The person which I last saw,

Was a man who caught me in awe.

He wore finery, including Prada and Oakley's,

Which most certainly were his trophies.

When one could see his eyes,

Which was indeed a rare prize

For he hid behind his Oakley's resolutely,

One would discover they were absolutely

A startling shade of blue,

With no other color to mar their hue.

His dark hair was shorn short on the sides

But was full at the top, with finesses

In a style most suiting to his sharp way of dress.

His limbs were long and thin, but appeared graceful;

More akin to a lean cheetah than a crane so untasteful.

He sat straight backed in the air-port chair,

Appearing like he'd much prefer to be elsewhere.

At his heels was a large German Shepard

With a collar bearing the print of a leopard.

I sat beside him with apprehension,

Not sure he would grant me his attention.

The dog, though it looked quite vicious,

Was not in the least malicious.

Despite appearing as a wolf with its white sable fur,

It was quite friendly from what could I incur.

I later saw that this stylish man

Was much in opposites with his companion,

Despite them walking in tandem.

He spoke to others in a careless tone,

Dismissing them with his deep baritone.

He carried himself with sophistication overflowing,

Which prevented any from approaching.

Yet through his air of grace,

I noticed something out of place.

He walked cautiously, with the dog preceding,

Leading his master with gentle steering.

After my revelation of the striking man's affliction,

I found myself with predilection.

Pity flooded my heart, and I wondered why

Such a man would decide to fly.

I was on the plane, settling into my seat,

Where I witnessed a scene quite neat.

The man, across from me, discreetly slipped the dog a treat,

Which the dog was quick to eat.

Afterwards, the man rubbed the dog's ears fondly,

And I wondered if I'd judged him wrongly.