Time is fleeting, but I can catch it

By its coattails and spin across the floor

Through my eyes, down my spine

Until I have memories and time no more

The words unspoken resonate

With languages and times that never passed

Sailing on an ocean of turbulent thoughts

Set a destination and draw up the mast

I have dreams each and every night

And write them down when I wake

But when I look back, the pages, they are blank

And dreams spun into reality – that I cannot shake

So each stumble, each step, each leaf

Every bit of me I leave behind

Is a part that forms another person

And a part that can help shape another mind

I'm not using rhythm and barely rhyme

But I hear what's around me and inside me

And type empty words onto the blank screen

Just so they have somewhere where they can be free

But that's not quite true, is it?

Do I just type the words to constrain them?

So that I cannot lose or maim them?

Order is regained in one and lost in another.

I wish to be greater, more than I am

But I fear that once the wish is made

It is solidified into something unattainable

And a normal life is the only trade

He dreams and wishes and strives to attain

Whilst I just stifle and rot with envy and worry

Perhaps if I had just a little more time...

No, I'd still always be in a hurry

To live a life that I want to live better.