Ban-Laoch quickly made her way to shores of Orc-Heimr, the ancestral homeland of the Orcs. Up until a few centuries ago when there race was driven out by the otherwise peaceful Amphibs, scattering the Orcish race to the four corners of the world.

However... her mode of transportation could have been a bit more ideal. "TRACEY! MOMMY'S A LITTLE TOO CLOSE TO THE CANOPY!" Ban-Laoch shouted to Tracy in terror, as she had used the infant Dragon to take her to Orc-Heimr.

"I can't! Your too heavy mommy!" Tracy said as the two descended into the canopy.

"TRACY WATCH OUT FOR THAT-" but it was too late, "...tree..." Ban-Laoch said as she and Tracy had firmly embedded themselves into one of the tall trees. Then a strange frog-like creature approached them.

"Hi-ho! You folks seem to be stuck." The creature said.

"Yes... and in quite a lot of pain," Ban-Laoch muttered.

"Well, you need help?" The creature asked.

"Yes... that would be nice," Tracy muttered.

"Ah, well let me help you then!" The creature said as he took up his staff, and used it as a crowbar to get Ban-Laoch and Tracy out of the tree. "There you go."

"Tracy sweaty... are you alright?" Ban-Laoch said as she looked over Tracy, who looked to be heavily bruised.

"I got booboos, mommy!" Tracy said, looking as if Tracy were trying, and failing to hide his tearing eyes.

"It's okay sweety, mommies got you," Ban-Laoch said as she hugged Tracy. "Shh... shh... just let it out." She said as Tracy cried.

"So, what brings you outlanders around these here parts?" The creature asked.

"Well, we... wait... you're an Amphib!" Ban-Laoch said in surprise at the spindly frog-like creature.

"Yep, grew up in a swamp nearby." The Amphib said.

"...why even help us? I thought your kind ate outsiders." Ban-Laoch asked.

"Well, you were in trouble and needed help. Why not help you?" The Amphib said.

"Uh huh... so. To my reason for being in Orc-Heimr. The Dark Elves have returned to our Realm, and I need to see if there's anything in the other lands that the Dark Elves would be interested in. I would have started sooner... but it took longer than I thought to potty-train this little fire-spitter." Ban-Laoch said.

"Dark Elves?... I think I saw some strange Elves down at the Temple in the swamp. Not sure what's there, or why creepy Outlanders would want it." The Amphib explained.

"Well... do you at least know where this temple is specifically?" Ban-Laoch asked.

"Why it's down in the swamp, trust me. You'll find it quickly." The Amphib said.

"Okay... that's good, come on Tracy." Ban-Laoch said as she carried the infant Dragon as she leaped down to the jungle floor.

"By the way! My relatives are hunting down there, only reason I didn't kill you was because I had already eaten. But they're starving, and aren't above picking a fight for their next meal!" The Amphib said as Ban-Laoch fell down from the canopy to the jungle floor.

"Well, that would have been nice to know," Ban-Laoch said as she did a three-point landing on the jungle floor.

"Mommy... should I fly-"

"No Tracy, you already hurt yourself today, now just hold on," Ban-Laoch said as she took a number of leaves, and made a makeshift carrier for Tracy. "I probably should have gotten one when we left Tuatha Meadu in the first place." She said as she placed Tracy in the carrier.

The two made their way through the jungle, contending with Amphib tribesmen, as well as enormous panther like reptiles, and giant mosquitoes. Eventually, Ban-Laoch arrived at a swamp... and the situation worsened as giant frogs and carnivores plants, both mobile and stationary joined in her troubles. But eventually, they arrived at the temple entrance. A massive stepped pyramid, clearly ancient, decorated with broken statues of Orcs.

"What happened to the Orcs mommy? Why don't they live here anymore?" Tracy asked.

"The Amphid's happened, almost overnight they rose up against the Orcs and drove them all off. According to Orc accounts, for every Amphid that was killed, about a thousand more were ready to avenge there fallen kin. The Orcs actively avoided Amphid territories further inland, and only had limited trade contacts and... Thal'karax?! What are you doing here?! How did you get here?!" Ban-Laoch said.

"I have come, on behalf of my people. For we have heard word, that inside of this temple. One of the Amphid's elusive leaders... an Ubertoad." Thal'karax said as he stepped out of the shadows he was hiding in.

"That doesn't answer my question." Ban-Laoch said.

"I was tasked by my clan to mark a way into this temple. So that in time. We might finally reclaim our ancestral homeland from the Amphid's... I for one hope, that in time. Both of our races might rise from the ashes of our mutual turmoil, and build something greater than either of our races achieved alone." Thal'karax said.

"So the Clan-Lord is actually going to make the attempt? How long has it been exactly? Eight-hundred years?" Ban-Laoch asked.

