Sweet Science Experiments-Ch. 1

Disclaimer-Real people and venues appear in this, but I don't own anything so please don't come for me.

August 6, 2001

We open up with a expansive black desk with a slight, brown haired man and a slightly plump woman with purple hair. Both are wearing beige sport coats with black RSN letters on the right side. We pan out to show a sign of two women boxers touching gloves.

The man said, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Jason McGriff and to my left is my cohost for this exciting new show on RSN, Charlotte Trammell.

Charlotte said breezily, "Thank you, Jason. This show will be calle. d Queens of The Ring and focus on women boxers from our great country of Roma."

Jason came in, "Women's boxing is becoming a huge sport in Roma. Tonight, Charlotte and I are going to talk to two men with a vision of growing the sport of women's boxing."

Charlotte continued, "Our guests tonight are Dwayne Wayne, the CEO of Wayne Incorporated and boxing legend Ian Groombridge. They're here to tell us about an exciting new venture after these commercials."

Commercial break

We return to Jason and Charlotte sitting on a large black leather couch in front of a slight, bald African American man in a black suit and a muscular British gentleman in a green suit. The British gentleman's hair was blonde and styled in a military buzz-cut.

We pan out to Jason and Charlotte. Jason smiles and says, "Welcome back to Queens of The Ring. We are now joined by Dwayne Wayne, CEO of Wayne Unlimited." The black man nodded as Jason continued, "We are also joined by the two time International Boxing Association Heavyweight Champion Ian Groombridge." The British man smiled and said, "Thank you for having us here."

Charlotte grinned, "Thank you both for being here. I'm just going to cut to the chase here. Tell the people what your exciting new venture is."

Dwayne had a small smile on his face as he said, "You're direct, Charlotte. A woman after my own heart."

Charlotte only smiled as Dwayne continued, "In any event, our venture is a new women's boxing organization called the Galactic Women's Boxing Association. "

Ian came in, "The GWBA will be based here in Roma. We're going to bring an exciting brand of boxing to fans of the fight game starting in July of 2002."

Jason asked, "Sounds good, but how are you guys going to go about that."

Dwayne answered, "Here's how it's going to work. I'm the money man and Ian is the main man in charge of putting getting fighters for our brand. We'll spare no expense to bring the best and the brighest in the sport today."

Roland came in, "And the reason we're stating in July is that we want the fighters to build up a record before coming to our company. In July, we're going to start huge. 16 Top Fighters in the Heavyweight, Middleweight, Junior Middleweight, Lightweight, Junior Lightweight, and Flyweight Divisions will compete in tournaments to be crowned the first ever GWBA champion in their respective divisions."

Charlotte whistled low, "Wow, so you're going to have 96 fighters in your promotion."

Dwayne said, "To start, I'm sure we're going to added more fighters to each division as time goes on."

Jason asked, "Roma isn't a big country. Do you think you'll have talent from Roma in some of these tournaments."

Roland responded, "There's no question that we'll have talent from this country in tournaments. I can rattle off a bunch of promising fighters, Tanisha Warrior. That chick is so into boxing that she legally changed her last name to Warrior. Dangerous Diana lives up to her name with her punching power. Janeth "Heartbreaker" Tenny is beautiful and has broken hearts and bones along the way. Those are heavyweights.

In the Middleweight division, you've got Boom Boom with the potential to lay down the boom. Diamond shines like her namesake in and out of the ring. Rachel "Undergrounder" Williams came up from the dregs of society and is now a tough fighter. Big Mama has a big personality and a big heart.

Moving to the Light Middleweight Division, Brooke "Miss Boxing" Dierdorff came from another country to become a boxer here in Roma. Enzuru, she doesn't say too much. She lets her fists do her talking for her. Abigail "Silk" Reed is as smooth as silk in that ring. Carly "Sweetpea" Ross is sweet and innocent outside of the ring, but once she gets in there she's a bruiser. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Personification of Perfection, Miss Mariko Chan. She's going to be a great one to represent the Junior Middleweight Division, if we can sign her of course." Ian took a sip of water from a glass nearby.

Jason remarked, "It looks like you've been doing your homework."

