Chapter 7: Victory!

Every writer dreams of writing that perfect story with the perfect ending. In mystery stories, the killer almost always screws up and leaves behind some small insignificant clue that enables the great detective to solve the crime and bring the evil doer to justice. That's fiction. In real life there is no Sherlock Holmes or Adrian Monk. There is no Mike Hammer to deliver eye for an eye justice. In fantasy, we have a hero that rises up and slays the evil wizard. There is no humble peasant in this story. The closest we have is Nick the Nerd. If this was a horror tale we could do the tell-tale heart routine made famous by Edgar Allen Poe. But, believe me, Nicky's ghost isn't going to haunt the wizard anytime soon.

The wizard sat in his office, drinking a special mead, and smiling. The Pig could not handle defeat very well and jumped out the window of his own office. The wizard was now a king.

It had been eons since the Earth had known a wizard-king. Now, if you go to the offices, oops, I almost told you the name of the business that is ruled by the wizard-king. You have read my story and you can see why I fear the wizard.

He gets away with murder and my magic is not strong enough to take him on.

I leave the reader with this warning. Beware of the shy and quiet types. Do not mock that nerd at work or at school. You have read this narrative and you now know how foolish that could be. The wizard looked out his office window and smiled. Sweet victory was his.

The End