The voice was female, it sounded innocent, young. Oliver couldn't decide on an age range, the door blocked too much of the sound. He took the last step, now he was right up against the door, and now he could hear the song better, though he still couldn't distinguish the individual words.

He tried the handle, locked. He looked around, and oddly enough a gold key on a small rope hang from a nail to the right of the door.

Oliver slowly reached his hand out, and grabbed the key off the nail, he examined it, it was pure gold! How odd, how valuable…

Oliver stuck the key in the lock. It fit. Moment of truth, thought Oliver. He turned the key, the lock clicked, he turned the doorknob, the singing continued, he pushed open the door.

In the middle of the room sat a girl 6 or 7 on the floor. She played with little dolls as she sung, ''ο γιος του Ποσειδώνα, θα σταθεί δίπλα μου και θα με αφήσει ελεύθερο από τη φυλακή μου!"

Oliver brain automatically translated the words, they were Greek for, " The son of Poseidon shall stand at my side and free me from my prison." Though it sounded better sung in Greek than English.

The son of Poseidon, could she mean me? I wasn't sure what to do now, the girl had her back to me, and if she had heard me open the door she wasn't letting on.

I looked around the room as I walked towards the girl. She sat on a pink rug embroidered with flowers, in the corner of the room there was a twin bed with pink and yellow bedsheets, the walls were painted pure white, and on the opposite wall of the bed there was a small table with a tea set on it. The scene seemed unnatural. Other than the bed, table, and rug, the room was empty. No windows, no nothing.

The little girl still sat playing with her dollies. Oliver bent down on one knee, reached out his hand and tapped the girl on the shoulder. She froze, dropped her dolls and turned with her mouth wide open. She looked up at Oliver, and a big grin appeared on her face, her grin was missing one of her two front teeth, which made her look even younger. She had light blonde hair that went past her shoulders, she wore a pure white dress that matched the walls, and light blue eyes that twinkled with knowledge.

Huh, twinkled with knowledge, yeah that's right she looks pretty smart, as if she knows something I don't, thought Oliver.

"Prince Ollie! You're right on time! I even made some tea for you!" She jumped up grabbed my hand and pulled me to the little table. Her bare feet pattered on the wood floor as she pulled me. She plopped down on one side of the table, and when I hesitated she patted the floor and pointed to the opposite side.

I slowly sat on my knees, they were no chairs, the table was to close to the ground.

A million questions went through my head, who was this girl? How did she know my name? How did she know I was a prince, a son of Poseidon? Did she live up here?

She quickly poured me and herself some tea from the tea pot. "Do you like tea?" She looked up at me hopefully, with big eyes.

"Um, yeah, I suppose." I was so shocked I didn't even know what to say, or do. ''You said I was right on time?'' How does she know the time, there were no windows or sundials in the room, he realized.

She nodded as she drank her tea, ''Uh, huh! I had a vision you were coming! I'm so bored up here by myself. Uncle Chiron never plays with me when he comes!'' She pouted, ''But now you've come! I can't wait to show you my toys!''

Did she say Uncle Chiron? Did she say she had a vision? Is she a demigod? Wait, she thinks I came here to play?! The more Oliver talked to the girl the more questions piled up. Yet the only question he had the nerve to ask was, ''What's your name?''

She smiled a big, innocent, sparkling white smile, ''Josie!''