Dwayne came in, "Yes he has. I have to interject and say that women's boxing is a passion of mine. My absolute favorite division is the Lightweight Division and Roma has three candidates that I hope we can sign. Joan "Black Angel" Wilkins has that Mike Tyson intimidation thing going that I dig. Jin Anderson is a self proclaimed Gangsta who loves to mix it up and Bety Monahan has somehow got this counter-culture grunge thing going. It's fascinating to see how she'll progress as her career moves on, hopefully under the GWBA banner."

Jason said quickly, "I'm sorry gentlemen but I have time for one more question. Why do we need another women's boxing promotion?"

Ian answered, "Our organization will make it an even playing field with 5 major men's organizations and 5 women's organiation. We're going to make women's boxing even more popular than it is now because we're going to make fights that the people want to see. Our boxers are going to earn their way in our organization."

Dwayne followed up, "You'll hear more about that in the future."

Jason's eyebrows rose as he said, "I'm definitely interested in what that statement entails but we're out of time for now. I'd like to thank Dwayne Wayne and Ian Groombridge for joining us on our first Queens of the Ring show."

Dwayne and Ian both said, "Thank you."

Charlotte stated, "We'll return with more Queens of the Ring after these commercial messages."

Commercial break

We return to Jason and Charlotte back behind the desk.

Jason said, "Welcome back to Queens of the Ring."

Charlotte came in, "Tonight, we had three heavyweight Roma fighters in action. We have three of our colleagues reporting from the fight sites. Let's go first to Roger Hawthorne, who is at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. "Cute" Christine Baker from Poli, Roma went up against the undefeated Christina Christian, who hails from Hamilton, ON Canada."

The scene switches to a tall black man wearing a black three piece suit. The man had his hair done in cornrows. Roger Hawthorne smiled, "Thank you, Charlotte. I'm here in the intimate Deerfoot Inn and Casino here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Cute Christine is starting out her professional career in Canada going up against the promising fighter Christina Christian. Let's go to the highlights."

The scene changes from Roger to show Cute Christine, a slight, sallow looking woman with stringy red hair. CC is wearing a black robe with red trim as she walks down the aisle, with boos raining down on her. A minute later, Christina Christian enters to rapturous applause from the fans in attendance. Christina has her black hair in cornrows, brown eyes bright with excitement. Christina is in a black robe with a silver trim as she enters, looking badly overweight as she walked down the aisle. The portly referee Michael Griffiths stood in the center of the ring. Griffiths told both fighters to fight clean and protect your selves at all times. CC and Christina nodded and touched gloves before backing up to their respective corners.

In Round One Of 6, Christina connected with a violent uppercut early in the round that hurt CC. Christina followed up with a weak jab that didn't have much steam behind it. Christina continued to press her advantage with a left jab, followed by a straight right hand that sent CC reeling into the ropes. CC bounded off the ropes and wildy threw a right hook that Christina dodged. Christina nailed CC with a uppercut. CC came back at Christina with a straight right hand that wobbled her opponent. Christina clinched CC a bit before working free. CC threw a series of puches that didn't touch Christina, who came back with a straight right that was blocked by CC. Christine moved back towards the lower right corner. Christina followed her in and landed a body shot via uppercut to end the round. Christina clearly won that round.

In the 2nd Round, Christina comes out with a quick combination to the body before missing with a backhand that would've drawn a warning. Christina continues with a one two combination to Christine's stomach. Christina tried a quick right hand, but Christine shrugged that off with a shoulder roll. CC taunts Christina in the center of the ring, which annoyed Christina. Christina tried to get through her defenses, but CC was strong. CC came back with a shot to Christina's solar plexus. Christine pinned Christine against the corner and tried to hit with a jab, but the jab missed. Referee Griffiths warned Christina to stop holding and hitting. Christina comes in low and Christine put her in a headlock that looked pretty snug before Griffiths knocked Christine's arm away. Griffiths tells Christina to stop leaning on Cute Christine's neck. Christine leaned against the ropes and motioned for CC to come in and fight her. CC tried to nail Christina, but Christina used her superior defensive ability to avoid taking damage as the round ends. Christine .landed some punches, but Christina still won the round

