Justin was an ordinary kid, except that he was in Year 9 and doing GCSE work already because he was super brainy. However, there was one thing he was passionate about: hurricanes! Every day he would go home and go on his favourite community, the Hypothetical Hurricanes wiki, where people would write their own hurricane seasons and share them with the world. He also studied meteorology, and read all of the NHC weather warnings, and enthusiastically followed the paths of all of the hurricanes and tropical storms he could find.

Today, he went home, and logged onto his computer, and immediately refreshed the feeds. He saw that there was a tropical depression growing in the Atlantic Ocean. He predicted that it would make landfall in Texas, or perhaps Florida... but not in Nova Bay, where Justin lived... hurricanes would never make landfall that far north.

He refreshed again, and there was still no progress, so he got to work typing up his hurricane fanfiction. This was a hypothetical hurricane that went to Cybertron, home of the transformers - they would track the hurricane and its path and it would make a reasonable amount of property damage, and then as a major hurricane that made landfall with such property damage it would have its name recalled. His current proposal for its name would be Hurricane Death Megatron 300, named after both the Prime Megatronus and the gladiator Megatron, with its own special twist to represent the potential danger that a Cybertronian hurricane would cause.

After some hurricane writing, and connecting with his friends Irma and Cat8 over at the Hypothetical Hurricanes wiki, he decided to go and play Minecraft.

Justin fell asleep, thinking of the tropical storm that was forming in the Caribbean. Even though he knew it would just be a boring and ordinary tropical depression, he still had a strangely hopeful feeling about it. For some reason, he just knew that it was going to be great.

The next day, he went to school to face the bullies... Chad, Chad and Chad, the three Chads, a powerful clique in his school that, just like griefers from the hit online game Minecraft, cared only for death and destruction. Justin held his backpack as he walked past them.

"Hey nerd," said Chad.

"Are you gonna look at your cyclones, like a nerd?" said Chad

"Actually, since they form in the Atlantic, they're called hurricanes," said Justin.

"Nerd! Only a nerd, like you Justin, would know that fact about weather formations," said Chad.

"Yeah nerd!" said Chad.

Then, Chad pushed Justin into his locker, where he kept up a picture of the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season. This hurricane season was notable for a number of reasons: it had, by far, the most recorded hurricanes and tropical storms of any season, being the first one two require going beyond the normal A-W names into the dark and forbidden realm of Greek letters that was considered a myth until then. Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Rita also occurred during that season, three of the top ten most damaging hurricanes. Pretty nifty for a hurricane season! The only more energetic one was the 1933 Atlantic hurricane season, but sadly Justin was born just too late to experience it first-hand.

How we wished that he had seen it back in 1933! Those shipping lanes must have been wonderful. Justin was born in the wrong generation, he supposed – though perhaps early enough to see a hypercane, one day.

Chad, Chad and Chad left, laughing, and Justin remained in that locker. Oh, how he hated the bullies! Hurricanes were his escape; unlike bullies, hurricanes were pleasant and friendly and interesting.

Many of his classes were boring, although he aced them anyway because he was just that good, but one class that he really took a shine to was geography. Specifically, the unit that they were currently doing, which was on hurricanes, cyclones and other tropical storm systems. Justin was so enthusiastic that he got full marks on every quiz and was always the first to arrive in class.

However, when he went toward the class, there in front of the door were Chad, Chad and Chad, the Chad Brothers, all three of whom were folding their arms.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" said Chad.

"C-Chad, I need to go to geography," said Justin.

"Hey, nerd, how about you learn the geography... of the dumpster," said Chad.

"And my fist!" said Chad.

"H-hey! I have 100% attendance," said Justin.

"And now it'll be 99%, nerd!" said Chad.

Chad and Chad both picked up Justin, one by his legs and one by his arms, and walked though the corridors of the school. He wanted to call for help, but nobody else was nearby other than the three members of the Chad clique - this was the price he paid for going to class earlier than anyone else, he supposed.

