Chapter 5: The Wizard's Complaint

A few weeks passed before Nicky the Nerd was found. The portable saw mill had sliced off his head. It was a tragic accident. The wizard smiled to himself at his growing power. He had eliminated the only man, who had known his old persona. If Nicky had kept on calling him that awful name, well the wizard shuddered to think about it. But, the Nerd had redeemed himself somewhat. He had made a will and left the wizard his shares in the company. They were voting shares to boot. If the wizard could use his magic to acquire some more of this type of share than he could take over the Pig's realm.

This type of share was not easy to come by. The wizard marveled at his adversary's power. If only he had agreed to become the wizard's apprentice. The wizard could not cry over spilled milk and the increase in his power level was worth the hassle of beheading the nerd.

It was about 11:30 a.m. on a Tuesday, when Peggy Martin approached the wizard's workshop (he never wants to hear the word cubicle used again to describe his work area).

"Hello, wizard. How are you? I have come to offer my condolences. I confess that I had a crush on Nicky, and I only wished I had asked him out," spoke Peggy as she wiped tears from her eyes.

The wizard was disgusted by this revolting and fake display of feminine sorrow.

"Save your tears, wench. Harlot! Whore! What do you know of sorrow? How can any woman know the tribulation that poor Nick went through? He pursued strange hobbies, because he was rejected by all. Had he been shown love from a woman, perhaps, he would be alive today. And you are plain, not even worthy of Nick or me. Yet, females have their orbiters lined up ready and willing to shower a woman with affection. Where is the affection for the nerd, the incel, the outcast? I tell you he has none. He is only mocked and called creepy by society. Yet, he engages in no perversion. It is sluts like you who engages in these wicked deeds. Nick was my friend. It is my place to mourn. This is not about you. Depart from my sight, wench, or feel my wrath."

Peggy was shocked at the wizard's words. She had never heard such things spoken to her. She felt confused and wondered if the wizard was speaking about himself or Nicky. She swallowed the lump in her throat.

"I can see you are grieving. I'm sorry to have troubled you."

The wizard was not listening to her. He had turned his attention to his computer and searched for the information he needed concerning those shares. This was going to be easier than he thought. Then, he saw Sally Peters go into the Count's office. He felt the old shame return and realized he needed to get rid of them next.