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the Realm of Champions - Prologue

The Man in the Cell - Fear

An old warden walked along the corridor of the prison, his boots knocked towards the floor. Suddenly, he heard a small voice ringing from a cell which was three cells away from the old warden. "When can I leave here?" The voice said.

The warden walked closer, He looked inside the cell. There sat a tall man, his brown hair was very messy. In his blue eyes, the warden could see fear in them.

"Warden," The voice asked in a shaking voice. "When can I leave this prison? Is the permanent?"

"Do you remember why do we put you here?" The warden asked back to the man.

"It is because I lose the battle," The man's voice was silvery, if the warden wasn't standing in front of him, he might mistake the speaker as a young boy. "Isn't it?" The man questioned.

The old warden spoke nothing, there was a gentle smile on his lips. After several seconds, he spoke, "Why do we send the losing warriors into prisons? This is pointless."

"You admitted it, do you?" The man felt his patience was about to reach the end. He pressed down his temper, lowered his voice. However, he felt that the question had turned into a hiss. Fortunately, the old warden was not angered. "Yes, I do," He replied slowly like a flowing stream, his voice echoed in the prison. That made the dark-haired man feel time had stopped for several seconds. "Our founders established the weekly arena when this realm was built. I remembered that one of the founders had said, 'The attitude is the heart.' You could stand and fight when you were injured -"

"No I couldn't!" The reply came, the man's blue eyes stared into the old warden's. "How could I do that?" A drop of tear slid from his eye, he walked backwards for a step. "My life was in his hands, he decided my fate. I hate this feeling!" He brittled. "What is the meaning of life if you're going to be thrown into dungeons when you were defeated?"

The old warden remained silent.

"Speak!" The prisoner demanded. "Aren't you going to defend the tradition?" Right after speaking, he realised that he had gone to far. He expected the old warden would be offended, but he showed no sign of anger. "I won't argue with you," He replied, "When you have the right attitude, you are free." Before the prisoner could reply, the old warden had already left.