Soon, the Chads arrived at their destination, the school dumpster. This is where everything that the school disposed of went - even paper, despite the alleged recycling policies of the school. This included, most astonishingly, the unpalatable school lunches of the cafeteria.

With a swing, followed by another swing, they tossed Justin bodily into the dumpster, and closed the lid of it above him, plunging him into darkness. Chad, Chad and Chad left, laughing, and soon Justin was alone, with nothing but the sound of rushing winds to accompany him. By his estimation, the winds were a Category 5 fresh breeze on the Beaufort scale, less than even a gale, let alone the hurricanes he loved so much.

He climbed out, slowly, waiting to make sure that Chad, Chad and Chad were truly gone rather than just waiting to strike again and toss Justin back into the deadly dumpster. When he was sure that they had left - they had a busy schedule full of rowing and football to contend with, two low-status sports that nonetheless found themselves in a high position in the school's social hierarchy.

He walked back to his geography lesson, dejected, now covered in the unpalatable goop that the school cafeteria alleged was food but which he doubted. Justin always brought packed lunches for this very reason. When he arrived at geography, there were already many people there, breaking Justin's long-going streak of being the first person there.

Even more astonishingly, there was a cover teacher! He did not know of the absence of his geography teacher, and this perturbed him somewhat.

And most astonishingly of all, his seat was occupied… by none other than the elusive Matthew! Matthew had spiked hair, and was currently wearing sunglasses, despite the fact that he was indoors on an overcast day. Matthew never attended lessons, at all, and Justin was surprised that he was even here.

"Hey, kiddo," Matthew said, in a low voice.

"H-hey, Matthew. What are you doing here?"

"Heh, decided that I'd just see how my favourite school was going. Pretty chill, don't'cha think," he said.

"Uh… yeah…" said Justin.

He leaned back in his chair, putting his feet on the desk, and went still. Justin supposed that he must have fell asleep, leaving his own chair off-limits. To awaken Matthew would have been both Herculean and foolish – one would not awaken Smaug, and one would not awaken Matthew.

Justin looked around for another chair to take, but didn't see any available… other than the forbidden chair. This was a chair in the back of the class, in a corner underneath a broken fluorescent light. Nobody else called it the forbidden chair, but Justin knew that it was awful.

Namely, it was right at the back of the class! How would Justin even hear the teacher, or see the board, let alone get a quality education about hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, and other tropical storm systems? It boggled the mind. Justin trudged over to the forbidden desk, and sat down, placing his book on the desk and opening it to the current day.

He wrote the date, and started with his work. This time, there was a fun worksheet activity on hurricanes. There was a textual description of hurricane formation, and Justin had to enter the correct words from a given list, which he would have achieved with no problems due to being Red Band's foremost tropical storm expert.

Would have, but for one thing: the classroom was so loud! He couldn't hear himself think over the unbearable din of students chatting. The cover teacher occasionally attempted to restore order, but was significantly more interested in her own affairs – probably not related to tropical storms, by the looks of it.

He filled in the sheet, nonetheless, but it was difficult and unpleasant. He looked around, and nobody else had filled in the sheet yet; they were clearly too busy with their conversations to have a quality education.

The next task was to cut out the stages of a hurricane, and glue them in your exercise book in the correct order. Justin acquired the worksheet without a hitch, and he was even able to take some of the scissors, but obtaining the glue sticks remained beyond his ken. He couldn't find them anywhere – their ordinary position was not their current position.

A closer inspection of the room revealed why. Instead of being in the gluestick box, as they should be, they were scattered all across the room, most of which locked up in some kind of gluehenge with other students throwing gluesticks at it. Justin resisted the urge to tut at such a display, but was left unfortunately unable to continue with his work.

When he realised that waiting for the gluesticks to become available was a losing prospect, Justin decided to occupy his time doodling the paths of hurricanes on paper. By the time the bell rang, he had doodled almost an entire tropical storm season. The lesson wasn't a total loss; this might make the skeleton of one of his formal seasons, yet.