"Give or take, what brings you to Orc-Heimr?" Thal'karax asked.

"Well to make a long story short. The Dark Elves have returned, Adraigh is in no shape for flying, Bledis's equipment has been taken, and I'm now apparently the mother to possibly the last Dragon outside of the Shadow Realm." Ban-Laoch explained.

"I was about to ask about the little one... quite the heavy sleeper, isn't he?" Thal'karax said.

"Yeah, the Four gave him to me as an egg... and I've spent most of the time since then to get this little spit-fire from peeing wherever he wills it. You don't even want to know how horrible his... 'Accidents' can smell." Ban-Laoch said.

"And why do you seek this temple? I highly doubt it is for the same reasons as mine." Thal'karax said.

"That depends, do they actually include Dark Elves somehow being inside? Because there why I'm here." Ban-Laoch said.

"I did not know this... but perhaps we can work together. These old Orcish ruins require two people in order to access them. And, my warrior escort is running late... they should have been here hours ago." Thal'karax said.

"Agreed, just leave any monsters inside to me; you handle anything that requires an expert on Orcish lore to use," Ban-Laoch said, the Elf and Orc then made their way inside. And as Ban-Laoch had come to expect from her last adventure, the place was a labyrinth filled with booby traps, and Amphib guards, larger ones then what Ban-Laoch had been contending with, in the jungle, and covered in armor and armed with large bladed spears.

"So far... no Dark Elves. They are either keeping to the shadows, there are none here, or they have already found what they are looking for." Thal'karax noted as they arrived at a massive door.

"Perhaps... but still, we need to get to wherever this Ubertoad is, and see what we can do," Ban-Laoch said as she and Thal'karax opened the door with a pair of levers. Eventually, after going through a number of other mazes and such doors, they arrived at the Ubertoads throne room... and was in the midst of torturing Dark Elves.

"Well, there are your Dark Elves, Miss Ash-Lion," Thal'karax said nonchalantly, as the Dark Elves were writhing in pain as the Ubertoad tortured them with magic bonds. This turned them into ghosts, and they flew into the Ubertoad's massive mouth.

"WHO DARES TO STAND BEFORE ME?" The Ubertoad said, his voice deep, and gurgling. Then the yellow Amphib that Pad'maa met earlier appeared.

"Hi-Ho Lord Gastros! The outlanders have been brought before you! An Elf, and an Orc." The small spindly frog creature.


"Why does everyone want to eat my soul!?" Ban-Laoch shouted.

"I do not know for certain, I do not have the same knowledge of magic that Tall-Ainne has," Thal'karax said.

"NOW STAND STILL ELF!" Gastros said as she casted magic on Ban-Laoch, but Thal'karax leaped in the way. "IMPUDENT ORC, YOU MAY BE STRONG IN THE WAYS OF MAGIC. BUT YOU ARE NOT MY EQUAL. I WILL HAVE THE DJINN DAUGHTERS SOUL!" Gastros bellowed in rage.

"Perhaps... but you will not have her! Now Ban-Laoch! Take up arms against this hideous amphibian!" Thal'karax said as he held Gastros's magic in check, levitating in the air.

The battle was intense, as not only did Ban-Laoch have to contend with Amphib warriors, but Gastros, as he had an immense mace in his hands that could easily turn Ban-Laoch into a paste on the floor. Though thanks to her armor, this was not the case the few times she was hit by it. As well as his immense magic powers that weren't caught up with Thal'karax.

Eventually, she got the upper-hand and felled Gastros. "Hurray!... I smell like sewage!" Ban-Laoch said deliriously. Then, a number of Orcs entered.

"Ah, how good of you to arrive... AFTER this young Elf not only killed the Ubertoad but also killed every Amphib from the entrance to here." Thal'karax said.

"We would have been here sooner... but we got held up by Deathraptors. At least a dozen or so-"

"Spare me your excuses, now, because the young Djinn Daughter actually did things. She gets the Ubertoads weapon." Thal'karax said.

"What?... that thing is huge I can't-" The mace then changed size to fit into Ban-Laoch's hand. "Nevermind." She said, Ban-Laoch just held up the mace in triumph. "Now, let's see what else is in this temple. Might even make the trip worthwhile, especially since I still don't know what the Dark Elves were up to." Ban-Laoch said to herself as she went further into the temple... and found the Amphib, Yellow-47.

"M-Miss... I am so sorry for what happened." Yellow-47 said, looking despondent. "The Ubertoads... they control my people with their powerful magic. Drove us to banish the Orcs... stripped us of our names... everything that we were in ancient times."

"Do you know why the Dark Elves came here in the first place?" Ban-Laoch said.

"They... they were the ones that created the Ubertoads. Taught them the magic's they've used to dominate our race. T-They wanted to take it from Gastros, why... I can't imagine. But they were no match for him... and he ate their souls." Yellow-47 said.

