This is just a little pov I wrote for fun. I may end up writing another story in 3rd person pov :) Anyways I know it's short but enjoy! And review if your a nice person!

God I hated court dinners, the formal tunics, the seating, being forced to make conversation about politics or the normal listening to my god awful sister Nephra rant about herself or how worthless I am.

Taking a deep breath I push open the tall double doors deciding there's no way to escape this time. My sisters trill laugh cuts through the stuffy air, I look around noting ,my younger sibling, Morgan's absences. "Lucky girl," I think to myself. Holding my chin high I take my seat next to some other no-name,no-faced court peacock. They immediately still noting my presence and regretting it at the same time.

Instead of finding the least cringe subject to talk about I take the minutes before the food comes out to observe the other table's occupants and view my torture filled evening. "Hopeful I won't be the evening entertainment," I quickly think to myself then busy myself with the guest list. I immediately notice Princess Annabeth and her kid brother Prince Nox of Earth Realm.

Annabeth and Nephra are sitting across from each other so as such there should be a few very "interesting" moments tonight. You see Anny and Neph are always at each other's throats I once told them the I shipped them...they nearly bit my head off after punching me and promptly shouting they weren't together, haha.

"Please all rise and welcome our savior and queen, Naginia."

The room erupts in applause and we all rise as my mother ,the one and only queen walks in. Now I won't lie when I say that my Mother is not my favorite person by far but when I see her one emotion will always take charge, pure unrelenting terror.

As the food is distributed I ignore the instinct to cringe when I see the goblet of blood. Sure most demons drink blood...well more like all of them. But not me and as if that weren't weird enough my hair is bright blonde! Normal demons have red and black maybe brown, but blonde hair? UGH!