In the 3rd Round, CC came out and nailed Christina wih a one two body combination before nailing Christina on the chin with a hard right hand that dazed the Canadian. Christian moves into a neutral corner and Christine lands a wicked cross. Christina felt that one as it looks like she's in a world of hurt. Both fighters go to the center of the ring and trade shots, with CC gaining the upper hand. After that exchange, Christina ties up Christine. Griffihs separates the two fighters and Christian drives home a wicked hook to CC's midsection. Christine was stunned by the last flurry as Christina moves in and connects with a quick jab. Christine come back with a uppercut that just comes up short. CC lands a cross to the body before throwing a flurry of punches that Christina blocks or avoids. Christina lands a short uppercut in close before winging a wild overhand right that misses everything. The third round comes to a close with both fighters throwing shots at each other to the cheers of the crowd in attendence. Cute Christine was the clear winner of that round.

Round 4 gets underway as Christina Christian dips as if to launch a body shot, then goes upstairs with a quick hook to the head that puts Christine back on her heels. Cute Christine is badly hurt from that hook. Both fighters let their hands in a quick melee with Christina Christian coming out on top. Christian traps Christine in the corner and wings a big left hand at Christine but the latter sidesteps the punch. A cross to the body of Christina by Christine gets through. Christian lands a uppercut in response but there wasn't much on it. Christian tries to drop the right hand over the top but Cute Christine ducks under it. Christine rips away on the inside landing a solid uppercut that may have hurt Christian. It looked like her legs buckled ever so briefly. Christina Christian whiffs with an uppercut. Christian bores in determined to maul Christine

Christian scores with a jab, before failing to connect with a straight punch. Christian tastes the power of a huge cross from Christine. Christian seems to have been hurt by that punch. Christian comes back with a solid jab into the face of Christine; Christian moves in behind the jab, which lands to end the fourth stanza. Chrstina pulled away in the latter stages of the round to win this stanza.

In Round 5, Christine unloaded a flurry of punches and several scored cleanly. The last shot has opened a cut on above the left eyelid of Christina Christian. Blood is pouring into her eye as Christian pushes Christine back then steps away from her. Christian doesn't look all that graceful but she moves fairly well in the ring. Christine blocked Christian in a neutral corner, both women trade shots and it's hard to see who wins the exchange. Christian lets her hands go in a flurry but her punches land on the arms of Christine. Christine retreats into her own corner and Christian throws an off target hook. Christine holds her arms up in disgust as Christian holds her around her waist. Christian and Christine each take a step back. Both fighters are feinting with the shoulders. Christian lands the right hand and pins Christine in a corner Christian feels her back touch the ropes and tries to reverse her position. She doesn't want to be the one trapped there. Christian lands a three punch combo that wobbles Christine. Christian lets his hands go inside, but Cute Christine protects her body from those shots. Christine slides into the corner and leaves the jab just short. Christian had an opening and whiffed with the punch. The fifth round ends with Christine using subtle movement and a tight guard to protect her body as Christian tries vainly to score. Christina won that rounds with the last 3 punch combo.

We enter the final round as Cute Christine's punches are losing their steam as she looks beat. Christina Christian needs to catch her second wind as her poor conditioning is catching up with her. The fighters are jockeying for position as both women try to gain the advantage here in the 6th. Christian doesn't connect with the hook. Christine ties up Christina Christian as Griffiths breaks them up. Christine backs away and hitches up her trunks. Christian's last punch missed landing by a fraction of an inch! The fighters are back at ring center as Christian is still trying to find the range with her punches. She's just missing with some of her shots. Some good body work by Christine but not much on those punches. Christian plods forward as Christine backs into her own corner. Neither fighter seems to be anxious to mix it up. Cute Christine lets her hands go but her punches land on the arms of Christian. Christian lands with a devastating uppercut that shakes CC. Christian has Christine trapped against the ropes. Both fighters are flailing away but Christian is definitely landing the better punches. Cute Christine is trying to avoid shots to the body, but she need to look out for shots to the head. Both fighters are trying to work inside. Christian scores with a solid uppercut that shakes Christine and ends the fight.

