I've always thought our conscience was a part of us... Like the particles in the water, or a soul in our hearts...

But little did I know, the imaginary voice in my head isn't just my own perception... or a made up sorcery that my brain processes...

It was real.

A real new being.

And he is extremely different from me.. Like a polar opposite version of my own personality. You could say he is my evil side... the braver copy.

"Are you still spacing out, Jack?"

There he goes, murmuring something strange in my head.


He claims his name is Hayuata Hirozaka, a vanguard and military combatant. He wears a thick grey coat made of silk, enveloped with a beautiful red robe. He holds a sword bayonet, and hangs a long cross necklace around his neck.


"What?" I yelled as he backed off a little.

"Can I overtake your body for a while?"

"I need to write my notes. I don't have time to play games with you."

"Tsk... then why am I even here?"

"It's not like you have a choice. Just settle down."

"It's fine.. No one can see me anyways."

"We are in school.. Please behave yourself."

I said sternly as I glanced around the classroom.

Hayu, yes that's how I call him, and I talk telepathically. Since we both share the same brain, there is really no hiding anything from him. However, as annoying as Hayu is... there are some occassions where he does help quite a bit.

"You're praising me, aren't you?" Hayu laughed, as he poked my cheek.

Hayu and I can interact with one another. I guess you can't really place him as a ghost. There are times where he will punch me in the chest and I have to pretend I had a tummyache.

"Jack, who are you talking to...?"

"Ehh.. umm.. nobody.. I am just talking to myself."

"You always had that bad habit, no wonder you have no friends."

"I.. I.. have friends!"

"Do you mean me?" Hayu jumped around excitedly.

Hayu though, can't seem to interact with objects and things around him. He is though affected by gravity. Is Hayu someone that I created to be part of me in order for myself to live on everyday without stress? Maybe...

"Class is over. Any questions?" The teacher asked as the bell rang. "Have a great day."

"Jack... are we heading back home?"

"Yeah.. where else would I be going?"

"Ehh... tsk... this is so boringgg!" Hayu yelled shaking me vigorously.

"Umm.. Jack-kun, are you okay?"

A sweet voice drifted into my ears as we locked eyes.

"Its Koike, your crus-" I punched Hayu in the face as he was flunged across the room.

Koike Sada, a love crush that I had since the start of high school. She was a beautiful girl whom many have fallen for. She had short black hair all the way to her shoulders. She handed me a piece of paper.

"Im fine. What is this for?"

"Oh.. you're supposed to collect all the homework for today. Teacher's instructions." She smiled at me as she walked off. I was a little devestated but said my thanks.

"HAHA." Hayu laughed loudly. "Teacher's instructions... HAHAHA."

"Shut up..." I yelled, feeling embarrassed. "Don't make fun of me!"

"Sorry.. sorry.. I just pity how much you dream of her at night... yet you cant.."

"SILENCEEEEEEEE!" I shouted as I punched Hayu in the face again.

"Stop it... my face is bruising." Hayu got up weakly. "Jack... You're too weak."

"That's because I am not like you... I don't know how to find the courage to talk to her."

"Osu, here you go." A queue was formed to Jack as his classmates handed in their work.

"Um... thank you." I said as the line finally ended.

"Pass it to Shimon-sensei." A classmate spoke as he left the class.

"Shimon.. sensei. Our math teacher. I'm gonna hand this in first."

"Hai.. hai... It's not like I can go anywhere else." Hayu shrugged his shoulders. "Eh... why are you the one who collects the homework anyway?"

"Shimon-sensei rotates who collects the work daily. He said its to cultivate our sense of responsibil-"

"Shhh." Hayu covered my mouth. "Those thugs..."

"And... Koike..." I said softly to myself as we hid behind a wall.

"Oi... don't act dumb with me." The thug demanded. "Pay the money that your brother owe us."

"This is a school. Let's talk out-"

"HUH!?" The thug grabbed her by the collar. "Heh... or would you like to pay with your body!?"

"Ahhh.. get.. off of me!" Koike struggled as the thug grabbed her shirt.

"Oi.. Jack." Hayu said as he clenched his teeth. "Sorry but I am going OUT THERE!"


"Body... SWITCHHHH!" Hayu yelled as he possessed my body.

"Ahhh.. Hayu!" I yelled as he ran towards the thug.

"Huh.. who are - Ooofffff!" Hayu landed a straight punch to his face.

"Jack... kun?" Koike said in shock.

"Are you alright, Milady?" Hayu lifted out his hand.


"Oi... who the hell are you?" The thug got up. "Don't meddle in my BUSINESS!"

"Doing such an act in school... You should be ashamed of yourself." Hayu spoke with my voice. To be honest, he makes me sound so badass.

"Huh? I don't understand what you mean." The thug spoke. "I don't listen to words.. I listen by fists-"

"Oh.. is that so?" Hayu punched the thug as he fell to the ground.

The thug got up quickly and took me .. I mean Hayu by the collar.

"Stop!" Koike shouted.

"Oi! What are you two doing on the school corridor!?"

"Tsk... Ill remember you." The thug walked off as I stood in fear. Hayu was angered, his fist was shaking tremendously.

"Hayu..." I spoke as he walked past me. "Sorry." I was switched back to my body as Hayu sat down quietly.

"Jack... here are your papers." Koike said with a smile. "Thank you for helping me."

