In which we say "hello"

Everyone has a story to tell. A story which justifies their demeanour; a story which explains their perception of the world; a story made up of a myriad raw memories. We pass on these stories to the next generation hoping that a remnant of our past selves will survive over the eons. I suggest you put this book down at once because my story is not one for the weak hearted.

If that hasn't inspired you to stop reading, congratulations! You've passed the first (and only) test. The average bonehead on the street would assume that this is all a figment of my imagination but I'm assuming that if you ARE reading this, you are not the average bonehead. You're probably someone who believes that there's more to this insipid world than the rubbish forced into our brains every day.

I've taken it upon myself to narrate this story, the entirety of the truth, because I was there for most of it. I can already hear you thinking, "Why should I bother learning about this insignificant place?"

Well, it may seem pretty insignificant to you right now but give this tale a chance and you may not think so for much longer.

I won't keep anything from you except my name. I've lost everything and everyone. My name is the only thing I can still call my own so you shan't have it. Have a good guess as to who I am. Perhaps by the end, you'll come to a conclusion.