A minute later, the two combatants are standing in the center of the ring as the ring announcer is standing beside CC. The ring announcer said in a strong tone, "Judge Roberto Ramirez of Puerto Rico scored this contest 59-55 to the blue corner. Judge Blake Allen of the United States scored this contest 59-55 to the blue corner. Judge Takeshi Shimekawa of Tokyo, Japan scored this fight 60-55. The winner by unanimous decision, Christina Christian!"

Christina smiled and waved at the audience before going over to CC and offering some words of encouragement as we fade out to come back to Roger Hawthorne and Cute Christine.

Roger remarked, "I'm now joined by Cute Christine, who unfortunately lost her first match."

CC glared at Roger, "Don't remind me, Hawthorne."

Roger asked, "So how do you feel after your first match?"

CC snapped, "I don't feel great. I lost to a fat, out of shape fighter who loved to lean on me when I did get it going."

Roger said, "She did lean on you and clutched you a couple of times, but she clearly won 5 out of the rounds. Christina was ahead of you in workrate. She connected with 150 of 379 punches compared to your punchrate, which was 98 landed punches to 156 missed."

CC snarled, "Bleep that. I opened her bleep up with a cut over her eye. That should count for something."

Roger stated, "You didn't capitilize on that fact."

CC yelled, "You watch what I do in my next match against Tanya Colvin. I'm jacking her bleep up!" Cute Christine stalked out of the shot as Roger said, "That's the story from here. Now let's send it to over to my colleague Howard Dawson at Liga, Roma."

We switch to Howard Dawson at the LG Arena in Liga, Roma. Dawson is a rotund man in a charcoal gray suit with green eyes. Dawson said softly, "Thank you, Roger. From the LG Arena, Jennifer "Storm" Davidson was up against the former WIBA Heavyweight Champion of the world, Flor Maria Delgado. I don't know how or why her management got this fight or even agreed to this fight. No one with Storm's level of experience, which was zero pro fights going in should go up against a broad that was undefeated with 12 wins before this fight. Let's go to the highlights."

The scene changes from Howard to show Storm Davidson, a tall, imposing looking woman from Palia, Roma with black hair sprayed down with water. Storm is wearing a black robe with silver trim and the tropical storm symbol in the back of her robe. The rookie performer was muscular and in tip-top shape. She walked down the aisle to thunderous cheers from the fans in attendance. This wasn't her hometown, but the crowd still cheered for a fellow Roma citizen. A minute later, the Columbian Flor Maria Delgado enters to a chorus of boos from the fans in attendance. Flor has her black hair cut short, black eyes cold and focused . The former WIBA Heavyweight Champion is in a dark blue robe with the words La Jorcha Tyson in white on the back. Flor was a stocky, muscular sort in peak condition as she walked down the aisle. The slight referee Michael Griffin stood in the center of the ring. Griffin gives the fighters their final instructions. They touch gloves and return to their respective corners to await the bell for the start of Round 1.

Round 1 starts with Delgado landing a big hook flush on Storm. Delgado has Davidson hurt as she continues the oslaught with a crushing cross. Delgado misses with a hook, but lands a vicious uppercut. The uppercut shakes Davidson to the core as the crowd booed Delgado. Delgado whiffs with an uppercut and eats a jab from Davidson. The crowd was hoping that jab would start Davidson's comeback but Delgado lands a tremendous shot under Storm's ribcage. Davidson crumbles to the canvas as a nervous murmur came over the crowd..

Griffin stands over Davidson and begins the count. Davidson manages to get back to his feet at 6 but she still looks kind of shaky. Griffin looks closely at Davidson who indicates she is ok, and the fight continues.

Delgado tries to end this fight quickly, but Davidson backs into a neutral corner as Delgado misses wildly with the hook. Davidson blocks another hook by Delgado. Delgado suddenly goes southpaw and tries to find an opening. But her punches miss from this side too. Delgado goes to the center of the ring and lands a jab but comes up short with a second one right behind it. Delgado connects with an uppercut that stuns Davidson as Delgado looks to put her away. Storm manages to avoid the knockout in this round. Delgado dominated that round with a knockdown.

Round 2 begins with Delgado hitting a solid uppercut. Davidson is trying to regain his senses after that punch. Delgado stays on the inside and lands a short, crisp uppercut that scores big. Delgado rips away on the inside landing a solid uppercut that hurt Davidson. It looked like her legs buckled ever so briefly. Delgado corners Storm and shoots a vicious cross right down the pipe that catches Storm Davidson flush in the face.

