Chapter 6: The Master Plan

The wizard was a master at using the computer and could hack anything. A very special power to possess in this digital age, but in the wizard's mind, he lived in the age of magic. It was time to take down the Count and his harlot. To kill two people at once was taking a big chance. It would take all of the wizard's magical powers and special talents. He entered the company's database. Yes, Peggy Martin had been an automobile mechanic to help pay her way through college. The truth was the wizard had thought Peggy was a lesbian, but he learnt that you can't judge people entirely on looks. But, some at the office thought that she was and that gave the wizard an idea.

He hacked into Peggy's company account and sent the Count an email.

It read: Sir. Sally Peters is the woman that I wish to have for myself. If you don't stop seeing her. I swear to everything that is holy that I will kill you.

Of course, the wizard did not sign the letter. He knew the detectives would trace it back to Peggy. Then he disabled the parking garage's cameras. At a convenient time, the wizard went to the maintenance closet, got a pair wire cutters, and cut the brake lines on the Count's car. He wiped the tool clean and placed it in Peggy's desk drawer. This all took a week to pull off.

It did not take long for the wizard's scheme to bear fruit. The Count and Sally Peters were killed in an automobile accident. A police detective did some fancy investigating and traced the email that had threatened the Count's life back to Peggy Martin. Her desk was searched and the wire cutters were found. The wizard laughed inwardly at Peggy Martin's arrest. The wizard was now free to buy stock through dummy corporations. It took about a year to get enough stocks to gain controlling interest of the Pig's realm.