon can be dangerous enough when angered but a mate's dragon- and especially when angry towards her mate- It is ten time worse." The memory made me shudder. Then, it stroke me. 'Did I just think as if Lucy was my mate? I think I did! Dear Mavis! There is something very wrong with me if I am looking at my partner this way!' I was so absorbed in my trail of thoughts I didn't notice when someone patted me on the shoulder, hard."Yo Salamander! What are ya thinking about?" "Nothing." I lied. "Gihi. I know you're not the thinking type. So, what exactly is on your mind?"

He looked at me amused with his garnet eyes as I kept silent. "I bet it's the cheerleader." I glared. "She's not a cheerleader." He grinned. "I know that. But what exactly were you thinking about her anyways? You looked confused." I growled back. "I did not!" He stated."But you were thinking about her." This was leading us nowhere. 'Why does he even care?' Then, Gajeel stated something else that made me jump. "You realized your feelings for her." "What?!" I half yelled, half whispered caught by surprise. He frowned. "You didn't? Salamander, you sure are slow." Now, it was my turn to frown. "What do you mean?" Gajeel scratched his head. "I am not supposed to say this but seeing you're a huge moron I don't think it's gonna change a thing whether I do or not." He sighted. "You love Lucy."I tilted my head. "Of course I do. She's my partner." Gajeel slapped himself. "You're an even bigger moron than I thought. Just forget what I said."

Then, he returned to Levy's side as Lucy grabbed my arm and lead me towards our spot. Food had been served and thankfully it hadn't got cold yet. As we ate, I noticed Lucy was still a little mad at me. "Why are you still upset?" Her eyes shot me a murderous look which made me gulp. "Natsu, being clueless is part of you but I wonder if you're even making an effort to understand sometimes. You can't say things concerning a girl's weight. It is vexing. Plus, how did you not figure out Levy was pregnant. That's just sad and what's more, she's oversensitive right now. Mood swings, nausea… It's really hard to be pregnant without you making comments like that." I did not know any of that. But then, I don't know much about such things. Anyway, after that, Lucy went to hang out with girls of the guild while I went to the bar and ordered a drink. As I drank, I let my thoughts run wild and what was mostly on my mind was Gajeel's comment; "You love Lucy." It feels like there is something I missed. I really don't know why it got to me like that. Nothing Gajeel tells me ever sticks to my mind to the point I just want to punch me outta my misery. Actually, nothing ever gets to me that much, Gajeel or no Gajeel.

Suddenly, I heard someone growl at me. "Would you shut up!" I turned my head and my eyes met Cobra's. 'Though I don't know if I can say that seeing he only has one eye.' He hissed. "Natsu, I can hear you, remember?" Actually, I had forgotten that. Then, it stroke me. What in hell was he doing here? "I'm waiting for Kinana's shift to end." 'Why?' Cobra frowned. "It's not any of your business but she's my girlfriend." "What?!" I blurted out louder than I had anticipated earning myself the curious eyes of my nakamas. Cobra chuckled. "Gajeel's right. You are a huge moron. By the way, my name's Erik, not Cobra." I didn't know about that either. Cobra-Erik laughed. "Do you want me to tell you what Gajeel meant." I tilted my head. "You know?" Cobra-Erik sighted. "Everyone here except you and your blondie knows. It is no secret." Curious now, I asked. "So, what is it?" Erik sighted once more. "Even if I tell you, you won't get it. Gajeel is right, you're a moron. I really don't know how I ever lost to an idiot like you." I yelled provoked. "Hey!" He rose his hand and interrupted me. "Natsu, I'll keep it as simple as I can, okay?"