"No.. that... wasn't.. I mean... yeah no problem." I said, my body was heavy and exhausted.

"You surprised me." Koike said in shock. "You don't seem like a person who can put up a fight."

"ARGH!" I felt a sense of judgement pierced right through my heart.

"Who was that guy who attacked you?" I asked.

"Oh... its one of the thugs looking for my brother... after his disappearance." Koike said softly.

"Disappearance?" I asked.

"I'll.. catch you later, okay?" Koike said as she walked off quickly.

"She's gone..." I thought to myself as I head towards the teacher's office.

"Jack." Hayu said behind me. "I ... am sorry for

... charging in without your consent."

"Hey... don't worry about it. It's not like I would be able to stand watching Koike get pushed around... so you did the right thing."

"I know... but... who am I, really?" Hayu said as I slowed down my tracks.

"Who... you... are?" I said as dread filled my heart. "You aren't just a person I made up.. right? Then how were you born..."

"I have no memories. Just this urge to fight. Like this feeling of momentum ... to defend... someone. What is this feeling... Jack?"

"Arghh this is too complicated for me too... Let's just hand this in and go home." I yelled in my head.

As I took my shoes in the locker, I noticed that Hayu was being extremely quiet.

"Hayu... we are lacking your comedic effect here..."

"What's that supposed to mean... I am a comedic effect?" Hayu said, feeling annoyed.

"Ehh.. um.. it is... just weird ... seeing you look so... down." I said honestly.

Hayu looked away and laughed out loudly.

"I guess you're right. Sorry... let's go home!" Hayu cheered up as he marched out of the school. I chuckled as we went on our way.

"Jack-kun, you are half American right?" Hayu asked.

"Yep. My father is Japanese. He brought me here to Japan to study."

"Ooo.. I see. But they aren't always home from what I observed." Hayu said.

"Yeah, they both have their own business to run. HEY.. wait, you should know all this... if we both share the same mind." I shouted loudly.

"Actually, I can only remember your thoughts in fragments."

"Fragments?" I asked.

"Yea. It's hard to piece everything together." Hayu said. "Maybe... you are in control of what I can do, feel and think."

"That's kinda scary... complicated."

"Complicated?" Hayu asked, scratching his head in confusion.

"Yeah, who knows if there would be..."

"Go on..." Hayu said as I stopped in my tracks.

"Hayu... who... is that?" I asked as a woman came into view.

"Yo, you must be Jack." She spoke with an audacious tone, standing in a noble stance. She was like a knight in royal armor, carrying a huge lance. "I am Charlotte Massé the Fourth, you can call me Charlotte."

"Oi.. oi.. Jack... who is this beautiful lady!?"

"I .. I.. don't know." I said to myself. I glanced at the passerbys but no one seem to notice her.

"Who... are you?"

"Huh? I already told you... My name is Charlotte."

"No.. I mean... are you... my conscience?"

"A part of it, yes. And he is... Hayuata Hirozaka."

"You know me?" Hayu asked.

"Of course." Charlotte replied. "Although... I have been a part of you all along, Jack."

"Part of me? What is.. even going on?" I asked.

"The human conscience... Something that science can't explain. Why humans talk to themselves or create this world where we imaginary friends exist is really a mystery." Charlotte explained.

"So you are saying... we are created by Jack without him even knowing?" Hayu asked.

"That I am unclear. But we are all formed for specific reasons." Charlotte said as she glanced in my direction. "Something must have provoked you to summon me. A thought.. a regret, that you need someone to comfort you with."

"But it isn't like I have any regrets..."

"Wait..." I said suddenly. "Koike... I am worried about her. Is that the trigger for your appearance?"

"It could be so." Hayu budged in. "Then... what event was triggered to create me?"

"Probably his loneliness... and need of a friend." Charlotte explained.

"Aww.. Jack.. I knew you love me!" Hayu ran towards me with open arms as I punched him in the chest. "Get away from me, huge pervert!"

"Ahhh... all this things about consciousness... and your appearances are too hard to comprehend!" I scratched my head.

"That's true." Charlotte said. "Shall we talk inside?"

"Why do you act like this is your home..." I thought.

I unlocked the door to my house. No one was home as usual.

"Seems pretty furnished... for some one who lives alone." Charlotte stated the obvious.

"You don't have to say that!" I yelled as I turned on the lights.

"Charlotte..." I called.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"How far of a distance can you guys leave from me?"

"20 metres max." She replied.

"What happens if I stepped out of this region?" Hayu asked.

"You will start to fade... and disappear completely."

"Eh?" Hayu and I said.

"What?" Charlotte looked at us weirdly. "I am surprised you two know nothing about all this."

"Why would we know?" We thought.

"It's more like how did you know?" Hayu said.

"I don't know." Charlotte said. "It's kinda trippy to think about... if we had our own conscious."

"Whoa..whoa.. stop. Please." I said. "I'm going to my room.. Please stay here."

"Yes, master." Charlotte said.

"Please... call me Jack." I shouted, embarrased.

"Yes, Jack-sama." She addressed as I stomped back to my room.

"Eh... Charlotte?" Hayu said.

"Yes, Hayu.."

"Call me Hayu-sama."

"Do I know you?" Charlotte looked away sarcastically.


"Hayu..." Her tone was serious.

"Hai?" Hayu said.

"Protect the master at all costs... Even if... we have to step out of that boundary."