Davidson slides into the corner and Delgado pins Davidson's arms. Delgado just can't find the range with that jab. Davidson lands a uppercut but there wasn't much on it. Flor Maria Delgado wants to go downstairs, but can't penetrate Davidson's defense. Davidson fires a jab to the body of Delgado. Davidson takes a heavy hook downstairs from Flor that leaves Davidson gasping for air. Delgado tries to go back to the body but she can't find an opening. Davidson picks off the uppercut by Delgado to end the action in the 2nd round. Delgado easily won this round as well.

Round 3 starts with Delgado landing a hard jab to Davidson. Davidson shoots a cross to the midsection of Delgado in response. Davidson ducks under a jab and brings an uppercut right down main street. Delgado catches Davidson coming in with a sweet uppercut! Both fighters are being cautious and keeping out of range. Davidson unleashes a crippling right hand to Delgado's head. That right hand hurt Delgado as she just misses by a hair with her punches Davidson lands a devastating hook to Delgado that stuns her as we end the round. With that hook, Davidson pulled ahead to win that round.

Round 4 starts with Delgado landing a jolting uppercut that snaps back the head of Davidson. Delgado follows by throwing a hard cross that connects to the head of Davidson. Delgado catches Davidson with a short, powerful hook to the head as Davidson tried to move inside. That punch stopped Davidson in her tracks! Delgado tries to drop the right hand over the top but Davidson ducks under it. Davidson slides into her own corner, but Delgado lands a vicious hook and down goes Davidson!

Griffin stands over Davidson and starts the count. Davidson beats the count at 3, but she appears to be hurt badly! Delgado has Davidson hurt, now let's see what kind of finisher Delgado is. Delgado can't find the range as she tries to work the body. Delgado scores with a winging right! Davidson's head snapped back violently with that punch! Davidson slides into a neutral corner. Delgado chargs in and lets her hands go inside, but Davidson protects her body from the attack. Delgado misses with a hook and a straight punch asDavidson moves into a neutral corner. Delgado landed a sharp combination that rocked Davidson back on her heels! Storm Davidson does a great job with subtle movement to avoid Flor Maria Delgado's punches in close as we end the 4th round. Delgado received a rousing cheer from the fans in attendence as she looks to have a commanding lead heading into the 5th round.

Round 5 starts with Davidson backing into the far corner, but Delgado connects with a violent uppercut! That shot buckled Davidson's legs and she is really unsteady now, like she could go down at any moment! A beautiful uppercut to the chin knocks Davidson to the canvas! Griffin points Delgado to a neutral corner and begins the count over Davidson..








Storm Davidson lurches to her feet at the count of 8 but she stumbles and is down on her knees again. She's making another effort!



Davidson can't beat the count! It's over! Storm Davidson has been stopped cold here in round 5.

A minute later, we cut to the ring announcer in the middle of the ring. The announcer said, "Ladies and Gentlemen! The time of the stoppage is 0:46 of round number 5. The winner by knockout is...Flor Maria Delgado!"

We return to Howard who is with Storm Davidson. Storm is wearing a black t-shirt with the words Force of Nature in front in white with blue jeans. Her hair is now slicked back instead of her usual wet look.

Howard said, "I'm now joined by Jennifer "Storm" Davdson who unfortunately got knocked out in the fifth round by Flo Maria Delgado. Storm, we have a thing here on Queens of the Rings called Knockout of the night where we highlight the best knockout of the night. You're the woman who was on the wrong end of the Knockout of the Night."

Storm muttered, "Thanks for that, Howard."

Howard shrugs, "Talk to your management. You had no business being in the ring against a fomer WIBA champion in your first bout ever."

Storm stated, "I'm supremely confident in my abilities. Delgado was coming out of retirement. I knew she was undefeated but she's only knocked out one of her opponents so we figured that she didn't have knockout power. But I've got to give it up to her. She was too tough for me."

Howard said "At least you were accurate with your punches, you hit 41 of 60 for 68.3 percent. You did well in the 3rd round and I thought you would come back strong in the 4th round but she got a knockdown on you that end any hopes you had."