I nodded and let him continue, my curiousity winning over my anger. "Love is something very complicated. There are different types of it." He lost me there. Erik sighted. "It's just like quests." 'Oh- I can understand that!' then, Erik continued. "The simplest kind of love is the affection you have towards just about anyone, like a stranger per example. It's like when you are hired for a quest that demands you working part time in a restaurant." I could understand that analogy, it made sense. "Then, there is the love you have for your friends which would be like an S or SS quest. The reward is higher because it is more difficult. After that comes family, the ten years quest." Seeing where he was going, I asked. "What about century quest?" He smiled obviously relieved that I was keeping up. 'Why? I am not stupid!' He chuckled. "You are." I was about to punch him but then Kinana had somehow gotten next to him putting her hand on his elbow. Erik's expression immediately changed, his face brightening up. Kinana looked from Erik to me and vice versa obviously wondering what we were talking about. Erik took her hand and told her he was nearly done and so he finished. "The century quest would be like the love you have for your lover. It is as far as you can go when it concerns how difficult and worth while that love is. But there won't be anyone you will love more than your lover, no one." I don't see what it has to do with what Gajeek said.

He stood up and muttered. "Urgh!I can't believe I am giving you love advice. Natsu, how much do you love Lucy? How significant is she to you? Family or lover?" I blushed not even knowing why as I stuttered. "She's a my nakama, my best friend." He took Kinanna's hand and whispered knowing only I would hear. "Natsu, your guild has such strong bonds you can't consider anyone here as less than family. The least she is to you is family. Now, if you seriously believe her importance in your life is as small as you currently do, you are probably the biggest idiot who has ever lived. Natsu, you must have noticed at least that you react very differentely whenever Lucy is concerned. Do you really believe she's just a friend?" His words hit me hard. It was all true even though I had never given it much thoughts before. I really don't know how I see Lucy. I really don't know how much I love her, I just know that I do. Then, I heard a low voice laugh; Gajeel's. I had no idea he was still here but he had obviously heard my converstion with Erik, I knew that much. Erik grinned as he put his arm around Kinana's waist and left the guild.

By the time he had crossed the doors, Gajeel had joined me, putting on his most devilish grin. "I know of a way you'd know exactly how much you love Lucy, interested?" I immediately answered. "What is it?!" Gajeel laughed. "Try to stay away from blondie for a week." I frowned. "How is that going to help me? I have been away from Lucy before! That's not a problem." He smiled. "You did. But when was that? It was two years ago, right? Natsu, you've been sticking to blondie like glue for more than a year and there is no war, no battle to fight. In these circonstances, do you think you will be able to avoid her?" For a few seconds, I couldn't help but doubt myself. 'Fuck Natsu! A week is nothing!' I answered. "I can totally do that but how is it helping?" Gajeel smirked. "If you can avoid her for a whole week then she's nothing more than family to you. If you can't, that means she's your mate. Keep me posted Salamander. There is something you have to know either way." Then, Gajeel left.

Well, first I have to make up an excuse to Lucy. Even if I don't come to see her, she will come to see me. I know her. 'Wait- Where is she?' I looked around and noticed she was no longer at the guild. I followed Lucy's scent outside, to her apartment. I entered through the window and there she was, at her desk, writing. She didn't hear me as I approached her until I actually talked to her and made her jump. "You scared me Natsu!" "Sorry. Anyway, I came to tell you something." She looked at me with her warm brown eyes as if already knowing that I was leaving. 'Perhaps she does. Luce knows me very well.' I scratched my head and faked a smile. "I'm leaving tomorrow to train." She didn't look surprised, instead she raised one eyebrow. "How long?" "A week." She sighted. "Fine. Do what you want though I really don't know why you want to get even stronger than you already are… But you wouldn't be Natsu otherwise, would you?" It warmed my heart. "Thanks for understanding Luce." She smiled. "As long as you give me a head start… However, if you ever leave me with a poor note as a goodbye, I will kill you." I returned her smile. "Don't worry. I will never do that again." I was heading towards her window when I heard her mutter. "You better."

Then, I left and went to my house relieved that Happy was spending some time with Carla. It was true he had been with her for three months during our mission but apparently it was not enough. I don't want to explain him the situation for now. I know what he would say. "Natsu lliikes Lucy!" Explaining things to him will be torture and I will also have to convince him not to say a word to Lucy. 'That sucks'. I went to lay on my hammock. 'This is going to be a very long and boring week'.

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