Death Walk
By bloodredrose

How did I get here? I can't seem to remember anything after I went to bed. This place is just white, but not blinding. I sit up and I look around, there are other people here. I stand and walk over to the nearest person.

"Hey where are we?"
"Sorry I'm being rude, my name is Neiko."
Still silence.

I walk away whispering to myself of how rude he was. I walk over to the next person and did the same introduction, but still I get nothing from these people. One by one I get irritated more until I start yelling. I think I've done this for several minutes until I finally get an answer.

"Please stop. Go back to where you were and be quiet."
"What is this place? That's all I ask."
"The shadow will tell you once it's your turn. Go back and occupy yourself."

As I said that the girl puts the book down and another one appears out of thin air. I walk back and from the corner of my eye I see someone covered in shadow next to another person and as they walked off they vanished. I get back to the area where I woke up and seen the other people with newspapers, music players, books, laptops, and tv with movies. I imagined a big tv, game console, and a bunch of video games I always wanted to play. Sure enough; everything I imagined was there.

I played through my video games and I've figured out who that shadow person was. It's the Angel of Death taking people who died to wherever they need to go. Every now and then I help out the people who were like me at some point, yelling for questions to be answered. I do get a few glares from my fellow neighbors.

"At least I was helpful unlike you."

This whole time I haven't felt tired, I've played through several of my games to completion and I look up to see my area is getting cleared out. I know soon Death will get me, but I don't know where.

I finish my mountain of video games, feeling relieved as I look up. This whole area is empty, except for far side. I get up and then before me stands Death.

"Hi, have you been waiting long?"
Death shakes his head.
"I'm Neiko."
Death nods.
"Should I follow you?"

Death nods and brings up his boney hand. We walk in silence at first, but I start talking to him about my life. Telling him stories about my friends and the shenanigans we went through. There were a few moments where I think I made him laugh. This was a long walk but I think I made friends with Death.

This was no longer a white endless room I was in before, I see green trees and hear birds. I do believe that I'm in a forest. We walk until we encounter a cave. Death gestures me to stay as he goes in. A moment passes and then he comes out with this huge wolf. This wolf was white and grey and is taller than me. It's big as a one-story house. The wolf just sits and looks at me. Death grabs my hand and walks me to the wolf; he points to me and then the wolfs belly. I finally understand. This wolf is a girl and is pregnant. I'm dead. I'm being reincarnated to this wolfs pup. Before I can say anything I start feeling a pull. My form is being pulled into the wolfs belly. Will I remember who I was?