Storm said, "You're right. I had her rocked. I thought I could do more but she came out even stronger in the 4th and ended me in the 5th."

Howard asked, "So how do you bounce back in your next bout?"

Storm answered, "Well, my next bout will be in September against Tanzee Daniel, who has a 5-2-1 record with one KO. She looks to be another stiff test, but I'm not going out like this again. You can count on that."

Howard said, "That's the story from here. Let's send it to Bobby Shane-Scott, who has the final Roma boxer of the night as Raquel "Venom" Davis opening up her career going up against Tanisha Dunn, who is 1-1 in her career.

The scene switches to a tall, mucular white man wearing a red three piece suit. The man had his blond hair cut in a swoosh pattern (A/N: Basically, I'm going for the haircut Young and the Restless actor Peter Bergman had for the longest time until recently.) Bobby Shane Scott smiled, "Thank you, Bobby. Venom Davis went up against Tanisha Dunn here at Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, MO of the United States. Let's go to the action."

We switch from Bobby to show Venom Davis (Wasia, Roma) entering in the building. Venom is a tall, muscled boxer with long black hair and green eyes. Venom is wearing a green robe with gold trim as she talked down the aisle and entered the ring with a cold, focused glare.

A minute later, Tanisha Dunn (Cincinnati, OH) enters. Tanisha is stocky, built like a fire hydrant with a small black afro and brown eyes. Tanisha is wearing a dark red robe with a black trim. Tanisha glares at the significantally taller Venom as she steps into the ring. The two walked up to each other in the center of the ring and started talking smack as referee John O'Brien calmed them down as he relayed his final instructions. The two touched gloves quickly and went to their corners.

Round 1 begins with a swing and a miss by Dunn. Dunn fires a lead right that Davis manages to avoid. Venom Davis tries to go to the body but she can't find an opening. Dunn gets in a hook to Davis's midsection. Dunn throws a cross and scores to the head of Davis. And now Davis is bleeding from that last punch! Davis's nose is bloodied by Dunn. Dunn tries to work the body, but isn't successful. Venom Davis throws two jabs and she managed to score with the second one. The crowd booed as Davis hit a low blow and O'Brien has stopped the action to scold her The first round ends with Davis missing a jab and the crowd booing both fighters for substandard action. Tanisha ekes out the advantage in the first round while Venom was lucky that she didn't lose a point for the low blow.

Round 2 starts with Dunn landing a short hook and a jab to the just misses with a huge shot as Dunn chooses the perfect time to suddenly backpedal. Dunn lands a nice jab. She tries to follow it up with a cross but it misses. A right hand by Dunn has reopened a cut on Davis because the blood is flowing again. Davis's nose is bloodied again by Dunn. A flurry of punches are exchanged, but Dunn is coming out on top. Dunn nails Davis with a jab, Davis tries to work inside to no avail

Dunn throws a leaping shot that fails to hit the target. These gals are really going at it but Davis looks to be getting the worse of it. Dunn gets off a nice little three punch salvo and follow up with a nice left cross. Round 2 ends with both fighter in a clinch before O'Brien separates them. Dunn came out a lot stronger and dominated this round.

Round 3 begins with Dunn not finding the range with her left right hand combo. Davis lands a hard hook! And Dunn's in big trouble now! Dunn picks off the jab by Davis and splits Davis's gloves with an uppercut. Dunn has shifted to an orthodox stance. Maybe she believes she can land from this position. No, her jab comes up short as a righty, too. Now, she returns to her natural left handed stance. Davis is motioning with her gloves for Dunn to bring it on, but Davis is not being overly aggressive herself right now. Davis tries to get the hook into the the ribs, but Dunn blocks it. Dunn throws two hooks to the body and at one gets through. Tanisha Dunn follows with a hook to the head. Dunn leaves the jab just short and Davis counters with a hook to Dunn's side Davis eats a jab from Dunn that reopens the cut on her bloody nose The action in the third stanza ends with Dunn missing with a right and failing to connect with the left as well.

