Janell and I nearly peed ourselves in excitement. Even though both of us loved and were fascinated by superheroes, we had never seen a battle up close before, so naturally, our eyes were glued to the events playing out before us.

The girl in the bandit mask was collecting herself after presumably being thrown into the side of a car, causing the alarm to go off, while the girl carrying the big stick with the snowflake on the end was telling her off.

"Listen, I don't know who you are, but I'm not just gonna let you attack me out of nowhere," she ranted. "I'm a strong woman, and I know how to defend myself. No one messes with Avalanche and gets away with it!"

Avalanche then began to sashay away, but the girl in the bandit mask wasn't finished yet. She got to her feet and grabbed the pitchfork that materialized in front of her. "So, you wanna play dirty, huh?" she taunted. The girl slammed the bottom of the pitchfork on the ground, and two green demonic looking creatures appeared on either side of her. "ATTACK!"

Avalanche looked back, and her face immediately contorted in panic. "NO!" The demons charged at her and pinned her down to the ground, while the bandit mask girl confidently strided over to her and began to gloat.

Watching this really bothered me, and I feel like it's because these girls didn't look like the mighty superpowered individuals that I always saw on TV and in the comic books. I mean, they were dressed like them, and had the cool weapons and everything, but underneath all that? They were just kids like me, and the girl in the bandit mask looked like she was bullying Avalanche. I've only really been bullied once, even though those cheerleaders were pretty sneaky about it, and I would have appreciated if someone had intervened.

"Oh my God... A real life super fight! Right in front of the comic shop! My parents are going to be ticked if they don't get to see this," Janell panicked. "Shelby! Get my phone off the counter and start recording!" What she didn't know was that I had already left to go stand up for Avalanche. "Shelby?!"

I stormed over to the girls. Nothing much had changed with them. Avalanche was still on the ground being held down by the demon minions, and bandit mask girl was still gloating, drawing the situation out for longer than she had to, when she could have just did what she was planning to do right away. Classic cartoon villainy, am I right?

I came to a halt (at a safe distance, of course), and shouted, "Hey! Leave her alone!"

Bandit mask girl turned around and gave me the look of utter dismissal. The look the cheerleaders had given me when they first saw me. She groaned and ordered Diablo, who I assumed was one of her minions, to attack me.

Okay, that was one of the most frightening things I had ever seen in my life, probably even more scary than the time I spilled grape juice on my grandma's carpet as a kid. Unlike that incident, however, I decided not to run this time. If I wasn't going to help Avalanche, then no one would, and I'm certainly glad I did.

I held out my palm in a stop formation and closed my eyes, bracing for Diablo's impact. A flash of heat went through my hand, and a zapping sound rang in my ears. Upon opening my eyes, the minion was lying on the pavement, incapacitated, and I had no idea how he turned out that way. "I did that?" I whispered.

"Yaaaaaaaas, queen!" shouted Avalanche, still on the ground and unable to get up, thanks to the other demon. "Get me out of here! You can do it!"

Bandit mask girl stared at me with a look of what I assumed to be disbelief. She clearly wasn't going to act immediately, so thinking fast, I grabbed a squeegee that had been left outside the shop after the windows were cleaned and I beat the other demon away, freeing Avalanche.

"I'm free!" Avalanche declared before grabbing her weapon and turning to the bandit mask girl. "I told you, demon queen. No one messes with Avalanche and gets away with it!"

"You haven't seen the last of the Green Devil," snarled the villainess.

Avalanche rolled her eyes. "We'll see about that," she chuckled before aiming her staff at the Green Devil and freezing her solid.

After a minute of awkward silence, Avalanche started talking again. "Wow! She was acting really salty for no reason. I've never done anything to her. I don't even know who she is." She then stopped to glance over at me. "Hey, are you okay?"

That was a hard question to answer at the time. Was I okay? I mean, I was just having a normal day, I wasn't expecting anything even remotely exciting, and next thing I know, I butt into a fight with a superhero and villain! And that was before I found out about my powers! I had my eyes closed at the time, so I didn't know what exactly I did, but I know I did something to immobilize that demon minion. I didn't feel like having an existential crisis in front of Avalanche, so I just settled on, "Oh, I'm fine."

And then I started to freak out. "Oh my God... a superhero? Right in front of me? I must be dreaming!"

Avalanche rolled her eyes and chuckled, but this time, in a friendly manner. "Girl, you're wide awake." Her stomach growled. "But this superhero is cray cray hungry right now. I'm not from this area. Is there any good food in SoCal?"

"Um, I think there's an In-N-Out Burger down the street," I told her.

"Sweet! What are we waiting for?" Avalanche cheered. "Let's go!"

I was in disbelief. Did she actually want me to come with her? If the way those cheerleaders behaved towards me was any indication, no one should want that.

Upon asking, she laughed. "Duh, you saved my life! Come on!" Avalanche started walking and I smiled and caught up with her.