Girl Problems

Tessa Starr, my name, what my name has always been. The name the nuns gave me when I was young. Though I often wonder what name my mother would've given me, if she'd had the chance.

I'm a 14 year old Greek demigod, that's right I said demigod, a half human half god. Suprising? I know, I was surprised too. But unlike you I wasn't simply told I was half god. No, I was tested, by a centaur, Chiron. He'd brought me to Olympia, to the Temple of Zeus,telling me not of what we were doing there, he'd only said he might be able to offer me a home.

He'd given me the drink of the gods, nectar. He told me to drink every drop, then give him the cup. At the time he never specified what was in the cup, even though I asked him several times. At first the Nectar tasted sweet, like my favorite treat from the Spartan bakery, Baklava. A sweet dessert pastry topped with chopped nuts and honey.

But then as I drank more, it started to taste like dirty water, then as I continued drinking the Nectar, it felt almost like it was boiling in my mouth. But when I'd spat it out, Chiron asked me how much I really wanted a home. At the time I'd resented him for what felt like blackmailing me with what I desired most. But it made me do what was necessary to prove myself.

I had clenched my fists, and threw back what was left in the cup, I remember it feeling like acid churning in my stomach and my throat turning so dry it felt like it was disintegrating. I quickly had handed him the cup then closed my arms around my stomach, holding it in pain.

The old centaur had simply examined the cup, ''Possibly.'' Was the single, and only word he'd uttered before taking me to the castle.

I am female, and in this century that changes everything. At least it did, until I came to the castle.

Chao's Castle is the biggest palace in all Olympia! Personally I'm from Sparta, raised in orphanages, convents, pretty much anywhere that would take me. I was a hand full, I wasn't much of a handmaiden or really a maid in general, I couldn't cook, and when I tried to clean I'd just end up making things worse. I hated to sit still, I wanted to be outside, in the pasture. Riding the horses, feeling the form of true freedom in my soul.

But unfortunately when you don't have parents you don't have such luxury. I had to make myself useful, so the people housing me, feeding me, wouldn't send me away.

When I first arrived at Chao's Castle I had not been claimed by my father yet, and since my mother had died during my birth nobody knew who my half god-side could be.

When I first arrived the put me in a different wing of the castle every week, to experiment, see which god I had the most likeness too. I had amazing combat skills, I was a natural with a sword, and no one was safe from my quick temper, but they ignored all these things, I was a lady. So they put me in wings like, Goddess of love, or beauty, or nature, and once even the goddess of flowers! Even though my god parent would be man, they still put me in wings like that. But eventually they had to give up, I wasn't like most girls, I didn't care for dresses, or flowers, or hairstyles so they placed me in the Hermes [the god of travelers] Wing, where I could stay until I was claimed.

I don't have many friends, girls kind of annoy me, or at least girly girls do, which are most of them. Male and females are taken as different, a pretty simple different actually, males are better than females. But most demigods, no matter the sex, are the same, we can never stay in the same place for more than 2 weeks without some unexplainable (monster related) tragedy. But honestly, being just a pretty face to everyone has faults, like nobody took me like a serious warrior, well at least until I was chosen as a champion for this quest.