Round 4 starts with Davis connecting with a vicious hook to Dunn's side. Dunn was shaken by the hook, but comes back with a cross that scores a shot on Davis Dunn flicks a lead left to the head of Davis. The fighters are at close quarters now as Davis lands a hook downstairs. Dunn misses with the jab. She lets go with a left and that fails to find its mark, too. The two women are bumping heads as they wrestle on the inside. Davis lands a short uppercut to the chin of Dunn. Dunn wants to go downstairs, but can't penetrate Davis's defense.

Davis really buried that punch into Dunn's ribs. Dunn is trying to regroup after those punches. Dunn scores with several light punches to the head. And now it appears as if Davis's cut has been reopened by one of those punches that landed. Davis's nose is bleeding again. As the two fighters back away a step, you can see blood on the chest and shoulder of Dunn but it's not his. Davis is bleeding a bit more heavily now and even though the damage isn't over an eye, apparently the referee wants a stop in the action to have Davis examined by the ringside doctor.

The physician has given his okay to let the fight continue. Both fighters are assuming their positions and approach one another. Dunn clamps Davis's arms to her side and holds on until O'Brien breaks the hold. Davis works her way free and throws a cross that misses the mark. Dunn sneaks home the left cross, which has widened the cut and worsened the bleeding on Davis's face. Blood is still running from the nose of Davis.

What was once just a trickle of blood is much more noticeable now as Davis's face looks like it lost a fight with a razor blade. It's a good thing that the bleeding isn't over an eye or this fight would be in jeopardy. And it still may be, as Referee O'Brien has now halted the contest and is leading Davis toward the ring doctor's position to get a second opinion on the severity of the bleeding.

Referee O'Brien is calling a halt to this fight. Davis is bloody mess, the cut over her eye has gotten to bad to allow this fight to continue. Dunn wins by a TKO!

A minute later, we cut to the ring announcer who says, "Ladies and Gentlemen! The winner by technical knockout at the 02:30 mark in Round 4 is...Tanisha Dunn!"

We come back to Bobby and Venom. Venom has a bandage over her nose and her right eye as she wore a black t-shirt and a black leather jacke and black pants with black snakeskin boots.

Bobby said, "Thank you Venom for joining me."

Venom drawled, "Always happy to be of service, chief."

Bobby said, "Looking at the stats, you weren't that far off. You had a higher accuracy rate compared to Tanisha Dunn, 36 percent to 32.3. You were winning the 4th round but the cuts were just too much."

Venom snapped, "Tanisha got lucky. She knew I was starting to make a comeback. If the match would've went all 6 rounds, I would've pulled it out. But the doctor stopped it. Whatever, every dog has her day and tonight was Tanisha Dunn's. But my career is far from over. All the people out there watching right now in Roma will damn sure remember the name Venom Davis." Venom stalked off as Bobby shook his head, "Man she's intense. Let's go back to Jason McGriff and Charlotte Trammell in the studio."

We switch back to Jason and Charlotte behind their desk.

Jason said, "Looks like our Roma boxers haven't gotten off to a fine start."

Charlotte remarked, "They haven't but there are lots of other Roma competitors who I'm sure will make an impression. And the GWBA organization is sure to create a stir in Roma and women's boxing in general."

Jason said quickly, "Time will tell. We're out of time for this episode. Come on back tomorrow where we'll have more women's boxing action. 4 Roma fighters will be in action. For Charlotte Trammell, Roger Hawthorne, Bobby Shane-Scott and Howard Dawson, I'm Jason McGriff saying good night."

End broadcast

End Ch. 1

Author's Notes

Well, I'm back at it with my first upload since May. This series is inspired from the boxing text simulator Title Bout Championship Boxing 2.5. I've got the update to this, but it just wasn't working right with creating the boxers and everything. It's pretty easy to sim the fights once you set it up.

In any event, how I'm relaying the action is okay. I think I did a better job of it in the 2nd and 3rd fights. The best fight was the first one between Cute Christine and Christina Christian. We'll see how it goes with this AU of the GWWA characters into boxers and announcers/reporters.

Next up will be an AU of the GWWA, this time using the Fire Pro Wrestling World. I tried to do this with Fire Pro Returns way back when but the thing that stopped me there is that I kind of stopped writing for a good while after that series started.

I wish you all

Peace, love and hair grease