"And what about your people?" Ban-Laoch asked.

"...the Ubertoads will know that one of their own has fallen. I should be... completely feral without his magic. But... but here I am. Sane." Yellow-47 said, his eyes twitching sporadically.

"Yeah... but what about you?" Ban-Laoch asked.

"I... I don't know what I'll do." Yellow-47 said Ban-Laoch looked sympathetically at the Amphib.

"Look... my sister back in Tuatha Meadu is a doctor. She can help you... wait... what's that." Ban-Laoch said, noticing a very familiar looking planet behind Yellow-47. Specifically, the plaid lemon-shaped fruit growing on it. "Well I'll be, it's another of those terrible fruits," Ban-Laoch said as she took the fruit, and waved it in front of Tracy's face... who had somehow slept through the chaos of the last few minutes.

He sniffed and took the entire fruit into his mouth. "He... he likes that thing?" Yellow-47 asked.

"Little fella's a Dragon, I'm not going to pretend to understand how he can stand those foul-smelling fruits," Ban-Laoch said, Tracy then burst out of his carrier, as the fruit made him the size of a lion. "And now you're big enough for me to ride!"

"Ride?..." Tracy said uncertainly.

"Hey, relax kiddo... your big enough to actually carry me," Ban-Laoch said reassuringly.

Several hours later, Ban-Laoch, Tracy, and Yellow-47 arrived in Tuatha Meadu... and crashed through the roof of Iarann's office. "And I was just getting attached to this place," Iarann said nonchalantly as her sister, her Dragon and an Amphib lay on the floor disoriented and dizzy.

"Sis... I got three patients for ya!" Ban-Laoch said as she wearily stood up, holding her head. "Me, Tracy, and an Amphib that's in need of therapy!" She said.

"Really? And I take it you got Tracy another of those fruits?" Iarann said as she donned a pair of gloves. "Now Tracey, before I do anything. I need to ask your consent to examine you." Iarann said seriously.

"Uh... okay," Tracy said innocently. Tracy quickly regretted this decision.

"Tracy's a male," Iarann said Tracy, shook like a leaf in mortal terror.

"Couldn't you have told him what you would do before you did that?" Ban-Laoch said furiously at Iarann as she petted Tracy's head.

"Well he was too small to do that safely before, and-"

"And nothing! Tracy is not a pet! And you should be ashamed for treating him so shabbily!" Ban-Laoch said furiously.

"Well, I'm sorry! But Tracey's gender has been bugging me since he was born! Don't tell me it was wasn't on your mind!" Iarann said in annoyance.

"W-Why didn't you ask me if I was a boy or a girl?!" Tracy said.

"Did... did you know the whole time?" Iarann asked.

"YES! If I knew that you wanted to know, I would have just told you!" Tracy said as tears filled his eyes.

"Uh... I have to look in on-"

"Apologize. Now." Ban-Laoch said irately, glaring daggers at her robotic step-sister.

"I... I am sorry Tracy for what I did. I will not make excuses as to why. If it'll make it up, you can have some of my candy. I just got in a new shipment from Tuatha Milis." Iarann said apologetically. Tracy wasted no time in eating the candy, voraciously devouring them. "I suppose I deserve this... now I'm going to start with the Amphib's therapy." Iarann said as she hastily ran into the back room.

"And you're not getting my money to fix the place again!" Ban-Laoch yelled as she petted Tracy.

"What'll... what'll we do now mommy?" Tracy asked in between bites.

"I think I have an idea," Ban-Laoch said, over the next few days. She had called together the Elders of Elvenheims various Tuatha's, to discuss the issue of the Dark Elf threat. Many didn't believe her claims of what had happened. But Adraigh still weakened from the initial encounter served as a witness on the matter, and the myriad Champions, including Ban-Loach's personal friend V'taal vouching for her character as a fellow Champion. And after much debate, the Elders agreed to finally unite. With Tuatha Meadu as the capital, this is the good news.

The bad news is that the Elder blindsided Ban-Laoch, and had her declared as Queen of the Coalition. But Ban-Laoch quickly gained revenge by having them depowered, only being allowed to govern their respective Tuatha's, while the Champions held the true power.

With all of this political falderal quickly dealt with. The first task of the Council of Champions was to dig up more dirt on the Dark Elves activities across the world. In the meantime, Ban-Laoch and Tracy would practice more on flying, and with the weapons, she had obtained from the Dark Elf warrior, and Gastros.

Then one day, a messenger arrived at Ban-Laoch's home. "My liege, there are reports of Dark Elves about Dwarvenheim. Prince Gathadar asked for you by name." The messenger said.

"Well Tracy, off to Dwarvenheim! Let's see what Gathadar wants." Ban-Laoch said.